[EMPIRE] The Praetorian Curiate Assembly: Objectives-based gameplay for Imperial CMDRs

We've just won our first terraforming station. I have no doubt that with all of the industrial stations we've taken recently, we'll be able to get this job finished far faster than the government previously controlling it!
Our console squadrons are doing amazing work in powerplay. Our xbox wing took home silver, and our PS4 crew took bronze. Congratulations to them.
Yesterday we finished our objectives in CD-52 9732, a system with a population of over five billion.

This system was a long-term goal for PCA, requiring us to win a presence in a number of other systems in the area. Taking this system meant forcing a retreat, winning an outpost in an election, and seizing the controlling station in a war. Retreats are difficult, and we succeeded here on the first try. The entire campaign here took less than two months.

Dyr Terminal is our first terraforming economy station, and control of the system via Roberts Port brings our total population to 14,588,692,308.

Read our archive for CD-52 9732 here, written entirely by Beast of Hog, who runs our xbox squadron.
This morning, we completed our control election for Petra. With Salpeter Prospect in our hands, we now govern every system we are present in — but this won't last long, as we are about to complete a major expansion that will mark the next phase in our growth as a leading Imperial faction. We are very excited, so if you are an Imperial commander interested in the BGS, now is an outstanding time to join us.

Elsewhere, we've met with strong success in HIP 101846 and now control both of that system's high tech Coriolis stations. HIP 101846 is an important system for Patreus; we selected our home so we could be near it, and taking ownership of it was a major step for us. We continue to take stations in our other systems as well. Of the 14 systems we govern, we own all landable assets in 11 of them.

Visit us on discord! Be sure to mention in the lobby that you're interested in PCA.
With all of our systems secured, we are pleased to begin the next phase for our faction: Theta Indi. This system of over 15 billion Federal citizens is in dire need of feudalism and a strong Imperial hand. Arriving in Theta Indi required months of planning and a carefully executed retreat.

Khodiwobogi Exchange confirms exit from Theta Indi
Miners contracted to Khodiwobogi Exchange faced a surprise on Wednesday as they found offices meant to accept their scheduled shipments closed without prior notice.

"I heard shares been fallin' for days, but none of us knew things was this bad. We've been out in the belts for days tryin' to meet quota and then we get here and there's no one to accept? What am I supposed to do with this ore? It's supposed to be contracted to Khowibodogibogi but they ain't in the system! I'm not even sure if I'm allowed to sell it to someone else!"

Khodiwobogi Exchange's shares had been falling for several days, as rumors persisted that the corporation's operations in Theta Indi were struggling with security. Repeated requests for comment have been met with official silence, but anonymous sources within the company have suggested that shipping losses in less secure parts of the system were significant over the last two weeks, and that system authority, managed by the local Federal government, had been unwilling to provide requested security.

"Frankly," said one source, "we are Imperials and relations with Crimson Netcoms Dev had been cagey since Senator Torval left Regira a few months back. Corporate sold our offices, so at least I'll get my severance."

Our anonymous source declined to say to whom the Exchange's offices had been sold.
Khodiwobogi Exchange offices sold to Praetorian Curiate Assembly
Shuttered depots and offices closed by Khodiwobogi Exchange earlier this month have been re-opened by the Praetorian Curiate Assembly, which has announced it will be offering all of the Exchange’s previous contract holders new contracts with favorable rates.

“We believe that any Imperial’s word is his bond, and we are ashamed that miners reliant on business with the Khodiwobogi Exchange were left in the dark recently. We will be honoring their contracts and have even gone so far as to pay for quotas met by the Exchange’s miners, which were unable to be sold. We look forward to guaranteeing the security of these hard-working pilots and their crews moving forward,” stated Esquire Taliyah Duffy.

“We of course,” responded Theta Indi Crimson Netcoms Dev representative Andrija Mathieu, “welcome the Assembly. We continue to place tremendous value on our relationship with Senator Denton Patreus and are committed to proving that the Empire and the Federation can exist as partners in our region — as we did under Senator Torval for several years.”
We recently took our 50th station, Gwynn Vision in Theta Indi. Our faction began in SPOCS 900, a Federal democracy that we imperialized — it is fitting that we would reach this milestone here, in the Federation's 14th most populous system. Soon it will be the Empire's 10th.

Since January of last year, we've expanded from two systems to 15 and taken 43 new stations. We control 14 of those 15 systems, and own every landable asset in 11 of them.

For most of our history, we viewed ourselves as wardens of Patreus space and while we guaranteed our control of SPOCS 900, we chose not to expand. Last year, we decided to change that and to see if we could move from an expert powerplay group to an expert BGS group. We feel confident that we've achieved this, and we've done so while maintaining our role as wardens of our Admiral's domain: our pilots prepare, expand, undermine, fortify, and work daily to ensure that our power is as strong as possible by supporting favorable governments across Patreus space.

Come meet us!
This morning we completed an important objective, taking the final station in HIP 101846. Our minor faction was created to support Patreus' interests in this critical control sphere. Governing it was one of our earliest dreams, and after months of hard work, we made it come true. Our final news report for the system:

Praetorian Curiate Assembly completes acquisition of all HIP 101846 ports
Patrician Kiera Bishop of the Praetorian Curiate Assembly visited Betancourt Base this morning to announce that the station's clients had agreed to follow Curia Jurre Aarstma into her government's feudal system.

