Release v1.2.0 elgato stream deck button plugin for elite dangerous

If you see the 'fakepath' then the plugin probably isn't running?
so for some reason it may have crashed (or refused to start) ?

please check that you are running the LATEST version of the plugin

please check that you have the dotnet framework installed

please check the log file in the plugin directory for any errors.

Hello, i have the same problem.. but it's work well with "alarm button" .. show the correct path .. with "toogle button" allways show c:/fakepath .. same for hyperspace button

running 2.2.9 .. dotnet was up to date .. and plugin is loaded in log file
restarting software ok
no error in log file
ESDPluginManager::LoadPluginsInFolder(): Loading com.mhwlng.elite.sdPlugin... << i think it's ok

i make a sshot you can see what i said


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that is not the correct log file

you need pluginlog.log here :

The problem is that it tries to find this file

C:\Users\sylve\AppData\Local\Frontier Developments\Elite Dangerous\Options\Bindings\KeyboardMouseOnly.3.0.binds

but can't find it because it is a standard binding file and it is in a different directory.

do you have the steam version or epic version of the game or both ?

If you change to a custom binding (and restart streamdeck software), then it will probaby be ok
i have a steam version .. fresh install so i don't have touch anything in binding for the moment
Making a custon binds .. and it's work :)

Thx for your very great plugin and your patience with a ppl like me :)

fix for crash with :
The process cannot access the file 'C:\Users\...\Bindings\StartPreset.start' because it is being used by another process.
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Just installed the Stream Deck plugin for my XL. Much aappreciated it's definitely given my Stream Deck a new lease of life. I have only got a few buttons setup so far but seems to be working fine. I did notice one thing. I have a button set for hyperspace jump which displays the number of jumps in the route. I did notice that if I cancelled a route the number of jumps was still shown. I suspect that it's something out of your control.

Just ordered a Logitech FIP to give FIP-Elite a go. Looking forward to having a play when it arrives tomorrow.
I did notice that if I cancelled a route the number of jumps was still shown.

I have not found a way to detect that you clicked 'cancel route' .

the game only gives you an event when you change the route :

{ "timestamp":"2021-01-22T11:03:11Z", "event":"FSDTarget", "Name":"Guy", "SystemAddress":3932210336466, "StarClass":"K", "RemainingJumpsInRoute":17 }

I installed this yesterday and was working really well, but now i can't seem to move my Power pips on the stream deck, though they are updating on the unit i can't interact with it on the Deck.
Try to restart the streamdeck software.
Check that the pip buttons actually have working keyboard bindings, not only joystick button bindings.
There is a log file in the plugin directory that may contain clues.
I love this addon! I use my stream deck for streaming, but it dawned on me that it would be a great button pusher for Elite. And sure enough, found this addon and it works wonderfully. I've incorporated CMDR Andechs's icon set and modified some of his buttons in Photoshop. It's too bad, though, that animated gifs are limited to the Static Buttons. It would be super sweet to incorporate this little gem with a beeping alarm sound when under attack! o_O

Thanks for making this possible!


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Unfortunately, this is technically not possible.
Animated gifs are not supported bij the streamdeck api for the setimage SDK function.
This was confirmed on reddit by the streamdeck developers, a year ago.
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like the idea :)
ok, animated gifs are not supported.
if the animation only consist of 2 different images a possible sulution would be the
software sending the images next to one another to the streamdeck in a loop triggered by a 250ms timer interval.
That would mean a major rewrite of the plugin and that's not planned.
If Elgato/Corsair ever adds support for animated gifs to the setimage SDK function, then the plugin will be able to support that.
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