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For anyone wondering why this post https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/departing-frontier-station-for-deep-space-commanders.520916/#post-7980363 , and indeed any others by BrettC for months now haven't been in the tracker...

... some months back I spotted that BrettC's forum profile had been made private. Trying to access its Activity List (which is how I find each account's current posts and determine the new ones) gave a 500 - Forbidden response. I queried BrettC about this and was told that some changes were in the pipeline, it was to do with those. He also asked that I keep even this minimal information to myself. So, rather than get an email every 5 minutes with that error I chose to de-activate BrettC's account in the tracker config. In order to keep it quiet I also did not push that change to github until several months later when I had other unassociated changes to push.

And the profile is still giving that 500 - Forbidden, so I can't scrape it.
I had noticed he'd been fairly quiet in recent times. I should have listened to my spidey senses!
Did I mention yet that I hate the way the image attachments appear to change ID on the "Featured Commanders" posts? The one today about Alex Turner was scraped as the header image being:
but that now doesn't work, and the in-forum post has:
instead. So if your RSS reader isn't showing forum attachment images this is probably why.

I'm just now putting in a small fix to the BBCode handling so that [ S ] for strike-through will work. <--- DONE
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