"Our government, our Senator, our navy, and our Empire rely on the cutting edge that is honed in this system. The technologies that we create here will brighten the futures of our people, and it will lead our nation forward through dark times. Patreus has placed great trust in us, and we will not fail him.

HIP 101846 is one of the Empire's most critical high tech economies, and the most important holding of Senator Patreus outside of Eotienses itself. Its twin high tech coriolis stations, supported by an array of outposts and planetary installations, produce distribute advanced technology and the Admiral's garrison supplies throughout the sector.

Historically governed by the HIP 101846 Empire Group patron network, the arrival of the Praetorian Curiate Assembly in November saw Duke Alden Rowe's feudalists challenge a major Imperial patronage for the first time.
Our full archive for this system has been published and is available here.
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We now control every station in Petra, which means that in the 14 systems we govern (present in 15), there is now only one station we don't control. This puts us at 60 stations — an increase of 10 this May. We'll be taking that last station soon.
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On Monday, we successfully claimed control of Theta Indi, via Levi-Montalcini Ring despite early resistance. Based on last month's statistics, we anticipate that this victory will make us the 13th most populous minor faction in the galaxy and second most populous in the Empire, though several independent factions that rank higher are ardent supporters of Princess Aisling Duval.

More importantly, this success represents a shift of nearly 22 billion lives from the Federation's blight to the Empire's light. In our region on the border between the Empire and the Federation, we have devoted ourselves to replacing Federal governments wherever possible and this critical work will continue in the coming weeks and months.

Our commanders remain eminently proud to fight for the Empire, whether is it is in support of PCA, Admiral Patreus, the Imperial High Council, or ZYADA. Dedicated Imperials who wish to join us should contact us on discord or send me a private message here. We welcome commanders on PC and console.
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This month's "State of the Human Populated Bubble" by Mangal Oemie of AEDC has been released. As anticipated, we have taken a spot as the 13th most populous PMF and 15th most populous minor faction. We have the second highest population in the Empire, well after Likedeeler of Michel and neck and neck with our friends at Lavigny's Legion. However, CLB and Aisling's Angels are Imperial-aligned and also ahead of us.

We are recruiting CMDRs interested in learning BGS and powerplay mechanics willing to serve Patreus and the Empire. Contact me!
We now control 16 out of 16 systems we are present in. This will be brief — we have an expansion active and two more on the immediate horizon. A month spent laying groundwork is about to pay off for us.
For a long time, Patreus powerplay was supported by Praetorian Curiate Assembly pilots flying alongside a number of outstanding independent Imperial commanders. A few weeks ago, another major Imperial squadron shifted their allegiance to the Empire's admiral:


Since then, Patreus is stronger than ever and PCA's commanders have had an outstanding time working and flying with the 10th Legion. The stronger our power, the stronger our squadrons — I have no doubt that the 10th Legion and PCA will grow even stronger in the coming weeks and months. Recruitment for PCA is still open — we are looking for pilots interested in learning the background simulation and using it to build our faction and to protect our power.

If you're interested in learning more about Patreus, PCA, or even the 10th Legion, visit the Patreus discord. We have a closed lobby, so be sure to let our moderators know why you're there. Or contact me directly, here or on discord: Misaniovent#2576.


Thanks to Silvo for the killer poster.
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June and July were spent focusing on our wider region to prepare for additional growth. We expanded to Maeve, a low population system with an outpost and a planetary port. We also expanded to and took control of Ingguromal, another low population system with some notable stations — two military outposts, one planetary port, and one "citadel" planetary port with a shipyard. We own 24 planetary ports, and this will be our first in that style.

Expansions in Maeve and Ingguromal, as well as an expansion followed by an immediate retreat from nearby Pell, allowed us to complete a major long-term objective: an expansion to Khan, a Federation agricultural system with a population of 600 million.

We're not sure what happened, but we're going to find out. Soon, PCA will control SPOCS and Khan. Thank you to our neighbors, SSL Interstellar PLC and Diamond Frogs, for their cooperation as we navigated our shared borders.
We're delighted to have such distinguished and highly competent neighbours. We are grateful for the good spirit and cooperation and we're confident your recruits will only experience the highest level of wisdom and professionalism in PCA.
PCA has expanded into Regira. This is our second Patreus control system and marks a move toward the conclusion of our long campaign to secure the region, which began in fall of last year, requiring multiple retreats and complex expansion pathing. When we took Regira for Patreus last November, we were present in three of 17 exploited systems. Now we are in eight, with most of the sphere's remaining systems controlled by friendly player groups. We are securing this populous region not only for Patreus, but for the Empire. And we are securing other objectives, working to expand not only PCA, but the favorability of Patreus's control systems as well.
October was a banner month for PCA. We took an incredible thirteen stations, winning a number of heavily contested wars in the process. These successes include the completion of our campaign in Theta Indi, which saw us take control of 7 stations in one day. We have also taken control of Regira, bringing an important Patreus control system out of the Federation and into the Empire where it belongs.

Our victory in Regira, supported by allies Lavigny's Legion and the Imperial Hegemony of Palaiologos, solidifies our position as the 16th most populous minor faction in the galaxy, at 32.17 billion. We remain the second most populous government in the Empire.
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