Type-10 or Cutter as Armored Vehicle?

Well the T10 doesn’t require weeks of rank grinding for the Xeno-cleansing genocidal slavers and their crypto-fascist supporters.

So there’s that.
A couple of days ago I flew my T10 for the first time in ages.

Left the station, without issues.
Pushed the "supercruise" button, entered supercruise and...

Alt-tabbed out of the game and opened up Windows' Joystick configuration doodad to check my joystick was working properly.
Unfortunately, it was.

T10s handling in supercruise is spectacularly sluggish.

In normal space, I'm fine with the T10.
I can happily do deep-core mining with it so it can't be that bad.
In SC, though, it's like flying the Death Star through treacle... in slow motion.
LOL everyone says the Cutter but that BigA 10 Tank is really hard to resist isn't it- even it's description says it can walk the talk. It was made to be able to take a beating.
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