Guide / Tutorial The Danger Zone Galactic Archive


The Danger Zone Galactic Archive
Designed to be the one stop consolidated information library for Elite Dangerous.
For the new Commander in search of Where to go, and What to do when you get there,
and for the Veteran that may need a bit of reminder.
Comfortably housed aboard The Fatherhood's Schwann Port in Hajangai,
All visitors are welcome
A - Z Library of reference material, News, Updates, Radio, and much more.
Stop in, take a load off, read about your closest extinct alien race while sipping on a nice glass of Lavian Brandy.
Also available for use via the Inter-Gal network.


Some people like it, some don't.
I don't use Facebook... Others do.
Elite Dangerous Community Discord server has over 22,000 people in it.
That makes the 650 in Danger Zone look like not much, but it's design is a bit different.
Danger Zone is a collection of information, so you don't have to have multiple websites open to find the information you need.
For those that communicate via discord while playing that is.
o7 CMDR's.
See you out in the black! ;-)
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