[EMPIRE] The Praetorian Curiate Assembly: Objectives-based gameplay for Imperial CMDRs

PCA is an objectives-based wing
, and our CMDRs engage in power-scale BGS, PMF BGS, and powerplay. Pilots interested in joining will have the opportunity to become fluent in both powerplay and BGS mechanics through their participation in our projects.

Our roster is dedicated to Patreus, whether through supporting our faction in the Senator's domain, engaging in power-scale BGS, or moving merits in support of powerplay operations.

We support the Duke Alden Rowe's Praetorian Curiate Assembly of SPOCS 900, building a high population, asset-rich faction with a diverse economy. Every new system and station are part of our story, with news articles and roleplay marking major events. We're still building our lore and encourage our CMDRs to participate. Check out our Documents page for more.


  • PCA shares the Patreus discord and so is part of the Patreus community.
  • We protect Patreus systems through fortification.
  • We attack Federal systems through undermining.
  • We grow the Empire through expansion.
  • We participate in the wider organized Imperial powerplay community.

Power-Scale BGS:

  • We install patronages and feudal factions in Patreus space.
  • We protect favorable governments by monitoring Patreus control spheres for conflicts.
  • We reduce the credit cost to defend Patreus systems through our good work.


  • We promote the Praetorian Curiate Assembly of SPOCS 900.
  • We conquer systems, seize assets, and plan expansions.
  • We participate in a shared story and encourage roleplay.

While we are focused on setting and achieving goals, we have no activity requirements and encourage all of our members to play at their own pace, whatever that may mean! PCA will give you direction and knowledge, but your time is yours.

Interested CMDRs should contact Misaniovent, either via this thread, inara, reddit, or discord (add Misaniovent#2576). Please be prepared for a brief interview.

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The Praetorian Curiate Assembly is pleased to announce its total control of SPOCS 900, the culmination of a months-long campaign that saw the Assembly concurrently seize nine stations in three other systems. Investors and independent commanders are invited to examine Duke Alden Rowe's holdings.

We mark major state changes during our campaigns with news article. SPOCS 900 was originally a Federal democracy; we've spent many hours imagining what might happen when such a system becomes a feudal state. Out of necessity and exploration, we wrote this campaign as an independence movement, challenging the strength of our new government as PCA expanded and fought in other systems. How might a new nobility be created out of a democracy? What might happen these nobles question their oaths?

If you'd like to read our interpretation of the mechanics we used to achieve these objectives, please read our news archive for SPOCS 900!

psst. Did we mention our ELW has rings and a HAZRES? It's true. In fact, every system we control has a HAZRES. Weird.
One of the factions I curate is in 12 systems, and has one RES, 20kls away from any asset.
I was actually wrong! Oops. Our two most recent systems don't. Our HQ has multiple, including one around our ELW. Another has a HAZ res that doesn't actually have asteroids, which is interesting.
We recently completed our campaign in Nyoru. With Nyoru in PCA control, we now own 19 stations stations in 5 systems — we are aiming for depth rather than a high system count. You can read our Nyoru Archive here.
We now control 21 stations across six systems, including our very first industrial-economy asset! A small outpost in HR 7766 named "Clair City."

Economy TypeCount
High Tech/Refinery4

We feel it is about time we start building an industrial base to match our extraction and refinery capacity. Fortunately, HR 7766 has four more industrial stations just waiting for Duke Alden Rowe.
Not a Imperial Commander but I like to see people play the darn game instead of moaning all the time so I guess I’ll throw out a “Congratulations.”
Not a Imperial Commander but I like to see people play the darn game instead of moaning all the time so I guess I’ll throw out a “Congratulations.”
That's appreciated. We were solely focused on powerplay-BGS for a long time and are now enjoying building our PMF in addition to supporting Patreus. We've flipped hundreds of a systems, so trying to build a faction based on a diversified economy as well as population and asset density has been a nice change of pace.
In recent weeks we've continued to accrue assets in HR 7766, completing our conquest of the Workers of HR 7766 Independents:

PCA takes Gregory Beacon

The Praetorian Curiate Assembly has declared sovereignty over Gregory Beacon, ousting the Workers of HR 7766 Independents from their final port. Yet fighting continues, with conflict zones present throughout the system as PCA infantry spread throughout the heavily-populated colony in an effort to root out remaining resistance.

