Patch Notes Update Update 3.1.1

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Thanks for the update Paul, and thanks to the team for the quick work!

If you mean them still functioning after taking the Power Plant to 0% then that is not a bug. It reduces the output of the PP by 50% and they are just good at managing it.
How about NPCs still fire at you while FSD is charging? A lot of the NPC behaviour is unrealistic:

Missiles never run out.
Rail guns shooting constantly from a Eagle as if heat issues do not exits... etc etc..
Not just functioning, but recharging shields, using SCBs, and firing weapons, even with a 0% PP. It's definitely a bug, and they acknowledged it in the known 3.1 issues thread.
Every body comes back with his answer, they don't even understand what the bug is. It's frustrating.
Greetings Commanders!

We will be taking the galaxy servers down for the 3.1.1 update now. Expected downtime will be roughly 30 minutes. We will let you know on the forums and social media when they are back online.


Fixes and Improvements


  • Fixed players not being able to hand in a mission after accepting certain mission 'wrinkles'
  • Fixed some missions appearing incorrectly in the 'Requirements Not Met' section of the mission board


  • Rearranged incorrectly placed internal power modules on the Alliance Chieftain, Alliance Challenger and Krait Mk.II

Stability Fixes

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when dropping from Supercruise into a Covert Combat Mission USS
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when dropping from Supercruise into an instance with a military installation
  • Fixed disconnection issues around certain installations


  • Fixed a "Jump Exceeds Fuel Use Limit" discrepancy when using a Guardian FSD Booster with FSD Injection or white Dwarf/Neutron star boosts


  • Reinstated installations that were causing crashes

Rooks o7
You want them to remove the copilot chairs and replace them with pony stalls? You know what ponies do in their stalls, right? In zero-G (or random G when performing maneuvers), that would make for quite the mess.
On mentioning the co-pilot chairs in the Krait, as with any other ship with more than one seat, it's always disappointing that we can't put npc crew in them, but while i've flown several ships with a second and indeed constantly empty seat, i've now two empty seats in my new Krait...

Even if npc crew were purely cosmetic, they'd still be nice to have animated for company and realism (why have any extra seats at all if their stations provide no normal, extra or even necessary functions?), but really we should be able to put any extra seats on ships in any game mode to use - they should be kind of like an upgrade slot in my opinion...

Let's say you'd hire co-pilots of different levels, first and foremost, capable of different abilities depending on their skill level and specialities, and hire weapon officers, science officers, navigation, mechanics etc as you fly ships with more and more extra seats :) ) and not have them the exclusive purview of multicrew as they are currently :_ ...

(You could still fly any ship solo 'til you could afford/find crew members, but each one added would make your ship perform better and MAYBE unlock special functions, though that last one might be frowned upon by some.

In particular, i wish the co pilot in particular could take complete control of the ship, while we're either sat back in our seats or when we hopefully get "space legs", when we're walking around our ships or are chilling in our quarters :) .)

And the first time i got a ship with a second seat, the Cobra mark iii, i was really surprised that i couldn't even put one economy passenger in it, to make even temporary use of it :) .

And on the Krait and its' extra seats and by extension its' fighter carrying ability, while i goofed around with a fighter in a Keelback on literally one test run, this is the first time in the game i've actually used a fighter hanger properly in combat...

I'm really surprised that the fighter pilot doesn't ever take up position in any of the seats, not when idle and in particular when the fighter is deployed (as in case people aren't aware, whether flown by you or a hired fighter pilot, neither of you ever physically sits in the fighter and flies it/them remotely from your ship.

Where are they controlling fighters from, their quarters, possibly even lying on their bed with a VR head set on? :) ...).
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"Well that's about dumb. I don't care how much they cost when I'm changing my loadout."

It always takes me a minute to remember how to do it after a reinstall or update but like oh so so much, the module sorting is buried. Go into outfitting, optional internal, I pick cargo racks (sure it doesn't matter, harpoints, whatever), Then above the list you finally get a sort results by dropdown, I sort by class rating high to low (I only mention this in case with another choice the next part isn't true) and voila, all modules, 'stored' especially, are sorted by this global setting

o7 cmdrs, fly dangerous
its not a bug. Powerplasnt at 0 just means they are at 50% power.... it is actually working as intended
Before throwing sentences like this please have at least minimal knowledge about the game. NPCs are firing SCBs and regaining shields while firing large weapons or railguns with 0%. No, it is not "working as intended". People were thinking that initially but it was debunked already.
Now, if we can just get stored modules to be sorted by size or name or anything other than random.
Please Please for the love of God Please. Searching thru 150 modules is a pain.
It used to be by size, right? just put it back that way. I have no other negative comment about anything else. Just that.
Love this game 100%, I'll love it 120% if the Stored Modules are better.
AFAIK, if you go into outfitting, and go into any module menu (ie core, optional etc) and sort it there, that sorting sticks with the stored modules

Edit, Looks like ive been ninja'd
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NPCs are just really, really, good at managing pips - and i dare say dis/enabling modules ;)
How are they avoiding the bootup time on most modules then?

