Community Event / Creation The Buckyball Racing Club presents: The Magic 8 Ball Championship

By the way - it seems I made a music video from the original Chicken Run ..

(P.S. for some reason this video won't play embedded here for me so you may have to watch it on Youtube)

From a quick re-watch I'm kinda hoping @Ozric makes the next one tougher (higher gravities please) - chickening out needs to be more of a thing!
Yes! Heavier bodies, but not at the expense of distance travelled?
Nice run. You can almost hear the screaming as you hurtle down to the pad on the last two planets. This is going to be a hoot. (or a cluck, because chicken.... I'll get my coat.)
By the way - it seems I made a music video from the original Chicken Run ..

(P.S. for some reason this video won't play embedded here for me so you may have to watch it on Youtube)

From a quick re-watch I'm kinda hoping @Ozric makes the next one tougher (higher gravities please) - chickening out needs to be more of a thing!
Attention chickens and non-chickens alike! The final scores for the trial by gravity that was "Chicken Run : Crash Harder" have now been calculated and can be found over here:


I've shoved those numbers into a shieldless Cobra and hurled it at Weber Legacy and can now reveal the current chapionship standings.

For the regulation Cobra Mk III ship class ..


And for the unlimited ship class ..


In Regulation class Shaye failed to get an entry in so Bruski's win jumps him firmly into 1st place with 50 points! Shaye slips back into 2nd and Captain-MD (who also didn't submit a regulation class run) stays in 3rd (but only just - Sgurr is just a point behind!). Elsewhere, yours truly manages to climb a place to draw level with race host Ozric in 5th while the ever persistant Sulu climbs another place to 7th. Also climbing up the leaderboard we have Caelum Incola, Inga Stevenson, Edelgard Von Rhein, Azzie Elbub, Wotherspoon and Sinister Hedgehog. Particular shoutout to Edelgard who managed to climb a whopping 14 places by finishing 7th and leapfrogging a whole bunch of serial one-pointers!

We also need to welcome Cmdrs Stellarator (aka Beetlejude) and Kimosabe_X to regulation class 8-Ball racing!

In Unlimited class Sulu swaps places with Sgurr to take 4th (briefly earning a much prized Khan rage gif from Bruski in the process) but otherwise there's very little change at the top as most people stay true to form. A particular shoutout to Shaye tho' who's scored an insane average of 9.5 points per race! Also climbing we see Inga Stevenson, New Model 15, Edelgard Von Rhein (again - 10 places!) and Clary_HK.

And welcoming to unlimited class 8-Ball racing, Cmdrs PBSF Pendragon, Frontier's very own Tom Kewell, and race host Elastul Ma'fer (who enters whether he wanted to or not because of his 1-point race hosts participation award).

Race number #7 in the championship (a re-run of 3301's fuel rat themed "Mischief Mile") is currently scheduled to run from the 27th August to the 4th September and will be hosted by Ashnak (who incidentally created the original Chicken Run race).

Remember, only a racer's top-6 scores will count so those at the top who've participated in all the races so far now have very little to gain and it's a chance for those who've missed a few races, hosted one or otherwise reckon' their racing has improved to maybe climb a few places!

Until the next one ... fly fast Cmdrs!
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Oh good looking at the boards i still stand a chance of podium place..............hahaha

ok maybe not........its all about the fun to be had, and I'm having loads of that

so whos the
Is everyone refuelled after the tank draining action of The Mischief Mile? Well OK then. To see the final leaderboards for that fantastic race courtesy of @Ashnak head on over to the epic final roundup here:


As for the championship standings, well things start to get interesting now as several competitors, who already had six races under their belts, start to see diminishing returns since only your top six results count towards the final total.

For the regulation Cobra Mk III ship class things now stand as follows ..


.. while in the unlimited ship class it's now looking like this ..


In regulation class there's no change in the top 5 positions (although Shaye is now just a single point behind current champion Cmdr Bruski and yours truly has pulled away from his 5th place tie with Ozric who drops down to 6th). Further down we have a meteoric rise from Cmdr Psykit who jumps 8 places (thanks to breaking out of the 1-point-club and coming 6th in the last race) and is now placed 12th. This pushes a whole bunch of people down a place, apart from Edelgard Von Rhein who continues her own relentless climb up into 16th. Further down Sinister Hedgehog climbs a place to 27th.

Making their debut in the regulation class we have Buckyball newcomers Mr Sloppy and Kyle Stryker, as well as race host Ashnak who gets onto the leaderboard courtesy of the race host's participation point.

In Unlimited class Shaye retains the lead but Bruski now pulls level 2nd with Captain-MD on 50 points a piece. I managed to climb a couple of places to take 5th (again) and jspace overtakes Caelum Incola to hop into 8th. Lastly Edelgard also continues climbing the unlimited ladder to 12th place.

And debuting (again) in unlimited, Kyle Striker breaks straight into 18th thanks to an excellent 4 point start in their first race!

Well folks, it's nearly over! We have just one more race left - "The Last Gasp (resuscitated)" - which I will be running between the 24th September and the 2nd October. You can take a look at the thread for the original 3304 version of this race over here (although please note that the rules will be changing slightly so those old routes won't necessarily be any use this time around). I'm away all next week but I'll be posting a placeholder forum thread for this race early the following week with final rules to follow a bit closer to start time.

