Release v1.2.0 elgato stream deck button plugin for elite dangerous

@mhwing Do you have any plane to add your work on ED to the new Streamdeck Store under plugins or icons? If not, any roadblocks to doing that? It's SO much easier to manager all my buttons and icons from there, Imho.
Amazing work. I have just installed your plugin but I can't find a function for Shield Cell. Can you add it? Also when updates will be available, how do we install them without loosing our current configuration? Thanks!
Only the day before yesterday I saw this topic. Very interested. I immediately started looking for a Stream Deck. In all of Moscow, I found this device on sale only in one place. I bought it last night. Happy as a fat and well-fed elephant. 😊 🐘
I will torment you with my questions (if they appear).
I always use the English layout in the game. I don't need Cyrillic (Russian) in it. There is no problem for me to play with the English layout.
Everything started from the very beginning. Everything is OK! Profile launched. Buttons - assigned. I really like it! (y)

The only question is - where can I find various icons for the buttons of the Elite Dangerous theme?
One more question. During the game, is it necessary for the Stream Deck program to be run in the computer's memory before starting the game or is it not necessary?
Do I understand correctly that in your plugin I can assign only those tasks to the buttons that were also assigned to the keyboard buttons? Assigned to joystick buttons – there is no way to assign in the plugin?

If you only have a mouse / joystick / gamepad binding, then you will have to add a secondary keyboard binding.
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thank you so much for this :) Love it! trying to set things up now. I cant seem to get the toggle image function working, ie, landing gear icon is white, then when retracted, it goes orange. at the minute it just stays the "off" icon.

apologies for being a bit dim, how do i use the alarm buttons? what do they do? And the pip colour on the power buttons, do the pips show on the Deck?

Please see the instructions on github.

if you are e.g. already landed and you press the landing gear button, then nothing will happen.
If your landing gear button does not have a keyboard binding, then nothing will happen.

If you added an image like this :


then none of these buttons will show the game state anymore. (only use that for the static buttons)
press 'reset to default' to get rid of that image again.

the game state, that causes the alarm state image to be visible, is described for all 4 alarm buttons.

pips are shown on top of the 3 power buttons, unless you have selected pink as the color.

if you look in %appdata%\Elgato\StreamDeck\Plugins\com.mhwlng.elite.sdPlugin\pluginlog.log

you will find a line with the path to the journal files :

2021-10-26 05:50:52.4337|INFO|com.mhwlng.elite|1|journal path C:\Users\xxx\Saved Games\Frontier Developments\Elite Dangerous

if that path is wrong, then the plugin won't show the state.
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thank you! I have set the toggle button as landing gear, the on image is grey, the off image ins orange, when im floating in space i press it, landing gear goes down but the icon doesn't change to a different image. i checked and path is pointing correctly.

I have managed to get the pips working, nice touch!!
Are you sure that you didn't also add an image like I describe above?
Check for a 'reset to default' menu option on the image.
Also what about all the other toggle button like lights?
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