Patch Notes Update Update 3.2

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I got all excited when I saw this mentioned on Eurogamer. I thought it was the big Q4 update, with its new look ice planets, come early. However, I am pleased to see that the bobblehead slot mess on the Krait has been fixed; it really bugged me. Must admit, I haven't played ED since NMS was released on XB last month. It's taken up all my playing time. When Red Dead 2 comes out in October, I reckon both NMS and, again, ED, will be hard hit when it comes to my gaming time. >.<

As somebody else mentioned I would like to see a big update that concentrates on the solo player. I don't mean those that play in Solo Mode, but rather, pilots who prefer (even in Open) to play solo missions, rather than wing. Also more for explorers please. I guess, though, the latter is the big Q4 update that's arriving in 3 months.

Good work FDev. Though I would like to see you working harder to fix the many long-time outstanding bugs. Some of them have been affecting game play since 1482 it seems. :)
I happened to notice you didn’t mention anything about an attempted fix for combat logging. Hell, even an in-game reporting feature would be something. Are we to assume you’ve done nothing again?
This is what the team has done IN ADDITION TO the work on the much larger Q4 update, which will be larger than 10 GB when it comes (because Ch. 1 was 10.1 GB, and they said Q4's updaet will be bigger) and IN ADDITION TO the premium expansion they've been working on.

So acting like this patch is all they've been doing with their time is blatantly misleading.
Lets also not forget other things aside from whats already listed above that we might not even know about.
Sounds great. Thanks a lot for the hard work to the team :) o7

I am really looking forward to investigate the new Guardian sites, space installations and those new fighters.
The new mission types are also something i will definitely take a look at.
[So this is what a "team of 100+ developers" has achieved in two whole months of development?


Can I have a job? ]

Yes it is. They have only been saying that CH2 and CH3 are small updates for months now. CH4 will be a massive update. 2 and 3 were small so that they can dedicate more time and resources to 4.
Thats also discounting the fact that 2 months is not a lot of dev time what so ever.
Thanks for the update FD!

I'm eager to find out what the new Guardian bases have for us and then try the new fighters.
But the new Chieftain variant doesnt do it for me as the previous variation also didnt. And i hope in the future you guys consider to have a slot just for winged missions. It will make things easier for solo players.

I hope 3.3 comes sooner than later and brings some cool stuff for explorers and non cambat players.
Quite underwhelming indeed. Looks more like a point x patch than a fully fledged update to be honest. I´ll keep playing because of the bgs gameplay (which is absolutely neglected, btw).
I´ve been playing Stellaris lately. Those guys have no problem in rebuilding the game almost from scratch if it´s needed. I know it´s a different sort of beast, but even so... ED´s progress is so painfully slow...
No fix for the huge multicannon intermittent audio issue
No fix for "$###SystemName" appearing everywhere
No new weapon types - just new classes of existing weapons
No modification of pitiful CZ massacre mission rewards

When you compare the output in 3.2 with the output from previous point releases - e.g. Wings, Powerplay, Arena, Engineers, etc - plus the increasing number of long-term trivial and non-trivial bugs, it's pretty clear to see that there simply isn't the resource assigned to this game that there used to be.
*Disappointment intensifies

You cannot help feeling down saying "Maybe next patch" every time.
I know it was always going to be a small update, but there is literally nothing in this that interests me.
I'd have jumped at a long list of bug fixes instead of this.
Unacceptable. Unbelievable. How long are we expected to live with the NPC power plant issue, not to mention that they still immediately begin charging their FSD's right after an interdiction during the cooldown period?
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