Community Event / Creation The Buckyball Racing Club presents: On The Rocks 7th - 15th May 3307 (Magic 8-Ball Championship, Race 4)


Bucky's bar is normally full of pilots coming back from a race telling of some beautiful sights they'd seen while blasting through systems, they like the place and Bucky likes racers because they sure know how to party after a race. Following one of the recent races though there's been an influx of miners in the Fullerene C60 system, brought by the recommendations of the racers who passed through their system, and as well as keeping Bucky busy they've been talking about the new Asteroid bases that have been constructed over the last year in the core systems. They love being assigned to work at them as the water preserved in the asteroid itself makes the most amazing ice to put in their drinks, but the bars are run down, poorly managed and struggling to sustain the trade.

Bucky was never one for understanding why people insist on putting ice in their spirits, but these visitors had cleared him out of it, he needed some more and saw an opportunity to expand his empire into the asteroid market. So he needs your help!

It's been four years, and the bars at the Asteroid bases are thriving! Time to revisit these glorious bases.

Take 5 Buckyball Beer Mats and deliver one to each of the asteroid bases nearby, to offer them the help they need if they join Bucky's empire. And on your way back make sure to pick up 5t of water from Jack's Town, which has the purest water of them all, and deliver it back to Bucky so he can keep his punters happy.

The Course.png

Start at Rebuy Prospect in the Fullerene C60 system and then call at each of the following stations in any order*, selling one Buckyball Beer mat as you go:

Big Pappa's Base - Andhrimi
Freeholm - Artemis
Jack's Town - Felkan (Purchase 5t of water from this station)
Simbad's Refuge - Nu Tauri
Lone Rock - Othime

Then land back at Rebuy Prospect

*There is no requirement in Open Unlimited as to when you buy the Water from Jack's Town, but in the Regulation Cobra it will need to be your last stop.

"But Psykit," I hear you cry. "I'm far too busy procrastinating to look up the distances between systems and work out the best run for myself, can you help?"

I gotchu boo!

Distance table.png

Use this helpful chart to plan to your hearts content, or work it out for yourself, you do you. Lets be honest mine's probably full of inaccuracies.

Entry Classes.png

Entries will be accepted in two classes: Open Unlimited and Regulation Cobra.

For Open Unlimited class, you may use any ship type and engineer it to your hearts content. Guardian FSD boosters are allowed but you may not want to add them, Neutron/White Dwarf jumps are NOT allowed, (this is the only part of the last time that this race was run that I've decided to switch up in this instance) and FSD synthesis is not allowed either.

For the Regulation Cobra you need to use this exact cobra build as detailed here. Those of you who've been partaking in the Magic 8 ball championship should be pretty familiar with it by now.

The Equaliser.png

It's back by popular demand! In order to try and encourage variety in ship types for the Open Unlimited class, people infinitely more clued in to this nonsense than me (read Ozric) implemented a timing system based on the jump range of your chosen ship using 35Ly as the base jump range If you are over that then you incur a time penalty at the end of your race, if you are under that then you get a bonus. This will allow you to use your favourite/fastest ship, even if the jump range might normally exclude it. The penalty/bonus is 45 seconds per jump (calculated by using EDDiscovery), it will be based on your current jump range in the Outfitting Screen when unladen, with full fuel tank (I will require a screenshot of the Optional Internals screen in Outfitting to show that you have a cargo rack big enough) and you will be graded on the closet higher value. For example if your jump range is 35.01Ly you will take the penalty for having a 40Ly jump range, just as you would if you had a 40.00Ly range. 5t of cargo should only reduce your jump distance by roughly 1Ly.

Time adjustments.png

How To Enter.png

You're very welcome to state your intent to race in the thread below! Once the race goes live you can submit your entries using the form at the bottom of this post.

Entries must include the following images if you are submitting screenshots, but a video of your run including the following images will also be sufficient.
  • For Open Unlimited a screenshot of your ship outfitting showing Optional internals and your jump range and cargo capacity.
  • For Regulation Cobra screenshots of your ship outfitting showing Core and Optional internals and your jump range and cargo capacity before buying your beer mats.
  • The normal starting screenshot, showing your ship on the pad at Rebuy Prospect, with the station clock visible - THIS IS YOUR START TIME.
  • Screenshots of the Commodity Screen at each of the stations showing you about to sell 1t of Beer Mats
  • Screenshot of the Commodity Screen at Jack's Town showing you about to buy 5t of Water
  • A landed screenshot on the pad at Rebuy Prospect, showing the station clock - THIS IS YOUR FINISHING TIME
  • Screenshot of the Commodity Screen at Rebuy Prospect about to sell 5t of Water

The Rules.png

If you've made it this far you'll be glad of a cheeky little rules recap which I might add to in the week given the devious nature of some of you cheeky little so and so's and there's inevitably something I haven't considered.
  • Neutron Boosting is not allowed either before or during the race in both Regulation Cobra and Open Unlimited
  • Guardian FSD Boosters are allowed in Unlimited Class but will be taken into account with the equaliser
  • The use of FSD fuel injections is strictly forbidden
  • You can buy your beer mats before starting your race and after you take your screenshots.
  • You are allowed to repair during your run, should you wish.
  • Friendly reminder that your time ends when you land at Rebuy Prospect, NOT when you sell your Water
  • Race entries must start any time after 00:00:00 game time on Saturday 7th May, and finish any time before 23:59:59 game time on Sunday 15th May. I'll likely leave submissions open for a day or so after the race finishes to allow for any stragglers to be submitted.
Good luck!

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Looking forward to this one too.

For clarity is it the 'Unladen' jump range we are using as reference and not 'Laden' or 'Max'? Or is it 'Current' as it's sitting on the pad at Rebuy Prospect?
Count me in!
Ask Again Later will of course be making a return in regulation class, unlimited class ship yet to be determined.
I have ran several different class ships round (not too hard) but I have to admit that the penalty system really seems to balance it out quite a bit thus leaving some free reign
for ship choices. This could be a really wide open race shipwise.
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and finish any time before 23:59:59 game time on Sunday 15th May

So no last desperate attempts starting at 5 to midnight then? :cry:
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