Patch Notes Update Update 3.3.05

Thanks for fixing this ASAP! I was about to file a bug report after suffering a few crashes triggered by interdictions last night.
instead of crashing into them [asteroids] and wasting another limpet. Also I would love it that they wouldn`t crash into the underside of my ASP X...
the thing about that is your ship like like thousands of tonnes and the limpet is probably 60-70 pounds. that asteroids points are rotating at like 30-40 m/s sometimes lol. of course a tiny limpet with a literal thruster speed of 200m/s shown into the shop is going to disintegrate on impact. also why you take damage, it's like a tiny bullet
Good job on the quick fix for a "game literally unplayable" (even though it didn't affect me) bug.

Hoping there'll be more general fixes coming "soon" :)
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