Users Feedback wanted!

I wrote in a other threat in a answer this:

"Sometimes I think, that users only want to get, but never want to give .... .....any feedback of each hard and complex work from Creators.
.... Yes, we all creators are not be Star-creators, we don't be Superstars and diddn't have prominent names, but we all spend much times for our hobbies and we are those guys, that let this game life!"

Only your Feedback, and maybe devs too, will this creators let do their hobbies and do sharing that stuff and let forums life.

You could hate me now, but thats it what some creators do thinking!

Oh, Samplerocker , i understand your feeling , but i think users are so disappointed by the way Planco is going that they are sickened to be let down by Frontier and Devs !
I presume lot of players have stopped playing the game (i am one of them !) , the forum is nearly inactive (less tchat than a year ago !) , that why users are not giving you feedback as you want and as you deserve it . I think it's Planco "depression" cause people are waiting for something which don't come ! It has nothing to do with your creation which are very good ( i already tell you that !) .So, don't be bitter with the players , if Planco goes on and brings new things, the fun will come back and the comments too .That's what i hope , but i'm not very optimistic , so DON'T STOP YOUR CREATIONS......please! Thanks .(y)
I recall that the same thing occurred with UGC in RCT3.

I think that as gecaum pointed out, there's less interest in the game (also caused by now having Planet Zoo to play, for some people), and also that, while I think everyone appreciates what is created, not every creation is useful for every person, so they don't download and may not comment. The Workshop also tends to display TMTK items along with park, ride and structure blueprints, so they tend to get lost or overlooked sometimes. Personally I don't always have anything really to offer as feedback...I like the item, but as I'm not currently someone who makes TMTK items I don't have much to comment about other than a 'thumbs up' and perhaps a thank you for sharing. Afraid I'm just as guilty as anyone for downloading something and just offering a thumbs up.

For me in RCT3 I never made any CS for others, I made it for myself and for those like citytrader who I was working on a park project with, so I never worried much about feedback or comments. I shared what I made with everyone else later.

I do agree that the devs have pretty much seemed non-existent when it comes to TMTK. It's been kind of a "here, you wanted it, so here it is, we're done now" feeling, which is sad because the potential for community-made assets has never been met.
I just want to add , that you don't have to worry about "no comments " , which do not justify your hard work , cause the game has became "unplayable " ( FPS pitifully dropping under 10FPS with large parks : my big western park is 7 !!!!:mad: ) with their Cobra Engine , unless you have a tiny park . So that players , as i said above , have lost their "playing taste ". Knowing that TMT items are rather "heavy" ( 'in general !) , and the Engine rather "week" , this lead players to disinvolve from the game - which is understandable - So , what I can advise you ( if you allow it !) to stand at your creations ( the opposite of what I was saying above ...) while waiting for PLanco 2 (If it really come one day !!!! ) which , i hope , would have a more, more ,stronger Engine .
So long .(y)
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Maybe you should just see the number of subscribers to your items as feedback. And there are quite a few of them.

In most online shops the positive comments are mostly bought anyway.

And sorry to the mods, but one question in Germany: Samplerocker, wo kommst du her? Einfach nur Neugierde.
RE: Planco Depression

Yup, I am there. It's one reason I haven't made anything lately TMTK or just BP.

I too wish more people would comment and vote, but as someone who rarely comments, I just vote, sometimes it can be hard to think what to say or you get tired of writing the same thing over and over. I tend to only comment when I have something specific to say.
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