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Cmdr cookiehole's spreadsheet for calculating when jumps will be obscured by the planet's day/night cycle.

I've finally more or less finished my spreadsheet for calculating the elevation of jump targets on planetary surfaces (or the ship altitude necessary to see the target) and have also attached a short how-to.
The spreadsheet is on google sheets here, you'll need to make a copy or download it to use it.
Note that this is only for jump targets obscured by the planet's day-night-cycle and not by other planets, as these are much harder to measure and calculate ;)


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There are a few different videos we have of Gravity Braking guides, but one of the things I like best about Buckyballing is taking ideas from others and then experimenting until you find what works best for you. To that end I have been persuaded to put up a video I made, which offers some pointers on the way that I tend to approach Gravity Braking. Hopefully it will be useful to others.

I have also made a video on the right and wrong way to try and high wake away from a high g planet.

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