Parks Thrillseeker's Woods - A record-shattering amusement park [WIP]

I'm so glad to see this park back! I remember you trying to break The Smiler's inversion record with a Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster but had to use B&M track until the Infinity Coaster was added. Now that we're able to put any car on any track, have you changed that coaster to a Eurofighter and put the B&M Floorless train on it?
That's exactly the plan, although I can't tell you when exactly I'm going to work on said coaster, as I really don't have a set order of which coasters I'm going to be building now. It'll show up eventually though.
So, as it turns out, making smaller coasters is faster than large coasters...

So, yeah. When you go from supporting coasters well in excess of 6000 feet or so, to a coaster just barely above 4000 feet long, it's quite a fast process. Anywho, lets get right into the news...

This is Firebird. A compact, tall, twisty mess of a B&M Dive Coaster. This is the tallest (248 foot drop), longest (4088 feet long), fastest (83 MPH), and loopy-est (4 full inversions) dive coaster ever created. Let's get into the layout...

You start with a small drop and U-Turn out of the station, and then up the massive lift hill. You then take a nice left turn and get a beautiful view of the entire park...

...before dropping straight down the first of two vertical holding drops.

From here, you go into what I'm calling the Infinity Loop, which is basically two immelman's back to back, making an infinity shape.

From here, you take a nice sweeping turn into the mid-course brake run, where you go into the second vertical holding drop.

This leads into a sidewinder...

...then into a zero-G roll...

...and then into a splashdown right next to the main path. This splashdown fully works with splash effects all the way down the track.

From here, it's just a couple twists into the final brake run.

Overall, it's not the most intense or out of control coaster ever, but I personally love my dive coasters, and this is definitely a nice crowd pleaser. Of course, why just look at pictures when you can ride it yourself?


So, there we go. One more coaster done. I'm not entirely sure whether I want to make the 11-inversion B&M Floorless or the interlocking-loops Premier Sky Rocket 3 coaster, but those are probably going to be the next two coasters I work on. That's all for now, as I've got a date with Cedar Point's opening day in a couple weeks I need to prepare for #humblebrag. Peace!

Great job with the custom supports on Firebird, however with the infinity loop I think you're un-banking the track too early, if you're going for a realistic B&M immelman shape then the passengers should at least be inverted before rolling out of the inversion.
...if you're going for a realistic B&M immelman shape then the passengers should at least be inverted before rolling out of the inversion.
Yeah, this was something i grappled with for awhile, as I typically don't do custom inversions like this. The hard part about this is that with Dive coasters, they start un-banking a lot earlier than the typical immelman. Take This image from RCDB of Griffon's main immelman. This is the main inspiration since I live an hour away from this park, so this is the main view I get of a B&M Dive immelman. While I did look others, this is what I ended up basing this off that one point. While it's not perfect, it's at a point that I'm happy with. Of course, any constructive criticism is gladly welcomed, and I'm always working on trying to improve how I build these coasters, so I'll keep this in mind!

Greetings all! I'm back from my Carowinds campout and the disaster that was Cedar Point's opening day, as well as moved into a new house, so as you can see I've been a bit busy. But, all of that is done, so lets talk about the latest addition to my ever expanding lineup of coasters in this park...

This is Rock Crawler, a loosely terrain based B&M Floorless coaster. This coaster boasts 6068 feet of track, with a main drop of 209 feet at 78 MPH. This also boasts the most inversions on both a Floorless coaster and with any B&M coaster ever made, with a whopping 11 full inversions. As always, let's take it from the top, starting with...

...A Jojo Roll right out of the station, a la Hydra @ Dorney Park. This pulls into a u-turn and up the lift hill. This then goes into a curved drop and down into the generic B&M looper layout, which starts with...

...a massive Vertical Loop followed directly by...

...a Dive Loop, which goes into a overbanked curve and into...

...a Zero-G roll, which is then followed by...

..A Cobra Roll. Here it finally breaks from the formula a bit, and goes into a bit is a straight section, which leads to...

...a Sea Serpent Roll threading through the main loop. This leads into another overbank which brings you up to the MCBR. From there, we take a nice curve down into...

...another vertical loop, like Kraken @ Seaworld Orlando. This leads to a speed hill, and then finally...

