The Elite Explorers Hall of Fame and Myriad Manifest, continued

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Today I've became Elite Explorer!
It's a really big thing for me. My first Elite rank, AFTER 4 YEARS!!!
Long story short: in 2016 I was ~75% Pioneer and went to neutron star hunting. I was killed before I turned in my datas (my Fault, cca. 500 system scan lost). Do you remember, how mad and unbalanced were the NPC's in the beginning of 2.1? Lost the mood and RL things happend. I suspended the game.
But today I've reached my second goal! The first was to get an AspX. :)
@ Tiberius Duval: Welcome to the roster!

@ Xaey: please post an in-game screenshot with your Elite rank and CMDR name if you wish to be included. As per the first post:
If you'd like to be included in the Hall of Fame, please post an in-game screenshot showing your Elite Exploration rank (and your CMDR name)
I hit Elite Explorer tonight. Wasn't expecting it yet, so it's a nice surprise. I'm pleased. :):cool:

I've decided to stop updating the list, but to give fair notice to anyone who might have been planning to post here, I'll do so two weeks later instead. If anybody would like to post here, then you have until Sept. 17: the list will be closed then. I'll ask the moderators to unsticky the thread and perhaps to close the thread.

The reason is simple: I found that I'm thankful that there has been little interest in new Elite in exploration Commanders posting here lately, because looking at the numbers, there must be a lot of them - could likely reach five digits too. This was after Chapter Four made getting Elite much faster, of course. Now, even if "only" hundreds of them were to post here, I'd likely be overwhelmed. Of course, I could just stick to tracking the myriads, Elite Plus status and whatnot, but I feel that would be quite unfair to the "regular" Elites. Besides, EDDN does track all the statistics of the players who upload them, so that's better.

Finally, if somebody would like to use the data here, then as long as you give credit, I'm fine with it.
Highly understandable given that there are so many potential entries now. Sad that the list is going to become a monument to the days when Elite Explorer took considerable time and effort and was an event that commanders wanted to have commemorated permanently here, but in a way that does serve as a good reminder of it too.

I am very glad I attained Elite Plus, and am honoured that I am in the list as it is.

Many thanks for your diligent maintenance of the list in all its ways over all this time, Marx.

Was worried I wouldn't get the right date for my elite, but, fortunately, EDDiscovery keeps track of promotions. So here it is; proof that I got my elite on 3304-10-16:

Elite Proof.jpg

Here's also the in-game screenshots:


Also this for Elite Plus (Hard to say when, but I got a credit spike on 3305-03-01). According to EDSM, I got my first myriad on 3305-06-21
To Mooing, congrats on making Elite the classic way!
To Whiterose: your post had a bit of an unfortunate timing, heh.

And with that, the deadline's over (I didn't think it would fall on a patch day), and for the reasons mentioned before (see here), I'll no longer be updating this thread. (Fun fact: looks like it almost hit the character limit for forum messages anyway.) Thanks, everyone, and good luck out in the black!
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