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Hello all,

Our previous SC thread reached the 10,000 post limit. As such, it's time for a new thread for Star Citizen discussions. If you want to discuss Star Citizen, this is the place to do so! [up]

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̶f̶̶i̶̶r̶̶s̶̶t̶ second

edit: had to get that out of the way first ^^

So they sold 13% equity in the company in May to 2 companies in the Caymans and a third somewhere else.

They've run out of credit. They liquidated some shares and sold equity to continue operating.

The jpeg sales aren't enough to support it. Whatever time they bought with that is the time they have to release a game.

The thing thats so funny about Star Citizen and CiG by now that such outlandish claims are not really impossible or "tinhat foil territory" anymore. Over the years there have been enough outrageous, hilarious, hard to believe or outright funny things coming our way so I wont disregard this right out of hand but frankly I m a little slow on where you read this. I went through the link in your post but soon felt overwhelmed. Can you point out the direct source for me by chance? PM works as well.

OH CMON, gimme a chance here :D!!!!! You mods should know my post was WIP only and not a troll post, dangit ^^ (hateful gazes at Dooguk)
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My greatest ever moment in forum history :D Thanks devs. Sorry MTBFitz.

Any road, on topic....
Chris is a lizard man? I should have pinched him when I talked to him for half an hour to check it out.

How much does it cost to get an audience with the Lizard King? What does his wig look like close up?

(It feels more like being hit over the head lessons in here) :)
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Didn't we start well?

Stay on topic or I'll call Yaffle.
SomethingJones returns to SA with this...…..

They've sold off a chunk of the company this year to keep the lights on long enough to get a game out the door.

There was chatter coming from the UK studio that there is a rush to get SQ42 Prelude out the door by Jan 2020.

The PU is completely and fully *deleted* and exists only to sell jpegs.

They cannot attract investment nor can they extend existing credit or buy new credit.

The management have been lying to devs about the financial health of the company beginning with the Coutts loan and the reason for taking it. They have been telling them the company will be growing and expanding.

There is a rumour that a number of devs were let go at the beginning of this month, I have been unable to find out any more about that.

The junior devs are blissfully unaware of any issues whatsoever and everything is a hate campaign.

The engine is "on its a**e"

There is no Squadron 42 roadmap, none, nothing, nada

That's probably my bridges burnt. Backers lurking the thread, go back to dreaming and buying jpegs, you are all idiots and Chris and Erin Roberts own you.

Ps - Everyone promoting it is on the take, mostly directly from backers.
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SomethingJones returns to SA with this...…..

Entertaining at best and tho I will cross-check future events with this post I dare to say its all hearsay no? I thought maybe theres a document I didnt recognize or see yet that proves equity share sales?
What does "to be on the take" mean?

I think it means 'financially benefiting'. In this case, in a rather odd way, a number of whales are so invested in keeping a positive atmosphere they spend fairly large amounts of money not just on ships and such, but also on people outside of CIG willing to say good things about CIG. Whether they are lawyers saying CIG won everything, or streamers saying SC is the greatest thing ever. In other words, there is a kind of ecosystem where a relatively small group of people spend a relatively large sum of money to have a problematic project continue, and then attract random other people to add some hot air. Leonard is a good example. He doesnt really care about SC, he repeatedly openly said he didnt even read the documents before commenting on them, but people will shower him with money if he says:"I am a lawyer and everything seems to be going just fine, I guess!".
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There's an awful lot to digest from the last couple of days here. When all is said and done the least memorable part of all of this for me will be the hours of streams I sat and watched...

The 'ecosystem' that Sleut talks about there is a superb observation. That backers put money toward not only CIG but those promoting CIG is something I hadn't really thought about until these lawyer videos popped up.
Meh - I’d redo the whole Squadrons of Swing, but I’ve given up doing songs here :D

The financials are certainly interesting, as is the note that Oughtawin has changed something in the organization.
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