..the iconic Interlocking corkscrews. This was a huge pain to make, and I'm happy with how it came out. From here you just have a low-to-the-ground curve, and then a quick dive under a pedestrian bridge, and up into the break run.

Of course, why just look at pictures of it when you can ride it yourself:


So, there's one more coaster done. Only five more to go, and I can finally get to actually decorating this park, because it currently doesn't have anything other than a bunch of coasters and paths. I've already put a bit of work into the next coaster, and let me tell you, it's going to be a blast...

Hello everyone, and happy

Yes, that's right. My first post is dated May 29th, 2017. It's crazy to think about it. One whole year of on & off work on this absolutely insane park. I'd really like to thank everyone whose shown interest in this project, as knowing that people like seeing the work I put into this has really helped keep me going.

I'd like to talk about my future plans for this park, as there is still quite a bit to be done. There's still four coasters that need to be built, and some that I'm going to be reworking since they aren't quite up to how I build them now. But first, let's talk about the current area I'm working on:

Yes, this is a nice massive lake in the area. As you can see I've completely finished the trackwork for Toxic Blast, the Premier multi-launch coaster that I teased at the end of the last update. The supports for the loops is a separate thing from the main supports that will go over all of the rest of the track, as it is all tied to the mid-course structure which acts as a building, making the creation of the full support structure much easier. That's why you see the supports for the loop structure, but nothing else yet. If you look a bit more at the image, you may notice something about Neon Fury...

Namely that it's completely different. I started with just re-profiling the drop to make it a lot more accurate than it used to be. For comparison, this is the old drop, followed by the new drop:

That when from just redoing the drop to just completely redoing the entire coaster, as my original G-forces were actually a lot higher than what it should've been if it were to actually be built in real life. Here is the old layout, followed by the new one:

As you can see the turns are a lot larger so that while they are still very intense, they are closer to how they are on Intimidator 305, of which I took some inspiration from (around 3.5 positive sustained G's). You may also notice that it's gotten a fresh color pallet, as I wasn't the happiest with the original one. you might have also noticed that It will be getting a new name, as "Neon Fury" doesn't quite fit the new color pallet that well.

Looking ahead to the future, there's still some coasters to cram into this park. There's four more coasters that I plan on building, and with each one I plan on re-working another coaster with it. In no particular order, they are:

NEW: B&M Wing - Tallest, fastest, longest, loop-est, the usual records.
REWORK: Intamin Pre-fab Woodie - Yes, I already did completely rework this coaster once already, but that was before I actually rode El Toro, the main inspiration for this coaster. Now that I've ridden (and absolutely loved) Toro, I've come to realize that my woodie just doesn't properly compare. That's going to be fixed.

NEW: B&M Invert - The goal with this coaster is to give it a start like Banshee, only a lot taller, then after the mid-course, transition to a layout more similar to Nemesis, as those are arguably to two best B&M Inverts currently made.
REWORK: B&M Hyper - This needs some reworking on the hills mainly, but it's probably going to just be completely redone, albeit with a similar layout. The train also doesn't make it back to the station if it was to somehow get stuck at the mid-course, and while that's not supposed to happen, the whole point of this park is to strive for realism.

NEW: Gestlauer Infinity - Like the Smiler, except with somewhere around possibly 20 inversions. Yes, 20. I'm crazy.
REWORK: Gerstlauer Eruofighter Poler-coaster - This is probably the only coaster where I'm going to tone the insanity down a little bit, as I never intended for it to have 17 inversions. That's a bit too much for a 550 foot tall ride IMO.

NEW: S&S Custom El Loco - This will hold the record for the steepest drop on a coaster, with it being probably somewhere around 130 degrees total. Nearly considered inverted.
REWORK: Intamin Accelerator - This is another coaster that received some touch-ups as well, but the rest of the layout could be fixed a bit.

So, that's all the coasters. Once all the coasters are done, I'll put up another park download for those interested, and then it's on to phase 3 as I've come to call it. I will be making this into an actual forest as the name implies, as well as setting up concessions and such. The other big thing will be fences everywhere like a real park, and all 15 coasters will be getting hopefully really cool lighting packages. Anything else that happens will be touched upon, but that is the main plan for this massive project. I can't give any ETA on when I'll finish this, as I've got a ton of park traveling coming up this summer, and I can't wait. That's all for now, and thanks for staying with me through this

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Happy birthday!

