Valve Index VR headset

I have a decision to make. Before buying all my PC parts I emailed valve to reserve an index when one became available.

I've since bought a Rift S, but ultimately found it a bit disappointing. I've just had the email from valve saying I can now order an Index.

Do I go for it?
Dont forget the Reverb has now been sorted and will be available soon. That really will impress you - its the first big leap in image quality.
Worth listening to what Heavygroovez says Nighteyes, one of the most experienced VR users on the forums with a carefully considered opinion.

Also, 'head slipper' :D o7
Yeah, thanks @HeavyGroovez - the Reverb is probably what I should be looking for. The Rift S is genuinely good, been playing NMS today with it. The controllers are great, and there are some great games available. So I think I'll stick with the Rift S, and then go for a Reverb for Elite. :)
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