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LilyValley807 I am still in process of completing the most basic tutorial as I am in process of learning myself. I began with Blender at same time TMT got released. :D

Thank you for your link!

Spanky: Thank you!!
Von mir auch ein Danke , ist alles sehr rudimentär aber mit dem Wiki von Helena kommt man langsam hinter die ganze Sache.
We did some testing over in this thread: - I thought the results might be something to add to the Wiki. We worked out what happens when users have already downloaded an item and the creator makes an update to it, and also what happens when an item is deleted from the workshop or a user unsubscribes from an item they have already placed in their park.

I haven't added anything yet as I wasn't sure where (or how; haven't done much Wiki editing in my time!), but I can add it when I have time if you think it's good info to have there, or you're welcome to add it (since I'm kind of a slowpoke :) )
You can do it? I am not sure if you can add articles or if I have to create those pages first. Let me know. I haven't touched wiki since I began with my matryoshka dolls.
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