I really like the new layout of blue coaster, but you didn't tell us its new name :)

Outstanding work on the custom supports, BTW ;)
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I really like the new layout of blue coaster, but you didn't tell us its new name :)
That's because I don't have a new name for it yet lol. If you look at the second picture, you can see the ride sign stating "New Ride Name". If you have any ideas, feel free to say them
That's because I don't have a new name for it yet lol. If you look at the second picture, you can see the ride sign stating "New Ride Name". If you have any ideas, feel free to say them
Ah. Hmmm..

Blue Meanie and then themed with "Yellow Submarine" art?

Cold Blue Steel and themed with knives, pistols, and mezcal bottles, plus a custom soundtrack by the 90s Tex-Mex blues band of the same name, such as "Drivin' to Mexico" or "Headed Out of Memphis"?

Highway 61 Revisited. Hwy 61 is the "Blues Highway" according to the signs on the roadside in front of my house. I recommend the Johnny Winter version instead of the original Dylan as more appropriate to a bigtime coaster.
Hey, remember me? It's been awhile...

I haven't posted on here in over a year and a half according to the timestamps on my last few messages. So what happened, you're probably wondering. Well, between outside events in my life and a lot of creative blocks, I pretty much abandoned this park and really the whole game for quite awhile. A few months ago, I started to get back into the game, and by extension got back to working on this monster of a park. Between my personal tastes for how most of the coasters were set up, along with the new proper support pieces for building, I basically all but started over from scratch. All the coasters that were already built were kept their general area, but all of them got their layouts completely reworked or just straight up trashed and completely rebuilt, save for a couple elements. Over the past couple days I finally finished making any small adjustments I wanted, along with getting the foundation set up for the supports to start going up, and got all the flats and other tracked rides placed out as well, which, for me, is a massive hurtle I've been unable to clear for the longest time. Anyways, I've got quite a lot to get through, and dozens of photos of where it all stands currently, so let's get right into it.

Part 1: The pre-existing coasters

Aerial Insanity - B&M flyer

This was the first coaster I built in this park, since it was designed to be the welcoming piece when you first walk through the turnstiles. For everyone whose followed the project for awhile, this ride has been through a lot of revisions. This time, I ended up basically scrapping just about everything I had and starting over.

While there can only be one station total on any given ride, this park is about realism, and with that I came in and made a dual station design. The left "station" doesn't function whatsoever, but I still spent a considerable amount of time working on making it look about as accurate as I could with the props available in-game.

Due to the station rework, the lift hill had to be moved, and with that, the drop curve was much farther back. I decided to have the beginning of the ride moved to the open area I had behind the station, and started the ride out in a similar fashion to Flying Dinosaur at Universal Japan. The 540° roll followed by an inside raven turn is a very interesting and forceful set of elements from what I've heard, and I figured this was the best place to fit it in.

The iconic Pretzel loop over the main path into the park was the main thing I kept with this coaster throughout it's various iterations. Having a coaster interact with you right past the gate is something that really helps set the mood for a park, and I absolutely wanted to capture that feeling with this ride.

The post mid-course part was something I was never entirely happy with, and after spending a fair bit of time looking at the other flyers out there in the world, I came across Starry Sky Ripper in China, which is, to my knowledge, the only B&M flyer with a traditional vertical loop. The terrain I already had in the area from the previous iterations of this ride made making this fly to lie -> vertical loop -> lie to fly element string work out beautifully, and with the main path getting right up next to it, the photo opportunities are plentiful.

The Tower - Gerstlauer Euro-fighter Polercoaster

This was the second coaster I made for the park, and upon finishing it, I found that it was way too intense for what I originally envisioned it to be. While the very beginning of the ride is the same, I completely reworked the layout to be a bit more thrilling, but not as sickening as the original version was.

The big thing with the rebuild is that the track color changes to be the inverse of whichever color the tower lattice is. When the structure is white, the track and supports are black, and vice versa. I'm hoping that once the supports are built up, the actual layout with stand out against the backdrop of the lattice structure.

