Turkish language

We are wasted and hoped. Frontier will NEVER do this. There are 18 languages. Since adding 1 language is very, very difficult (!) They will never do this. The game is nice but we cannot play it in our language. And we will not be able to play. There are Turkish players who do not understand many things while playing this game. But Frontier doesn't think so much anyway. Turks have to continue playing this game in English. Turkish language and Turks are neglected as everywhere. Have respect, love and happiness always with you. Nice people. Sad but true... Geography is destiny.
Hi dear authorities,
We try to play the game normally, but at some point we have difficulty understanding.
We just need our own language. This way, we will wait for you to enjoy the game and for additional packages that will be released throughout our game time.
Please we are need to Turkish Language support.
Thank you and I wish you continued success...
is there really no improvement in this regard? :(
Frontier, it's really a pity that you don't do something people demand so much. moreover, it is really sad not to do anything that is very simple to do...
I also looked at the credits section and there are a few Turkish people working on his team, Get help from them. we really need the Turkish language.
There is even latin american spanish in the game but not turkish
40% of those who bought the game are Turkish
We need Turkish Language
If we are realistic, the Turkish audience may not be 40%. But be sure, more people than the number of reviewers have started to buy and play this game. However, since the game wanted advanced English, many people could not understand the game and deleted the game. While there are many language options in the game, it is very sad for us that there is no Turkish language option. Therefore, we request that Turkish language support be added to the game as soon as possible. Be sure to provide Turkish language support to the game will allow many Turkish players to join this game. We Turks like space-themed games.
I dont understand the problem here , english is a world language its not that hard to learn. and with that if you guys would learn english a whole new world of games you never played before (cause of no turkish language) will open up for you.
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