Community Event / Creation The Buckyball Racing Club presents: Engineer’s Canyon Mayhem (20 June)

Just for reference I have just ran engineered eagle round in 49 minutes which is a lot quicker than regulation eagle at 1h.16 minutes. This despite me stating that it did not have the fuel range to get quick..well it does if you are dammed careful!
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I have seen them..bit of work needed on the one base and tighten my SC up a bit and we will we see. Did a run last night that put me 50 seconds or so behind you. Very close indeed
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No Excel, so no background image :cool:


Farseer - Deciat1m 41s - Sulu1m 43s - Aken1m 48s - Shaye
Demolition - Eurybia1m 04s - Shaye1m 23s - Alec1m 23s - Terror
Trophy Camp - Wolf 3971m 59s - Shaye2m 09s - Sulu2m 22s - Aken
Black Hide - Wyrd2m 25s - Shaye2m 30s - Sulu2m 50s - Terror
Long Sight - Khun2m 16s - Shaye2m 30s - Sulu2m 39s - Alec
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What should have been a Race Sunday Morning... becomes a get those 5 fricking kittens from the car's engine... 😒
They love the wrong warm places sometimes...a few years ago my boss felt a tiny squeaking from the car while driving home, thought it might be something from the service belt or the pump, the weird noise didn't stop when the car was already in the garage...he has an Alfa Giulietta, they called the kitty pup "Romeo" 😆
OK, that's it - I'm done.

First of all I just wanted to thank @Terrorsidic for a REALLY terrific race. We don't really do a lot of these circuit loop races in the BRC (probably because of worries about how the hell to judge them accurately short of insisting on video submission, hours of which then has to be watched) but terrorsidic showed us that by actually not worrying too much (although I've no idea how hard judging this actually was) it worked brilliantly.

As an SRV race it was probably the toughest SRV challenge I've faced (these bases really aren't designed for SRV racing) and I have to say that once I'd broken the hour barrier I was pretty content with that (although I'd have loved to have been able to give Shaye more of a run for his money).

As a ship race it was kinda perfect, a pentathlon of circuit challenges if you will.

Loved it!

Anyway, I managed two more or less entirely clean runs this afternoon, one in each direction and am, for once, really quite contented with what I've achieved for myself in this race and happy to leave it at that. Whether or not it's good enough to take top spot from Sulu and the others remains to be seen but I salute everyone who's taken part in this event.

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