Things every CMDR should do once.

If you've got Horizons...

- Climb up a huge mountain and then flip your SRV off the edge and try to land safely at the bottom? :D
- Visit one of the Thargoid sites with the necessary materials to either activate it or cause it to go ape bananas (with Guardian items)
[up] Finish the grind all the way to KING and ADMIRAL ranks.

I wonder how many CMDRs ever accomplish this?
I have Admiral and Duke, so not too far away.

Take the trip to Colonia.
Visit the Engineers.
Try one of every type of mission.
Try one of every possible career option. (Yes, including mining.)
Travel to Beagle Point.
Have a cause & fight for it. Doesn't matter whether you ultimately win or lose.

Draw yourself up a code of conduct & then put yourself in a position where you want to break them.
Get and fully engr a cutter.

Vertical boost off a hill in your SRV (from a running start) and try to land on top of your ship before the proximity boost/cutoff kicks in.
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Fly every available ship at least for one month

EDIT: Make that a week, just so it won't take more than a year...
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Open play when they fight against other player groups.

Todays fun fact: Did you know you can gain 64 more passengers by removing size 6 prismatic shields. And a Size 6 bank for survivability against other commanders using grade 5 engineering and 30% premium ammo. By taking that stuff off and going into solo/private.

You can usually pick up +++ Passenger missions for a faction that only take up 3-6 slots. Thats triple the amount of cargo space. With no risk vs the people you are fighting against.

Pretty neat huh.
- lithobreak onto (into) a high-g world (optional: and survive)
- get interdicted near a planet and end up inside of it
- steal escape pods from thargoids (optional: get shot at for proximity violation) (optional2: escape alive)
- make a particularly scenic screenshot and post it in The thread
- get shot to bits and barely make it out alive
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