In the meantime, don't forget to refit your regulation Cobra back to its original spec's, keep practicing those supercruise approaches, and keep watching the skies!

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Is the reason why I've got 6 ticks in Regulation and 7 in Unlimited something to do with my continued membership of the 1-point club there? Not that it matters if the totals are right :)
Is the reason why I've got 6 ticks in Regulation and 7 in Unlimited something to do with my continued membership of the 1-point club there? Not that it matters if the totals are right :)
No - well spotted, a bunch of 1-pointers were missing their race participation ticks in regulation. I've now fixed this and updated the leaderboards in the OP of this thread (no points or standings were affected). Far more importantly however - I'd also accidentally listed Stellarator (aka @Beetlejude) as two separate entries in regulation (each with 1 point) rather than combing her results into a single 2-point entry. This has also now been corrected and I'm pleased to say that she has now been re-uinted with her Galnet News Digest partner @Cmdr-Wotherspoon in joint 29th place!
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OK, here we go for the last time this year! The final race in the Magic 8-Ball Championship ("The Last Gasp") is now over and you can find all the results for that over here:


And that means it's now time to reveal the final points tally and declare our Buckyball champions of 3308!

For the regulation Cobra Mk III ship class the final results are ..


.. and for the unlimited ship class the final results are ..


Rather than do the usual trawl through all the movement on the boards (which you can easily see for yourselves) let's cut to the chase and turn straight to the podium.

So, for regulation class ... in 3rd place we have the consummate livestreamer and winner of the Se7en Sisters Speedway, Captain-MD who finishes on 44 points. In 2nd place it's the dancing space bear and scourge of the Buckyball rule book Cmdr Bruski who, with 3 Magic 8-Ball wins to his name, finishes on 54 points. And in 1st place, ultimate champion of the Magic 8-Ball regulation class Cobra, it's a richly deserved win to the incomparable Cmdr Shaye Blackwood who finishes with 56 out of a maximum 60 points (and was sat on the podium for 6 of the 8 races).


And for the unlimited ship class ... in case there was any doubt whatsover that the above three deserved their podium places, it's the exact same three in the exact same order but finishing with 50 points (for Captain-MD), 54 points (for Bruski) and 57 points (for Shaye).

MASSIVE congratulations to three very different but equally skilled pilots - now officially the fastest pilots in the galaxy! Please be upstanding for Cmdrs Captain-MD, Bruski and Shaye Blackwood!


Elsewhere just a few notable mentions. First I'd like to give a big shout-out to Cmdr Sgurr (the only person to have ever circummnavigated Pomeche 2C in an SRV!). Putting real life first meant he had to pull out of the championship after just 4 races, but otherwise I think he could VERY easily have been one of our champions. I'd also like to thank the other 7 race hosts, MalForTheWin, Brother Sabathius, Sulu, Psykit, Raiko, Ozric and Ashnak without whose time and dedication this championship would not have been possible. I'd like to thank all the folks who've promoted our racing community on various social media platforms (people like The High Wake, DasJav, ToCoSo, Homborger, Wotherspoon and Beetlejude, all the podcasters and live streamers and many many more), and of course Frontier Developments for, well, EVERYTHING. And finally I'd like to thank and congratulate YOU. Every single one of you has helped to make this championship something truly special. You've thrown yourselves into these monthly challenges with true bravado. You've been good natured, funny, witty, creative and just absolutely brilliant competitors and you're all winners in my book. ❤️

It seems highly likely given the success of this that we'll run another championship next year but in the meantime, although the 8-Ball is over, that's not quite the end of Buckyball for 3308. Cmdr Edelgard Von Rhein is planning to host a new race entitled "The Trouble With Triples" around November time so watch this space.

Fly Fast commanders and see you at the finish line!


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Well, I can only begin by thanking Alec and congratulating him on an absolute delight of a championship. This has kept me entertained for the whole of the year through some difficult times, sad times and some good days too. It has kept me sane that is the point.

I have learnt so many new skills it is hard to put into words, it really is. I guess I can now say that I am a much better pilot than when it all began and leave it at that.

Running my own race as a complete novice was also an astonishing experience, and yes, I made some mistakes but with the solid support of Alec and the Buckyball crew I muddled my way through it. By the time it had finished I had had well over a hundred entries to contend with. I never do things by half it seems.

Without the race organisers this would not have been realistic to do, these were of course Alec Turner, Ashnak, Ozric, Raiko, psykit, Brother Sabathius, MalForTheWin, and myself, Sulu. Their twists on the original races have been inspiring, challenging and perhaps even a little evil. I salute them all. (It was also pleasant to know I have even met some of these nutcases this year at Lavecon)

For my part, my overall result in unlimited has come as a bit of a surprise because while people think I am kidding, I never really see myself as any more than average with a dash of sheer brutal determination. (Also, in all fairness a lot of explosions and jailing) To do so well is a delight and honour. I know I did less well in regulation, but I have come to love the base Cobra and have also been getting better at it. It just took me longer is all.

I really hope that this community keeps doing what it is doing and maybe even something similar again. It brings a spark of joy to some miserable days. I have loved racing against you all and well done to anybody who took part as the races we do are not easy at the best of times.

Fly Hard Brothers!
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