Patch Notes Update Update 3.3.02

I read nothing about the damn CZ spawn rate of graveyards and the low spawnrate of battles sometimes. So next update then...
  • Override starsystem's default government label to Dictatorship when its allegiance label is set to Thargoids

We welcome our insect overlords :O[haha]


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Thanks a lot for the update Will! And thanks to the team for all the hard work going on behind the scenes, that's a whole lotta fixes!!


I am particularly happy about

Fixed instances of Notable Stellar Phenomenon not being able to be scanned
Fixed various biological sites not scanning correctly

I know you have prioritised so I won't grumble too much about the Codex fixes ;) but I really hope the hi-res screenshot bug is near the top of the pile :)
Hmm Xbox needs that physical keyboard fix too. Super lame to have the onscreen keyboard popping up. And what about the chat where squadrons (as an example) randomly disappears if you have it tabbed?
Best part about these patch notes is the patch number, Update 3.3.02 , as the ".02" implies this is a very minor patch designed to fix mostly game-breaking bugs, and that we can expect someday to get a bigger 3.3.1 update that'll fix a great deal more. That's how it should be done, so kudos.
Plus they have 99 chances of getting it right before they release the x.1.0. :D
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