Update 6 your thoughts?

...That's something I might try though but wouldn't the game be doing the upsampling before an external parasite program like that could get to it?
Yes -- pretty sure that's what happened in update 5 too, though; First upscale, then CAS -- only using the upscaling routine from FidelityFX instead of the game's own. (...and the same with FSR, but this time the game does not give us the option to choose how much to sharpen).
I just tired it up. Flying above or close to planets and everything has a crazy shimmer in the distance and it looks terrible in motion.

1080p max settings except for super sampling which is on 1.0.

Anyone else getting this?

I7-6700k 1660ti 32gigsotheram
For me, update 6 is better in the sense that the FSR helps with framerates, but of course this is just masking the problem of poor performance by downgrading your viewing experience. So I still think they have lots to do in this area - I want to run at 1440p as I can in Horizons, not have to downscale.

However, I am exasperated at yet more bugs. How can target reticules end up being upside down? How can icons now be assigned to the wrong weapons? How is it NPC torches are now broken? And in some cases, bugs they report as fixed are still broken not to mention some longstanding bugs from Horizons STILL haven't been fixed.

It is 1 step forward, 2 steps back and I am really trying to enjoy Odyssey but...........<long dramatic sigh>..........maybe by update 15 everything will be tickety-boo.
The renderer is still broken. I don't think they have implemented occlusion culling yet. Something is very buggy with the shaders and lighting. I find it weird that previous patch notes say fdev have added occlusion culling let i dont see any effect of this in settlements. The framerates i'm getting in settlements are worse than alpha. I really hope FDev will address this in the next update.
FDev is unable to fix Odyssey's renderer. That is becoming more clear with each update. Upscaling is what you do after you run out of ideas. It's not a fix but a desperate attempt to mitigate the symptoms.
That might be because it's not the renderer that is broken. They're tossing in the easier changes to that, sure, but the big performance hits are on the CPU side, especially if you have a 1070 or faster.
(Running with a 1050Ti)

  1. Framerates up a bit and smoother (They still need to improve around large outposts and planetary ports) .
  2. Like the new planets as I'm travelling to Colonia.
  3. Glad that the POI Missions have been (mostly) fixed.
  1. Frame rate drops in flight. I'll be flying quite along at 60fps and then it will drop to 46 and lower despite no other players in system.
  2. Frame rate drops around conflict zones. For most of the time, I get more than 30fps but it will drop down to 10-15 for a second or two and then get back up to 30fps. This doesn't appear to be affected by looking at complicated architecture (buildings).
  3. VR Framerate too low to play
You can compare, if you have an AMD card, by turning CAS on and choosing its level in the driver. It works better for me, too.

You just don't get much control over what FSR does because you have to select one of the presets, and then sharpening is performed by little elves while you're not looking.
Today while fiddling with settings file (Custom.4.0.fxcfg) I noticed the fields are still the same used in update 5.
So i tried to put back the old values of "SSAAMultiplier" and "FFXCASIntensity" editing the file by hand.
Still don't know if it's placebo effect, but image quality looks much better to me.

Just don't change FSR options in game or the custom values will be reset.
Relogging at POIs (Irregular Markers, Impact Site, etc) doesn't work anymore. Dunno if it works via SC but just relog, it's dead.

Good to know where your priorities are Frontier. I am sure this was on top of the Issue Tracker to help players. FML...
Relogging at POIs (Irregular Markers, Impact Site, etc) doesn't work anymore. Dunno if it works via SC but just relog, it's dead.

Good to know where your priorities are Frontier. I am sure this was on top of the Issue Tracker to help players. FML...
Relogging is cheating the game and yourself IMHO.
Relogging is cheating the game and yourself IMHO.
Goods: Total: 247, Irrelevant: 195, Blueprint: 52
Data: Total 58, Irrelevant: 32, Blueprint: 26

Game is cheating me. They put so many irrelevant things to gather it is unbelievable. Trying to find enough mats for upgrades takes insane amount of time I don't have. They bloated it is as much as possible. And taking into consideration horrible performance, I will rather relog than suffer and not get anything because more than 50% is irrelevant.

In Horizons I rarely relogged (except Guardian sites but that is really another story...) because mats were okay to get. Conflict Zones, HazRes, Surface... In Odyssey it is horrible. 9 engineers for 3 suits and handful of weapons. 20 engineers in Horizons for like 100 modules (yes, counting the class of module).
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