Patch Notes Update Update 3.3.03

It would be nice if you fully updated the BGS system like you said in the livestream, with the expansions and how they're meant to be affected by happiness.
As others have said, that is as vague as a vague thing, surely a list of crimes and missions couldn't hurt?

Edit: e.g. should I spend another week running biowaste missions, or would that be pointless? Asking for a friend, a very smelly friend...
Missions will most certainly be about negative influences on a target faction (such as pirate lord ones not applying negative INF on the victim faction). Crimes I am hoping is murder because, well, Khorne needs blood.
Does these fixes mean we can find HGE's easier now? I can't quite decipher the terminology and scant info given in the bug fix list.


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Excellent, thanks to all the team for the fixes and getting the update out!

However, sorry but I'm now going to ask when some of the Exploration and Codex bugs are going to be fixed. Have they even been moved off the bottom of the pile?

A few examples would be:

Discovery summary not updating when selling data
Planet details not appearing the the FSS
Jump range does not update in real time
Safe Disengage doesn't work on Notable Stellar Phenomena
Total discoveries display as 0 for regions you're not currently in
White Dwarfs misnamed in the Codex
Main star in a system not showing as a new discovery in the Codex
Entering the Codex from a new discovery disables many controls for the session
Wolf Rayet stars displaying incorrectly
Cockpit mode is not remember on log in
High resolution screenshots broken around stars
Pips resetting on Ship to 2-0-4 when entering from an SRV
Still waiting on the back end fix for the Codex records to be pushed live.
It also appears that the biological life fix that was pushed doesn't work consistently.

There's many more, you will also notice how the majority of these don't have any response by FD. Seriously how long, in such an Exploration heavy update, do we have to wait for these issues (most of which were raised during the Beta) to be looked at, let alone fixed? It's getting quite concerning now.
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"Planets that have not been mapped by the player should no longer display the blue mapped effect"


Many thanks for this one.
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Seriously how long, in such an Exploration heavy update, do we have to wait for these issues (most of which were raised during the Beta) to be looked at, let alone fixed? It's getting quite concerning now.
Until the stock prices drop dramaticly :p:p :D:D
Thank you for the patch and the notes guys, I love the update and the features, you are making strides lately and I appreciate the hard work you've done over the last year, it shows. Okay, with that said, let's get down to seriousness here with the patching, i'm looking at well over 80 pages of bug reports here... this patch is quite small and worries me. I appreciate the frequency of the patching but ... so many, SOOOOO many issues are swept under the rug, not lower priority, i'm referring to the archived bug report section, it is massive. What is going to be done besides more delays on these things, pushing back content more a result, or should I just not worry and continue to be patient, for more months and months? Just speculating here, but I feel it's time to shift gears and actually fix things that have needed to be fixed for months, some of them over a year now. The pile is getting quite tall, it's time to do something about it.
I'd like to know when the fix is likely that will allow core mining in a wing. Tried tonight and it's even worse than it was before the last patch... now you get the yield chart but when the rock blows, there's nothing to collect.
What happens to active missions when an update occurs? I have about 5 missions I was in the middle of completing that had less than 30 minutes remaining.
Just don't want the negative effects of not completing a mission.
Was in Ship Outfitting having just logged in, saw some White writing flash and disappear. Thought whatever it was it will come back, and it did, but couldn't read it with the Outfitting screen in the way.

I was then kicked out of the game.. Maybe you can VOICE an impending shut down or Stop players logging in with only minutes left before a shutdown.
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