Update 1.12.5

They can't stop now. There were supposed to be more ride packs AFTER Ghostbusters (according to the leaked roadmap) and there are a bunch of rides that aren't in the game yet like a Gravitron, Rockin' Tug, Thunder Bobs, Trabant/Wipeout, Sky Swing, Slingshot, Skyscraper, and more. All of those rides are in RCT3. Those are the missing rides from RCT3 that we don't have yet.
I sure hope we get more ride packs for Planet Coaster. For the next 2 ride packs I would like to see more rides that aren't in the game already added to Planet Coaster.
It's pretty unnecessary to jump to that conclusion really, I still feel PlanCo has potential. I was flicking through the digital sketchbook the other day and was amazed to see a lot more animatronic characters planned alongside the likes of Miss Elly. So considering stuff like picnic benches were also in the sketchbook shortly before being added...who knows! :)
It would help if they fixed some of the stuff they broke with the last two DLCs, which is mainly The SOUND MIXING PROBLEM!
What sound mixing problem?

I haven't noticed anything, but then, I don't use a lot of SFX (if that is where the problem is).
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One thing that needs attention is the use of custom files on triggered speakers...which usually work for the first five minutes after loading the park up...and then it kicks the bucket.
I see, I don't use a lot of triggered effects to reduce performance loss, so I wouldn't notice that.

Thanks for clarifying.
What sound mixing problem?

I haven't noticed anything, but then, I don't use a lot of SFX (if that is where the problem is).
Since the last DLC the peep-sounds on coasters and rides has drastically changed (for the worst). This affects peep animation in parts too (They don´t react on drops, sit silently for the most part of the ride).
Crowd cheering is not existent anymore. Ride a coaster in any camera mode and you´ll hear close to nothing. It´s almost as if they replaced all "ride screams" with peep reaction to ghosts.
The overall atmosphere of the game has changed quite a bit. Sounds are such a huge part of a simulation game, and as it is right now, it´s not very nice.

This problem has been reported several times here and on the bug forum. It was even acknowledged in April, but nothing has been done.
Every time a new report for this is being filed, it´s being closed as "invalid", because of the report being a duplicate.
Aha i see.

Maybe im not noticing it. But i can see this might sound different and not pleasant to someone else if it has been changed.

Im fairly confident we still get future updates. There is still so much possible in this game.

There are also still several issues though i agree.
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