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Ah, if that's the case that's a bit of a bummer. Still useful to know though.

Edit: Can other commanders confirm this behaviour?
While they have to spawn, you can be higher than 1-2k....I've had lit ones spawn as I flew over them when I was 3.5k to 4k up. My tip is to fly like a helicoptor so you're looking down and flying forwards. Only way I can do this in my conda.

With your gamma all the way up, large PoI's without light are also very obvious using this method.
Minerals show along the bottom of the scanner closest to you. The stuff that shows at the top of the scanner indicates a POI. If you see a reading that covers top to bottom its normally a ship (crashed)

Sometimes you will see random short 'shadows' (top to bottom) appear on the scanner. I think these are POI at extreme range.

If you stay around 2km-5km above the planet your scanner will show POI as large blue circles.

You can often see the POI from around 2km in height anyway, although if they are canisters it can get tricky to spot.

Hope that helps
Thank you for the rundown/ confirmation - it confirms what I suspected. Have some +rep for taking the time to help me out. :)
A10-6800K and R9 380 2GB at ultra settings, I also see things spawn at about 2km. Lights do stay visible at longer distances, they just don't spawn that far.

e: draw distance at max too. doesn't seem to affect spawn distance...
Beat me to it - was gonna say there's a difference between at what distance the spawn appears and at what distance the spawn stays visible *once* it appears.
Good thinking - but I thought the lost Pleiad is Merope - as it is the faintest; it's also accompanied by a faint nebula too.
Found by Googling Merope a while ago: In constellation of TAURUS, Spectral type B6IVe. Merope is a Beta Cephei variable (hence its brightness varies & that may be why it "disappears" from Earth & ancient mythology says it got lost) Other designations are: 23 Tau, HR 1156, BD 23° 522, HD 23480, HIP 17608, SAO 76172, GC 4512, CCDM J03463+2357A. Merope Nebula is NGC 1435.
Well, seems like thread number 5 is locked, so I'll post here.

Some reason I stick to Maia for barnacle:

- It's within the Nebula with the 7 sisters

- It's the system that is pointed to first, you you search for Pleiades in the galaxy map.

- Maia B 1 A was unsuccesful up to now(about 10hr personal time), but moving close to Maia B 3 A I had my first artifact ever, which was as small black square that looked like bugged but was on the surface of the planet. I was still at speed around 200k km/s and by the time I looked to see if shadowplay was active, I lost it and couldn't find it back. Gonna keep looking there for a while.
I have been seeing those artifacts everywhere. I think it's a graphical glitch
Just been there, saw ICEFIRE flying round there too! Anyway 1.25G points the SRV thrusters down, also no luck searching, so I think we need a planet close to 1g
Spotted you as well. Finished looking in the named main systems. No landable planets with just above 1.0g (closed came Atlas B3 but is just under 1.0g). I recon, that the trailer was shot on a 1.05g planet.

A beautiful spot is Taygeta 4 with rings and Silicate Vapor volcanism. Be careful landing there, as it has 3.15g! I was not careful enough on the first try.
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