Also, with the limited space I wanted this ride to take up, and the way I had to made the blocks spaced out on the ground was causing issues with me trying to set up a traditional slide transfer system. Looking into how Gerstlauer coasters operate, several of their Euro-fighter models have a vertical transfer system, which I went with for this ride. The end result came out a lot better than any of the weird attempts I made trying to squeeze in a normal one.

Fenrir (Formerly Behemoth/Behemoth Reborn) - Intamin Pre-fabricated Wooden

This coaster went through one complete rework previously, however that was before I rode both El Toro and The Voyage, of which I wanted to base this ride off of. After traveling out to both, I realized that my version was just inadequate in comparison. So, another complete rework later, we have a monster wooden coaster with sustained -1 G airtime hills all the way across the width of the park, and a return trip just as nuts.

With the implementation of friction controls, I could finally add a proper twister section to the end of the ride with worrying about a valley risk should the ride stop on the mid-course on the other side of the park. While that would never happen in game as the timing for everything is set up in a way that it would coast straight though it, in real life rides would stop there for a myriad of reasons, and since this isn't Steel Vengeance, this coaster, along with every other one in the park, are going to make it back 100% of the time under normal circumstances.

Originally, I said that I wasn't going to make a custom support job for the wooden coasters, as that would take a very long time to complete. However, adding on bits like metal bracing on parts of the ride that didn't go all the way to the ground just didn't work out nicely, so I ended up making them custom anyways. While there's still a ton of work that needs to be done on them, this is the part I 100% finished as a proof of concept, and I'm quite happy with how it turned out.

F1 - Intamin Accelerator

Making the longest coaster in the world needs a lot of space, to the surprise of basically nobody. Even in this rides first couple iterations it took the full width of the park, and this one is no different. However, due to the spread out nature of this coaster, and having built every other coaster around it, I had to highlight it for this image just so the full layout was fairly visible for you all to see.

The original version had a fairly small tunnel over the first bit of the launch, and it never sat well with me, so I removed it when I came though and did a bunch of re-profiling. Now, it's back again, although this time I made it a bit larger on the inside, and also molded it around the terrain a bit better so it looks nicer.

While nearly the entire layout was completely redone, the huge airtime hill after the launch was kept in, although this time the trims are on the descending part of the hill, so you get a couple seconds of feeling yourself flying at 150+ mph (or 241+ kph if you live basically anywhere else in the world). While I never want to add trims on rides, I found it just too difficult to make a coaster within safe G-force limits at such an insane speed. It still hits just under 100 mph (160 kph) at the base of said hill after all the trims, so it's not like it's losing massive amounts of momentum.

Imperium (formerly Neon Fury) - Intamin Giga

This coaster has also been though multiple revisions or complete reworks, however this was more because I absolutely love both of the currently existing ones (my #1 and #2 favorite coasters ridden), and I wanted to make this as what would basically be a perfect blend of the two. I just wasn't happy with how it kept turning out, both in terms of the layout, and how the track shaping was done.

The biggest change is the inclusion of a Stengel Dive on the run-up to the mid-course. This wasn't something I ever originally planning on having in the layout, however trying to get the run-up was causing issues in terms of G-forces. With a lot of experimentation, I found this works out a lot better than I expected with regards to rider safety, and it ended up becoming a part of the ride I really liked how it looked, so I kept it.

When I first made the drop, it was a bit farther back, so I didn't have as much room for this high five element to get from where it was to the brake run. With all the re-profiling and reworking of the ride, I was able to squeeze in 3 full bunny hops, allowing me to finish the ride as nearly every Intamin mega coaster model does: With strong sustained airtime before slamming into the rather short brake run

Chimera (formerly Imperial Airtime) - B&M Hyper

When I first made this coaster, there was quite a bit of odd or just wrong shaping. Reworking this coaster was probably one of the hardest ones to do, as B&M hyper coaster shaping is rather difficult the recreate. Lots of trial and error went into this, however I'm incredibly happy with the result.

I removed the Apollo's style pre-drop, as I decided to go with a much more modern style hyper layout. I also moved the station & lift back quite a bit, so I had a much larger area to work with, and ended up making a Fury style barrel turn to get it moving parallel to the park boundary.

