Voices when in mapping screen?!

Today I mapped an ELW. Usually I get out of this screen as soon as I see the 100%. But today I did something else in silence, without getting out of the mapping screen.
After a while I started to hear something through the crackle.
I think I can distinguish to different voices. But I can't make out what they say. After listening to it over and over again I think I can distinguish one of them saying "commander [crackle crackle] phenomenon". And then the other voice seems to respond on that .
After about 15 minutes without being able to make out anything else i got bored.
I've also "listened" to the FSS but I could not hear any voices after a couple of minutes.

Has anybody heard that, too?
I love the sound in this game so many times I would listen and wait what what was that I just heard and its gone yead its creepy on some planets if you just sit and listen
I'm always impressed by the sound design. There are lots of subtle sounds that add to the atmosphere without making you consciously aware of it. Such as the subtle high-pitch hiss of having a panel open in the cockpit UI. It's almost imperceptible, but reminiscent of the capacitor whistling in old CRT TVs.
So … you are saying that this is NOT something totally important like a hint where to find the Guardians homeworld or Raxxla or something something?
Well, you CAN'T be right!
I hear voices in game and out of game. All the time. They won't shut up! Now you know why I may not respond if you start a conversation with me. I'm ignoring you and all the other voices. 🤪
You are quite right - after the 3.3 update, I noticed that ELWs would sometimes have some very faint radio noise in the background when being mapped / when zoomed into on the FSS. I posted a thread about it in the Exploration sub somewhere. I thought it was a nice touch, though it was a pity that the planets where there were some of these very faint radio comms noises on didn't have some lights planetside to show an emerging civilisation.
@Spaceman Si: I had the feeling that somebody talked about that before, but a quick search didn't reveal the thread so i thought that I may be wrong.
So you say that this is JUST around ELW's, no other planets? Because I thought that it may be something from deep space and I had picked it up around an ELW.
Definitely ELW proximity ONLY, not always even then, and very very faint down in the signal. But confirmed by others too :) I found my thread that I was talking about, here: ELW noises

So no, you aren't going mad :)
Oh, I almost forgot. I checked this a few days back on a deep space ELW, well outside the bubble. Didn't hear any radio chatter or Morse. Maybe it's for inhabited Earth-likes only? That would make sense.

In any case, I forgot to make a recording to analyze, but next time, I'll do so. Not sure how it slipped my mind earlier.
I don't think there's anything specific about it, lore-wise, but it is an ELW so the chance of there being a pre-space age civilization on it could be possible. I've run into two (or is it three now?) such ELWs, and I love hearing the radio chatter... you can just barely make out what some of the things said are. I also find it funny how (the King's) English is spoken throughout the galaxy! :sneaky:
I was hearing similar things. I recorded it and ran it through some software I use for cleaning up real life radiation signals from space, and the voices came through clearer and clearer, they were saying oo-ee-cus....oo-ee-cus...you-ee-cus...you-need-cus....you-need-arx...YOU NEED ARX.

It’s a mystery.
The ELW i've been close to was way out of the bubble. But it was (somewhat) close to the Colonia Highway. Maybe human activity has something to do with it.
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