Expectations that mercenaries would rescue President Helena Elin's independent democratic movement by retaking Clair City appeared unfounded, with few PCA pilots reporting sightings of the unmarked Core Dynamics vessels seen last week.

Speaking from MacGregor Enterprise, Baronet Wreyn Kaira commented that "Workers were equipped primarily with new Lakon vessels. However, through our intelligence-sharing with Gold Comms we continue to believe that these mercenaries and the assassins that took Curia Jodoc from us are connected to President Elin and her dishonorable movement. We will continue pursuing this plot against us."

Responding to reporters on Tarski Gateway, Workers Envoy Brittany Chandler was quoted as saying "leave me the hell alone."
Yet the future is in question, as Senator Torval faces repeated turmoil and struggles to hold control of nearby Regira.

Region turmoils as PCA pushes forward

The future of the Praetorian Curiate Assembly was called into question today as news of instability in Senator Zemina Torval's holdings rocked local markets and governments. The Assembly, which has been actively accruing assets in HR 7766 since late August, quietly expanded into Yalura last week, in a move that had been expected to tie Duke Alden Rowe even more closely to Senator Torval.

However, despite PCA offices continuing to open throughout the system, faction representatives have yet to make any official announcements regarding their aspirations in the system. With Duke Rowe's government reeling from the death of Curia Erwan Jodoc, former leader of the HR 7766 United Bureau, trust in the Assembly and support for their growth in Yalura is unclear, with the Empire's future in HR 7766 also uncertain. Executives from HR 7766 Purple Major Limited have so far kept mum, but with Torval ousted, a Federation ascendancy in the system may be in the cards.

Nine Nayan News anchorwoman Olivia Abott will interview Praetorian Curiate Assembly Marshall Baronet Wreyn Kaira this evening, to be broadcast throughout the sector tomorrow.
You can find that interview here. It is a busy time for the Praetorian Curiate Assembly, and we are handling our objectives with aplomb. Are you interested in planning and executing complex objectives and world-building? Then we might be the right group for you!

Visit us on discord.
We have had a productive few weeks.

Most importantly, we reacted to a Senator Torval's turmoil in Regira with a campaign to prepare for its possible loss, working to ensure that should her position in the system be unrecoverable, Patreus would be able to prepare and expand with reduced triggers. With less than two weeks to achieve this, we flexed our state management muscle and worked to manage diplomacy with our neighbors. Patreus was able to successfully take Regira, securing our minor faction's future in its environs. The Admiral's newest control system exploits three of our systems, and our expansion plans will place us in many more.

Our news archive for our Regira Sphere campaign has been published. You can read it here.

And we completed our campaign in Yalura. While this system has a low population and the real estate is not particularly nice, it does have a tourist beacon and was a special challenge. In the early days of the BGS, it was possible for systems to have more than seven NPC factions, and Yalura had eight. This required us to achieve two retreats and felt a bit like breaking a museum piece. But because the system has an interesting tourist beacon, we felt it worthwhile.

Commander Astirian highlights this location for space travellers. It has a great view of its rings, star and super-massive crater. For hundreds of years combat has taken place here to resolve blood-feuds within the ruling families of the Yalura system. The 1.21g gravity ensures fast and brutal combat. Only the toughest survive.
We have a set goal of taking all assets in our systems and our planning over the last few months has focused on doing this as quickly as manageable. We achieved a single-day expansion in this system and, after taking control, used a truncated retreat to transfer the system's remaining assets to us without additional wars. During this campaign we were able to take an additional asset in HR 7766.

You might be surprised at the work required to put a faction already below 2.5% into retreat when it is spread across six systems low-population systems and controls none. To end repeated blocking states for LTT 8852 Empire Party, we started eight other conflicts while managing their influence and maintaining close contact with our neighbors who might have been affected by our efforts.

This campaign's archive has also been published. Read it here.

And we accomplished another truncated expansion on Thursday into HR 7749. We relish complex mechanics and achieving difficult objectives, and as we gain more members our ability to reliably do this grows! While we'll be sad to see some of these mechanics removed in the next release, we are looking forward to scenarios and squadrons.