Originally I had the turn-around element be the dropping helix as seen on Goliath at Six Flags Over Georgia, however with the new version I had much more speed coming into this point, and I ended up going with a Shambhala ampersand turn-around instead. I also made the supports for this element as I needed to see what kinda of room I had to try and fit in a couple flat rides or such, so this is a completed part of the ride.

However, I did still want to keep the helix element, and found that I could work in it right next to the station as a part of the return trip. I also added a Mako style speed hill right before this, for a nice mix of strong airtime followed by a sustained positive G-force experience.

The very end was also originally just a large, sweeping U-turn into the brakes, but I felt it was sort of an anti-climatic ending, so I ended up making an inclined, offset 540° helix, which while not the strongest part of the ride, it still pulls a nice sustained G-load right to the hop up into the brakes.

Wargames (formerly Timber Monster) - Dueling RMC Topper Track Wooden

When I first made this, I had not actually ridden a singe creation by RMC. Now, after two summers of traveling, I've been able to ride nearly every single one on the East Coast and the Midwest. Now, with a much better idea of how they actually ride, I completely scrapped the original version and made one that much better resembled their real world counterparts.

While nearly the entire layout has changed, I kept the Goliath (and now Zadra and Iron Gwazi) style list hill, as I loved how minimalistic and clean it looked as compared to the massive wooden support structure it would have had otherwise.

Drawing a bit of inspiration from Iron Rattler, the first drop leads you into a double up, however at the top here you get a quick high five element before parting ways with the opposite train to make a U-turn into a barrel roll drop.

Both trains do their own path for a bit, then meet up at the mid-course, which is followed up with these dueling zero-G rolls with the opposite train dashing underneath. This was something I've kept with the various versions of this ride, however this one is positioned is such a way that it's slightly offset from the main path, granting another very picturesque point in this park.

Coming off of the rolls, the two sides split again, and wrap back around on each other for another high five element, however this time the two trains are blast past each other in opposite directions.

Finally, both sides loop around and preform a synchronized zero-G stall over the opposing side's station, before pulling one final U-turn and gliding into the brakes. The arch supports shown here are going to be reused for the dueling rolls so hopefully there will be an unobstructed view of the two trains on top of each other.

Project Omega - RMC T-Rex

Back in March, a friend of mine contacted me saying he was tired of freezing to death up near Kansas City, and asking if I wanted to go down to San Antonio for the parks there. Once we got down there and made our way to Six Flags Fiesta Texas, we made a beeline for Wonder Woman, the World's First RMC Raptor. After several rides on it, I realized that the original version of this ride was nowhere near as insane & out of control as the real life, smaller scale models. Upon me coming in to redo this ride, I basically went with a "nothing's too crazy for this coaster to be realistic" approach, and this is what I got as a result.

The very first element after the 90° drop is this abomination of a top hat. It starts climbing, and banks inward with the turn, however as it approaches the crest, you're suddenly whipped sideways as the track goes from a fairly deep inside bank to a hard outward facing bank, before returning to the original banking as you dive back towards the ground.

What follows is a mess of sideways airtime hills, hard ejector hills, and twists and turns to leave you completely disoriented.

For every hill that's flat, there's an equally crazy off-axis hill that may start with the correct banking, but quickly changes course to leave you flying out of your seat, unable to understand which way is down. Despite everything this ride does do, I decided to forgo any inversions in the layout. There are a couple overbanks here and there, but the vast majority of the ride never exceeds the 90° banking, even if it's in a spot it probably wouldn't be on any other coaster made by a more sane manufacturer.

Firebird - B&M Dive

When I first made this coaster, Yukon Striker at Canada's Wonderland wasn't even something people knew was coming. That ride either tied or beat the records set by the original version of this coaster, so obviously I had to redo this ride to get back on top. If you look closely, you'll see that the majority of this ride has the custom support structure in place. Thanks to the relative size of this ride as compared to the others in this park, I decided to use this coaster to test out how to work with the new support pieces added into the game while I was taking a break.