No, it is a bug. They used to actually come to a complete stop for a while (pretty much about how long it would take most of us to flip all sorts of modules around and reboot,) but now they just keep going as if exactly nothing happened. I want to be clear, I absolutely understand power management perhaps better than most who do a lot of combat (I keep my ship engineered for multi-purpose use including long range exploration, so I needed a smaller power plant.) Several modules must be lost the moment I deploy hardpoints and I'm fine with that. I've also worked quite hard to manipulate things around to where if I lose my power plant I can still fly out of there at top speed (though I'd lose boosting, most pirates won't be able to keep up with me all the same.) I even have to give up life support to keep thrusters running at 40%. A number of modules must be disabled for me to be able to deploy hardpoints without going dead in the water instantly and I keep my AMFU and vehicle hanger bay disabled except when specifically using them (if I ran both at the same time I'd be dead in the water even with hardpoints stowed and now with my latest setup I lose priority 5 stuff so can't FSD out if I'm using one of those two. Once I get a FSD boost module I'll have to deal with toggling it off to use those too.) Trust me when I say that I have experience with and understand power management. Actually, one of my biggest annoyances is that they don't have a more effective way for us humans to manage power (namely I want multiple power profiles. Then switching back and forth in a hurry would be quite easy. Though as an ultra-paranoid some of my power hungry things like shields that technically shouldn't be necessary while travelling will stay going all the time.)

Now, I presume your idea here is that they're actually actively turning modules off and on exactly as needed so there is never more than the minimum running at each moment to do only exactly what is needed. Going just by that concept alone you might think they could get away with just two or three or so modules going at once. Most modules don't have huge boot times, but they all have at least a tiny bit and some are fairly long. I know this quite well from experience. Now, as you surely are aware most aren't as long as the FSD with its well known long boot time obviously. However, things that have effectively "zero" boot delay still take probably about a second and a half (I haven't really timed it) to fully activate and become working again. You can actually test this quite easily if you want. Disable your cargo hatch, then turn it on and see how long it takes you to be able to deploy the cargo scoop. (Yeah, I know this one all too well from scooping mats after combat with the cargo hatch disabled during combat. Kind of frustrating really sometimes as I watch good prey escape while I focus on mats I desperately need even though the actual delay is quite small.) Now imagine having that happen with, oh, say your thrusters (this is the main thing they'd have to toggle a lot since they're the biggest power hog usually. Note that NPCs effectively don't have flight assist since they don't need it so they technically could pull this off somewhat in theory, but...) Those several moments it would take for the thrusters come back online would prevent them from making any of the movements they make. Also, you must surely already realize that you can't toggle the shields at all without losing them. If you turn off the shields, the only way to get any shields back is to come to effectively a complete stop (ok, it was something like 50m/s, but I forget the exact number off the top of my head) and do a full system reboot -- without being shot during this time. NPCs may not even get this nice little "safe" reset bonus that players get actually. I don't know.

The fact is, we can see even from our point of view as the player that the NPCs are somehow working at much greater than 40% capacity. Even if not 100%, they're doing just fine without even doing a system reboot. If nothing else, the fact that the game is letting them use AI (which is illegal in the ED universe btw, but we'll put that aside since some are already in trouble with the law anyway so why not one more thing) to toggle stuff on and off super quickly but won't even let the pirates among us use it gives them an unfair advantage -- even ignoring the whole boot time consideration. Just no matter how you look at it this is not working as intended. My bet is that the old functionality where they are dead in the water for a little while while rebooting and moving modules around was the intended effect and that it will probably be like that, just maybe tweaked to be a bit faster (usually I had time to take out one component using just one laser and saving my secondary ammunition, though it seems like when the reboot is completed whatever component I took out is also back to full capacity -- getting the full benefits of the reboot and perhaps then some.)

Now, that said, while I may not always be happy with their priorities, the FD devs don't seem to be lazy at all to me. People fuss and complain, but they're always working on this game. I see all too many just phone it in with no updates for a really long time and basically zero fixes for anything once the game is more than a year old or so. So I don't really get why people almost viciously attack them just because their priorities seem wrong. I too would like to see certain things focused on more quickly than certain other things, but I can't deny that they are legitimately working on things and getting stuff done. My bet is this time around the priority was the FSD boosters and just some other things that were already in the patch pipeline hitched a ride along with that fix. Regardless, I take out a lot of powerplants and definitely get plenty of time to observe the effects. Or lack thereof.

PS. I have a lot of experience with the powerplant issue because I fly a courier and I'm going after anacondas, gunships, etc etc and I often go for the powerplant since my total damage is relatively low but constant (so it takes a while to wear them down. Like a million mosquitoes sucking a few drops of blood from you at a time until you collapse, lol.) Honestly I should have already given up going after power plants since the chance of an explosion at 0% is lower than one might think, but I keep thinking this will be fixed ASAP and it doesn't make a lot of difference what I target otherwise usually.
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