Engineers The Technetium Thread

It's 1,500 lys away, but I'm going to check it out. Found the following post on Reddit, it's only six months old: Source:

"Just go farm crystalline shards in HIP 36601. You can get full up on Ruthenium, Polonium, Tellurium, and Technetium in less than 3 hours (not counting the time to get there and back). Once you do that you can just trade for whatever you want and won't run out. I was able to max engineer about 7 ships from that one trip with raw and still have more than half left over. No logging out and back, no hassle, just drop at one site and grab as much as you can and go on to the next. Easy peasy. Each site at each planet has more than enough mats for 2 commanders to get 100% full on that one drop without worry."
I can confirm HIP 36601 was worth the trip. Once I found the right place, it only took about 25 minutes to gather up 107 Technetium and I could have farmed there for another hour, easily. The first Biological site (Biological Signal #8) blew my mind. (See the linked screenshot. 90% of those contacts are Technetium!)!AlR_NxoGPwawmSjG6u1Mq7_M5jGs?e=vYrt7X
On the other hand, the geological sites on C5A were all extremely difficult terrain, but I did spent a successful but difficult hour at each of two sites picking up other rare mats, and another hour circling the planet trying to find one on a smooth site without much luck.
Mapped every planet and moon with Geological and Biological signals (12 planets and moons,) but only HIP 36601 C5A has Technetium.
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