Patch Notes Update Update 3.1.1

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odd happenings today, odd indeed. ed seems to have uninstalled itself from my xbox somehow, guess i'll leave it like that, least till fdev actually fixes something instead of introducing more stuff for them to either nerf to oblivion, or break.
Have source missions been removed for some reason? There was the issue with not being able to accept them due to them seemingly taking current cargo space into account and now there are none at all anywhere I've checked (few stations around Sol that used to have them in abundance).

Edit - Talking out my bum. Just weren't there when I checked but are now and are fixed.. nice one.
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Now, if we can just get stored modules to be sorted by size or name or anything other than random.
Please Please for the love of God Please. Searching thru 150 modules is a pain.
It used to be by size, right? just put it back that way. I have no other negative comment about anything else. Just that.
Love this game 100%, I'll love it 120% if the Stored Modules are better.
They are sorted - by purchase price. Really.
thx for fixing apriciate the work.

Go on lots to do especially someone said the update is to fix core mechanics , btw what was fixed

but what about

Returned Mission Templates

Long Distance Courier
Long Distance Delivery
Long Distance Passenger (Bulk, VIP, Sight Seeing)
Long Distance Smuggle
Passenger (Bulk, VIP, Sight-Seeing)

guardian ruins bug

balancing income

Fixed some missions appearing incorrectly in the 'Requirements Not Met' section of the mission board ---> means this you fixed it or just another mission we wont SEE anymore?
Are cops still attacking each other in RES? No mention of the issue in the notes. Otherwise, good fixes, thanks!
Ha dont pee on me and tell me its raining. That "requirements not met" section is just where you put missions that the elite and veterans about are paying too well, or those exploiters that want to shut down an exploit after they have reaped the rewards and dont want others to do the same
And after over 6 months and dozens and dozens of reports it's good to see we still don't have fixes for:

- Chieftain & Challenger interdiction reticule doesn't line up (6+ months old)
- NPCs on your assigned pad (1+ year)
- Spawning inside NPC ships (1+ year)
- "Leaving Wing" showing when joining a wing (2+ years)

We'll have to see if the FSD booster is really fixed this time...

It grates on my nerves when people are so disrespectful to multiple creators in one statement!
I felt that way at one point - once you get some experience and live with the game for years like many of us you'll get pretty damn jaded too. Just takes time.

Elite is like a super hot girlfriend who's as mean as a snake. When it's good it's amazing but the rest of the time living with it is hell.
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