Discussion The Visited Stars cache

Link to discussion regarding request made to frontier since 2015 with no actual answers from them ever talked about or looked into only the usual vague "we will look at this in the future, the same answer made in 2015.
I can understand FD (technically) why they made the decision and save some individual data on the local computer.
What I don't understand, however, is that there is no documentation and no convenience function to be able to back up this data regularly.
Sorry, that's just sloppy and disappointing.
I see what you mean now, Davanix, and it would be nice if this data was stored that way, sure. Regardless, this is about the actual functioning of the feature that exists. It's still broken, and my open issue has not change status.
Would be great if this could be fixed.
Failing that, if anyone knows how this guy did the "manual" rebuild, that would be a workaround (his website is no longer working).
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