The Galactic Intelligence Agency (Federal Covert Security)

It was really great to have you around, guys! Thank you for your participation! We are looking forward to play with (or against) you in the future too, not only on events :)
Just to say thanks to all the guys that had a go at defending the federation against the Relentless attacks this weekend.

Special mentions go out to :

Commander Smith (nice one!)
Commander Smith (sorry to have dragged you into this SNAFU!)
and of course Commander Smith (don't worry we'll get them!)

It was quite ineffective against the pirates this time, but space is big (insert well known phrase here), and Commander Smith clones are plentiful still so let's hope we'll get some good time in the near future too! Was good fun!
Good fights, good times. Got to do that again :)

Kudos to Commander Smith for his valiant and heroic efforts - although Commander Smith, on the other hand, did not cover himself in glory.

I'm off to slip some grog into the cloning vats... ;)
Greetings to the Galactic Intelligence Agency from the Winged Cobra Tribe.

It was great to fight the pirates side by side.

Next time we will beat them, together!
Nice roleplaying, Cmdr Blatant! :) I wonder how many covert agents are out there, watching us... safe havens don't feel so safe anymore.

The scurvey dog fremen!

You should be worried! In a major breach of security I'm going to leak the role call to you, here it is :

Commander Smith (codename Blatant)
Commander Smith
Commander Smith
Commander Smithe (he's from Europe)
Commander Smithy (like iron working)
Commander Smith
Commander Smith

This just in, future GIA meetings will have their entertainment provided by the ancient musical cover group "The Commander Smiths", with such hits as "Freeport, here we come" and "The Charming Thargoid".

PS> To the GIA guys, we're all going down cloaning tanks again tonight, if you fancy coming down and drowning a copy or 2 please feel free!

Bad news I'm afraid, The turmoil in the federation has cut deep, and the 'powers that be' have fixed the loopholes where the vast majority of GIA funding is sourced!

I'm sure you've noticed the cut backs, they've recalled my beloved Cobra and I'm stuck in a standard issue Sidey, they've even frozen my expenses account! I'm sure you've noticed this too.

It seems we need to bankroll our own expenses and insurance while the gremlins work on new funding streams and the political upheaval (net code issues) settle down.

So, this weekend I shall be having a little GIA fund raiser in PvE group mode. I'm sure we all need to assemble some cash and upgrades in these hard times so if any of the GIA (or otherwise) want's to join in and share the adventure, hunt some bounties, explore, look for 'targets of opportunity' or exchange money making methods, feel free to drop me a PM and join my group.
==== GIA Communication ====

Commander Smith has earned a promotion due to his excellent work intercepting rare artefact smugglers in [LOCATION REDACTED]. A number of items have been seized and handed to the technical research department for cataloguing.


==== End Communication ====

==== GIA Communication ====

Known sympathiser [NAME REDACTED] of the [GROUP REDACTED] has reported knowledge of cargo of interest. GIA Agents to report. Collection of said cargo is of high priority, we need GIA agents to participate in the exchange of assets.

Further information to be supplied to GIA agents, initial ETA for exchange is 13 to 15 galactic days from now.

Secret Surveillance feed (Note : Redact this before broadcast):
Morgor Astronavigator's Inn : Romenek's Folly : Morgor : 05102014.155738GmT


==== End Communication ====

==== GIA Communication ====

IMPORTANT NOTE : Please do not read the last line of the previous communication.


==== End Communication ====

Operation: Asteroid Ambush / Eye of the Cobra
Operation: Asteroid Ambush is a joint operation roleplaying event between the exotic tribals of the Winged Cobra Tribe (Wicotees), the covert agents of the Galactic Intelligence Agency (GIA), and the villains of the Relentless. The Wicote's and the GIA have a secret meeting in an asteroid belt. They want to exchange something very important, but the Relentless know about this meeting, and they ambush the participants, trying to grab all the loot.

Everybody is welcome to join us in this event, choose whichever side you prefer!

Full Event Thread Here

==== GIA Communication ====

We have a mission ahead of us agents. I have made contact with Chief Old Boar, a representative of the WiCoTe's at the Morgor Astronavigator's Inn. They have admitted being in possession of advanced, experimental technology cargo that was stolen by imperial scum last cycle. The recovery of this tech is a priority assignment.

We have recently uncovered WiCoTe artefact's during routine seizures. The labs say it's safe so we've arranged an exchange. We do however have a potential problem...

Our embedded agents in The Relentless villain organisation have revealed that the villains are aware of our plan, and are planning an ambush. The goal is clear, exchange the cargo, and get out of there. Any pirate casualties are totally acceptable.


Director Smith

==== End Communication ====

The Plan
The plan is simple yet covert. We will meet with WiCoT representatives at a station, and head to the proposed exchange area. Do not drop your cover or reveal the cargo's, we do not want local security sniffing around. We will head off to a nearby asteroid field so we can do the exchange away from prying eyes. Once there jettison your cargo, secure their cargo drop and if necessary re-secure the theatre of operation.