The first drop remains basically unchanged, as I loved how having this ride in one of the corners gave a perfect opportunity for you to see nearly the entire park before you plummeted down the drop. I also elected to do a custom holding brake, as the pre-built one available for the model is much to unrealistic for my tastes. The first half follows basically the same layout as the original model, however I added in a vertical loop next to the station to get the inversion count higher and to push the mid-course back a bit, as the original version was rather crammed in the back corner.

Speaking of which, there is another holding brake off the mid-course, and that drops you again at 90° into a tunnel, which leads into a zero-G roll, and then into the splashdown element, conveniently right next to the main path to get any unsuspecting peeps nice and soaked. Following that, you pull up into a highly banked U-turn and enter a corkscrew right under the main drop, then take a nice three-quarter helix and jump into the brakes.

Rock Crawler - B&M Floorless

Most of this ride remained fairly unchanged. Most of the elements were resized to closely match how B&M makes the forces preform in the elements in real life.

The only major change on the first part of the ride was the move of the cobra roll, so that there wasn't what I came to think of as an obnoxiously out of place straight section.

The post mid-course section has seen quite a few revisions, as it either wasn't able to make it back to the station in case it stopped on the mid-course, or the shaping and layout of the track was just not what I wanted it to be. This final version is fairly minimalistic, taking the final three inversions in quick succession, And then taking a fairly fast path back to the station on the other side of the path.

Part 2: The new coasters

Toxic Blast - Premier Skyrocket III

I teased this coaster at the end of the previous post, however I never really finished it before I left. While most of the supports are still default, the track and evac platforms are in place.

With the top down, you can see that's it's mostly over the lake, which is a bit difficult to work on for me since all the footers are supposed to be over the waterline, however that's part of the fun for the riders.

This is the reworked signature elements of the ride, and what a teased in the previous post. It's still the worlds largest vertical loop, with two interlocking loops staged inside, however the supports were redone to use the new support pieces, which makes it look a bit better. Also, while this was always the plan, it's worth noting the two smaller loops are timed so that both trains enter and crest them at the same time.

Another view of the water sections, with the third launch in the foreground. I didn't plan for it to be an inclined launch, however it worked out a lot better, as it didn't need as much room, and also I didn't need to accelerate the train as fast since it holds it's speed to a higher point.

E.F.V. [Experimental Flying Vehicle] - B&M Wingrider

This coaster took quite a few tweaks for me to be happy with it, and overall it's a bit more forceful on some of the elements than most of the real world models due to the sheer height and speed of the ride. I debated having it drop into a tunnel, and while I'm still on the fence a bit, it will probably remain open to the sky.

Again, for the sake of realism, I made a mock station on the left side since in real life you can't load both sides of one of these coasters from just one side of the station.

One of the more major detractions from a normal B&M wing coaster is the speed roll I have in the middle of the layout. I found it very hard to fit one in elsewhere in the layout, and also there wasn't any other elements I could get in the layout that would take up the room I needed to get the vertical loop to thread the lift hill either.

The drop of the mid-course was angled in such a way that I could add what is basically a modified Norwegian loop off the cliff face around the maintenance shed of Fenrir.

Vexxed - B&M Invert

I actually got to spend the summer as a ride operator for Alpengeist and Busch Gardens Williamsburg, one of my home parks and one of the main inspirations behind this park I've been working on forever now. Between that and getting out to ride a bunch of the other inverts out there, I decided to change the plans for this ride, and just use a lot of the most popular elements from the various installations out there.

The drop and immelman combo is very clearly taken from Alp, and the inclined loop also pictured is from Talon and Patriot (Dorney Park & Worlds of Fun, respectively).

The ride goes from the immelman back up the hill into a zero-G roll, and down into a cobra roll, similar to Raptor at Cedar Point. It then takes the slight right turn and goes into a loop threading the lift hill, before coming into what I'm calling the diving wave turn, pictured in the foreground. That leads to a massive pretzel knot, an element currently only found on Banshee at Kings Island.

After the pretzel knot, the ride flies into a currently unbuilt tunnel, before rising up into the aforementioned inclined loop. There it flies into the mid-course, which drops it into a batwing, and back out into a quick corkscrew, before finally coming to the final inversion, and inline twist across the station.

