Patch Notes Update Update 3.2

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Thought this was 3.3?

First one was 3.0, thus the second one was 3.1 and now the third one is 3.2

It's kind of like when trying to slice strings in Python. First letter is 0, second letter is 1 and so on.

But sure, would make more sense if the decimals were 1 to 1 with the actual chapters.

Ah well.
They should not have exclusively warned you. They should have made it clear to the community loud and distinctly.

I did make a PSA on the DD forum, immediately after being told.

Unfortunately I have no power to get FD to make an announcement, as I'm just a random after all.

Oh I agree though, FD should have stickied a warning thread.

But it's not my fault that they didn't.

I did everything I could without breaking forum rules.
Yes yes, very droll.


​Count how many you see?
This is what the team has done IN ADDITION TO the work on the much larger Q4 update, which will be larger than 10 GB when it comes (because Ch. 1 was 10.1 GB, and they said Q4's updaet will be bigger) and IN ADDITION TO the premium expansion they've been working on.

So acting like this patch is all they've been doing with their time is blatantly misleading.

I'm glad it's in addition to, because frankly there's nothing here that would take a skilled dev more than a few hours to knock together. It looks like the check-in changelog of 1 or possibly 2 developers... and that's it. :rolleyes:

It's a shame they haven't offered much insight into Q4 and nothing at all about the supposed "paid expansion". Some of the fixes & QoL updates from Q4 could surely have been merged into this branch.

I wasn't expecting much, but I expected more than this.
3.2 chapter 3 - apparently.

oh deary FD............................ please fix your syntax at the same time as the bugs. no further comment - See you next year.
3.0- Chapter 1
3.1- Chapter 2
3.2- Surprisingly its chapter 3!!! dingdingding you win first prize!!!

oh deary Tyger......................... please fix your knowledge before you comment

Im surprised at how many people dont get this lol
Another disappointing Update, no fixes for older game play as normal, but hey we have all new tech bugs and fixes to encounter...???!!!!
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