The GIA Plan in detail.
  1. Travel with the WiCoTe to the Asteroid Field.
  2. As soon as both carriers have arrived, secure the operational area (check your contacts)
  3. Once both carriers are on scene signal the drop and jettison your cargo. Wingmen and security secure the area.
  4. Carrier's are to then check their six, and collect the other container.
  5. Once cargo is collected, or if presented with sizeable resistance, bug out and meet at the station. Signal via Mumble that you are bugging out.

We will all be present on the Mumble server (details below). We can talk privately inside our dedicated channels (GIA/Tribals). During the event proper we will be in the public channel (in character, minimal comm's, use 'codes' if required), simulating the compromised local comms network.

It's a victory for us if we manage to exchange the cannisters and get away with them. All participants will finish shooting (retract weapons) and jettison event cargo if they are under 30% hull. After dropping players will have to flee. It will help to announce that you are out on the Mumble server.

The details
  • The date is October 25-26 (the last weekend of the Beta 2).
  • Most of the participants will meet at 18:00 GMT and at 20:00 GMT.
  • We will play this scenario over and over again in the weekend, and count the victories and the defeats.
  • In order to make this work, we will play it in 'Private group' mode (we will start a new group under "fremen" on the day).
  • You can use the stock Sidewinder if you want to go easy on credits (but you don't have to if you have money for insurance).
  • There are separate channels for the 'Tribals', the 'GIA' agents and the 'Relentless' members on our Mumble voice server now, you can communicate and coordinate your movement there.
  • We will be meeting (to sort the instancing) at Beagle 2, Asellus Primus, and travelling to the nearest Resource Extraction site for the event. Beagle 2 is a NO FIRE ZONE for the event.

Choose Your Side
If you want to join us in this event, you can pick your side:
A) Play with the nomadic Winged Cobra Tribe on the weekend! Ask Chief Old Boar (Koen) for instructions.​
B) Play with the covert ops Galactic Intelligence Agency on the event! Ask Director Blatant for details.​
C) Or play with the evil Relentless for this time! Ask Cmdr Fremen for more info.​

Mumble voice chat
Client: Download the Mumble client here
Port: 64739
Pass: villains

See you out there Commanders!

PS. If your interested, please PM me with when you can play on the weekend so we can make a list and try to accommodate your play time!
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Hi Jarod and Alexander!

Thanks for your interest!! I've sent you a welcome PM, if you'd like to arrange a day and time lets meet up and rid the galaxy of a few more nere-do-wells!
So guys,

We're having a little get together tonight and tomorrow evening. Netcode Madness!

View attachment 1542

The idea is simple, it's just a get together for all the different groups. It's a peace summit! We're going to be putting the Net Code under quite some stress, so half the game will be joining and instancing.

There will be a 'group photo' at 8pm, lets see if we can actually get more than 5 players in an instance!! Plus there will be all sorts of side entertainment I'm sure, such as general high jinx and :

  • Ship Fashion Show - Step up and show your ship off, strike a pose, get a high res selfie. A solid gold "Thats the Ship" award for the winner!
  • Stunt Flying Competition - Pilots are invited to challange each other to various feats, fly through the rings, fastest, closest pass, outrun the missile, etc. In a SKATE format, but with the word "ELITE"
  • Super Turbo Racing - Point A to B race, size divisions of Small (Sidey, Eagle, Hauler), Medium (Viper, Cobra, Type 6), Large (Asp, Anaconda, Type 9) and modified/stock contents. test out those sparkling new thrusters and power centers!!
  • Cage Fighting / Deathmatches - Spectator driven 1 on 1 fights by arrangement. Competitors fight 1 on 1 to 20% hull, the loser taps out, if the winner destroys them the spectators all punish the cheat with death!! An ideal way to even the score with other attendants without resorting to sanctions!
  • Deadly Sardines - How many peopl can we get into the letterbox of a coreallis station at the same time, without permission, before the station ruins the party? Guess we'll find out!!!!

We will test 'Open' mode first, and if it doesn't work, then 'Private Group' mode.
We will communicate on Mumble voice chat (download it here):
Port: 64739
Pass: villains

Come one, come all. Member of a group? Come introduce yourself! Member of the GIA, come along for some fun and social gaming!!! Jump on mumble, find out where we are, lets get together and have a good time...
I recommend that once the game launches, a website be created for the Agency. Also we could use a shout box of some sort, that way someone in charge could alert in-game players through use of a second screen by watching the shout box in one, and playing the game in the other.
I recommend that once the game launches, a website be created for the Agency. Also we could use a shout box of some sort, that way someone in charge could alert in-game players through use of a second screen by watching the shout box in one, and playing the game in the other.

Hi Ploxbox,

I agree that we need a website, and more specifically a dedicated forum, unfortunatly I am a Web Application Engineer and Lead Developer in my day job so am having an awful time finding time to put something quality together. It's like trying to get a plumber to fix their kitchen sink, if you do somehing all day its the last thing you want to do in the hour you get in the evening!

There is a website soon. Also there is a mumble server available already. Kindly hosted by fremen of the Relentless. Us, the Winged Cobra's, Na'ama Wing and Relentless all use this mumble server, we have dedicated, private channels for each group and we can all chat publicly too. I think it really helps bring some of our smaller groups together, and in the process we game as a bigger unit of different roles. Oh, and we all hate griefers so that's something!
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