Torment - Gerstlauer Infinity

The original plan was for me to add the B&M floorless trains on the Euro-fighter track, and I actually built the original layout using that technique. However, about a week after I finished the layout, the Classic Rides DLC came out, and with it a proper Gerstlauer Infinity coaster. It turns out the Infinity trains were much larger than the floorless ones, so I had to completely rebuild the coaster, and with it change a lot of the heights and other layout features as the Infinity trains don't take most of the elements as well as they should.

The big thing with this ride is that, similar to The Tower, there are going to be multi-colored supports. The track is going to remain the silver color pictured, however the three sections to the ride are going to have different colored supports. The first section, with the start pictured here, is going to be black supports.

Section two is going to have the deep purple supports, of which the tail end is pictured here, and the third section is going to have the bright blue supports, also pictured above.

X-127 - S&S El Loco

This was originally going to be the last coaster added to the park here, however I decided on added a couple more as I got closer to finishing the layouts for all the rides. This is by far the shortest coaster in the park, being one of only two coasters less than 5,000 ft (1524 m) in length.

The main drop features a decent angle of 127 degrees, hence the name. From the drop it leads into an immelman sitting just over the water.

From there, you come flying back onto land, and take a classic El Loco style diving roll, followed by a massive outward banked turn-around.

You'll then take a flat 90° drop off the second mid-course, and fly up into a dive loop, slowing down just enough to get plenty of hangtime before flying back up to the station.

Blue Jay - Arrow Suspended

One of the two coasters I added in after seeing a lot of land not being used. This wasn't intended to be as long as it ended up being, however I really enjoyed going with what I had, so I ended up keeping it as it stood.

One thing that's different about this ride is that it's going to use several tunnels, however they aren't going to be the concrete rectangles used by most modern manufacturers. For this ride I'm using wooden beams as the main support, with filler planks covering the top sections to keep all the ground covering out above the ride. This is a partially finished one that I was working on as a proof of concept.

An inside view of the tunnel. The tunnels are also designed to be wider than average to account for the swinging motion of the trains.

This is another proof of concept part of this ride. These are the lift supports, as they are very different from the normal supports for the main part of the ride.

Prism - Schwarzkopf Custom Looper

The other coaster I didn't originally plan on adding. There's a concept out there for a massive Schwarzkopf looper that has what was called the "snowman loop" and a sideways figure-8 loop. When I found that I had a large area free next to The Tower, I decided that I was going to add one that utilized those long forget plans. Since most Schwarzkopf coasters are naturally in a rectangular footprint, it was very easy to add one in the area. Many portable Schwarzkopf loopers utilized changing colors on the loop elements, and I mirrored that with this ride.

While the snowman loop is the largest element on this ride, these interlocked double loops are almost certainly the show stealer. This is basically a modified version of the first element on Thriller/Texas Tornado/Zonga/Tsunami (This ride has quite the history), and with a smaller version of it threaded into itself as a part of two different block sections.

The final inversion pair is the sideways figure-8 loop, albeit smaller than the original intended for it to be. After this, the ride does a bit of swinging back and forth into a helix which leads to the end of the ride.

Part 3: What's ahead

So, there's everything. All 18 coasters, finally at a point where I don't need to keep thinking about what I want to change with them. There a few tracked rides and a bunch of flat rides I didn't mention in this, as they either still have a fair bit of work to be done on them, or they just aren't really worth mentioning currently. Obviously nothing here is finished, although some rides are getting close. The main thing I need to work on is all the supports for the coasters and where they're needed for the tracked rides. I also plan on adding a bit to some of the flat rides scattered throughout the park, as most of them are pretty bare when they're just placed down. All the paths and parts of some of the coasters also need lights, as I want there to be more going on as the night approaches. Once I get all those items done, it's simply a matter of adding a bunch of trees, bushes, and other general nature, as "Woods" is in the name of the park, and currently it's looking more like a field haha. Fortunately it won't take too long for most of the supports to go up, as the new support pieces are a lot better to work with than the scenery shapes I was using beforehand. Hopefully I won't go and disappear for several months as I have done before, but I can't make any promises. Feel free to leave any questions about stuff below, and hopefully I'll get back to you quickly.

wow. what a crazy looking park with some crazy looking coasters. It would be great if you could spotlight each of them, or some of them, and post ride views of them. That tower coaster is really interesting.
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