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My issue is the game randomly freezing the entire computer so that I am forced to hard reboot with the power button. The screen freezes and the computer clock freezes as well. I wish instead of doing that it would let me quit the game instead of locking up the entire computer. Maybe it's a CPU or GPU overheating issue?
I went away on vacation and everything was working fine. While away 1.12 and Ghostbusters was released. Upon returning hom I find a game that is no longer playable due to this. I was hopeful 1.12.5 would fix it but it has not. Bug reporting website can't be reached, this is terrible!
How about update 1.13? I can’t wait to see what the team cooks up next. I would love another ride pack with 10 rides. Rockin Tug, Gravitron, Giant Flume with steep drops, Trabant/Wipeout, suspended dark ride, Jumbo Jet coaster type, swinging inverted ship, Thunder Bobs, Skycoaster, Slingshot.
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Robert K
I'm hoping for another rides pack as well. All the rides that you mentioned above would make for a great rides pack and update 1.13.
Yes, we are still missing some rides from RCT3. Like the Sky Swing, Slingshot, Gravitron, Rockin Tug, Thunder Bobs, Wipeout, Jumbo Jet, Giant Flume. How about the Giant Wheel like RCT3 and RCTW has? The two big wheels now are different. Swinging inverted ship like Huss Ranger.
I think the apparent lack of activity over on SteamDB and the reported "leak" showing the last DLC was Ghostbusters, I think we may now have to lay PlanCo down to rest. even over previous release periods there was a hive of activity on SteamDB - but - there is now none other than store actions.

I really hope that there is something planned for a Planet Zoo timed thing... or an anniversary update in November... or even a larger "final" DLC.. but.. I think Frontier are onto their shinier toy for now..
My guess is if Froniter is working on another DLC for Planet Coaster the next one should be out next month. Again it is just a guess.
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