Our PS4 contingent is growing more and more active, and our xbox side is hitting the ground running once again. Interested? Send me a PM.
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This is brilliant. Fantastic gameplay direction and world-building!

More news.

League joins PCA

Negotiations between the Praetorian Curiate Assembly and the League of HR 7766 concluded in success for the Assembly, with Buckell Installation now transferred to the Empire's domain.

In an announcement broadcast across Duke Alden Rowe's holdings, Patrician Kiera Bishop welcomed the League's colonists into the Empire.

"As our territories grow and new peoples join our Duke, our Senator, and our Emperor, we are strengthened. We thank the League for their trust in us as we build a better way for HR 7766."

Buckell Installation is the Praetorian Curiate Assembly's sixth planetary colony and 26th station.
We love our colonies. Planetary installations are great...but we still don't have one of those fancy giant cities. One day.
We have been laying the ground work for some significant growth come 3.3, positioning PCA in additional systems and preparing assets in those systems for our control. Recently we had the opportunity to take an outstanding expansion:

PCA furthers ties with Patreus with new expansion

Patrician Kiera Bishop of the Praetorian Curiate Assembly announced today another expansion for her government, with Praetorian Logistics Vessels stockpiling supplies in Kojin. While one of the Assembly's lower population systems, Patrician Bishop described Kojin in an earlier press conference as "well-positioned, with capable staff that understand how to run small operations, such as we initially run when we expand our Duke's interests."

Speaking on the expansion itself, Bishop noted that "all of the Assembly's newest offices have been opened in direct cooperation and consultation with Senator Patreus. We are committed to supporting his interests; even our new operations in Babal support those interests by fostering diplomatic ties with Dictator Yuri Grom. We will continue to expand throughout the Regira region, and anticipate opening offices in HIP 101846 tomorrow."

"While HIP 101846 is governed by an honorable Empire Group, both Duke Rowe and Senator Patreus agree that additional Imperial support in this strategically vital system would be worth while. We look forward to giving the clients of this system additional options."
HIP 101846 is Senator Patreus's most profitable control system, and is an excellent system in its own right. We look forward to adding its high tech assets to our portfolio, alongside our Nyoru and Smethells 56, our current high tech systems. Both Smethells 56 and Nyoru have materials traders.

Come visit us on discord!
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Praetorian Curiate Assembly actively recruiting on Xbox!

Are you interested in the inner machinations of the Elite background simulation? Are you an Imperial pilot looking to support our goals?

If the answer is yes, the Office of Admiral Patreus advises you to join Duke Rowe’s Court.

Contact myself, GT: Beast of Hog
or PM me here if your interested!
All of our squadrons are now up, and our tag is PCAS across PC, PS4, and Xbox. Please contact us first before applying - blind applications will be rejected!

In other news, we made it into this issue of the Sagittarius Eye! Thank you to Souvarine for writing about his experiences in PCA as part of his "Game of Powers" article on Powerplay. Be sure to check it out!
This has been an incredible week for PCA, with our squadron completing two major campaigns and achieving solid successes in powerplay. Our minor faction just took its 40th station, Crook Ring in HR 7766. We now control every asset in HR 7766, a goal that we set five months ago and worked on steadily while taking total control of three additional systems, and thirteen stations outside the system.

HR 7766 is our second earth-like world, and we've just recently expanded into CD-52 9732, another high population agriculture economy near us. We anticipate a rapid campaign there, as that system has only two stations. Other systems we've completed work in recently include HR 7749 and Babal, which just wrapped up yesterday. If you're interested in reading our news archives, they've been published here:

6th Archive: HR 7749 and HR 7766
7th Archive: Babal

Thanks to Hog and Cernig for their excellent writing.

Onwards to powerplay! We are doing outstanding. Our PS4 squadron achieved bronze in the last season, and we are on track to achieve a very solid second place on PS4, and very probably 2nd on Xbox. We've become one of the leading powerplay groups on console and are very proud of it. Things on PC have been going well, too — I had a lot of fun leading wings last week in opposition of a weaponized expansion attempt by Hudson in Nyoru, which was thoroughly rebuffed.

With both Federal powers in turmoil and our faction finding success in both powerplay and the BGS, we hope you'll consider joining us as the Empire marches on!

Find us on discord here.
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