The Elite Explorers Hall of Fame and Myriad Manifest, continued

Today I've became Elite Explorer!
It's a really big thing for me. My first Elite rank, AFTER 4 YEARS!!!
Long story short: in 2016 I was ~75% Pioneer and went to neutron star hunting. I was killed before I turned in my datas (my Fault, cca. 500 system scan lost). Do you remember, how mad and unbalanced were the NPC's in the beginning of 2.1? Lost the mood and RL things happend. I suspended the game.
But today I've reached my second goal! The first was to get an AspX. :)
@ Tiberius Duval: Welcome to the roster!

@ Xaey: please post an in-game screenshot with your Elite rank and CMDR name if you wish to be included. As per the first post:
If you'd like to be included in the Hall of Fame, please post an in-game screenshot showing your Elite Exploration rank (and your CMDR name)
I hit Elite Explorer tonight. Wasn't expecting it yet, so it's a nice surprise. I'm pleased. :):cool:

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