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re bots: One called google,one yanax.There might be more.
Xenforo fingerprinting / discourager bot is that like an auto yafflehammer?o_O
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In testing this (Chrome's performance tracker didn't seem to show much for me) I find myself wondering if there's any way to cancel posting a reply. Refreshing the page doesn't and I see no 'cancel' button.
In the editor there's an icon of a floppy disk - for me the penultimate icon. Clicking it let's you "delete draft". You need to then refresh the page to see that any text has been cleared from the reply box.
I much prefer the old forum. The topic fonts were smaller, so I could skim though 50 topics per page, and now it takes forever to find stuff endlessly scrolling. The lack of rep means I cant tell if a comment is from a dedicated player or trusted to be accurate. On a 2K screen, it looks like the forum is designed for 720p, or worse, mobiles! I had to press CRTL and the Minus (-) key to zoom out to 80% just so it looks acceptable.

Other than that, I'm glad you kept the orange and black colour scheme, and the forum is at least similar looking, so not bad. I wish the home page was in the same colours, and not just white, this looks so 1996.

Screenshot_0080 test2.jpg

On the positive, looks like Attachments are working again, yipeee!
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On the plus side, I can still access the pages I'm looking for without being logged in, so if I don't mind not being able to post any more I can delete my account with no ill effects ;)
Loving the new look forum. I always prefer light text on a dark background; less strain on my aging eyes. Now if only it could do something about my aching bones.

I'm just a poor old man. My legs are grey. My ears are gnarled. My eyes are old and bent.
I don't know if this is the right place but

  • Each time I click on any new messages I always go to the end / last post ( I had to go back to page 1 and read from the start the topic )
  • Each time I click on mark read icon the forums dangerous, Features forum, bug forum and translation forum are not afected. I have to mark read each single forum, or I have to click on the mark forum read on the top but I am redirected ( at the end ) to the root forums and not where I was ( elite dangerous that is the forum I want to see )
  • Characters in the main list titles is too big or there is too much space allowed for each post ( as you wish)). In ED bug forum I have to scroll half page ( with full hd resolution ) before to see the new post ( scrolling down all pinned thread )
  • It is difficult distinguish old thread from the new ones just because the " bold "
  • Not easy find a conversation using just a new tag ( often missing ) in the bug section how in other sections
  • A lot of confusion in the ship / engineering forum. Not being interested in discussions about ships, I have to looking for tags related to engineers or read each title if the author has omitted the tag
  • Spanish forum of elite dangerous discussion has been relegated outside, in the international forum, how is off topic discussion thread. All foreign forums ( english or other languages ) should be in the relative forum ( elite / jurassic etc etc ). I have to use 2 windows to follow spanish elite dangerous forum and elite dangerous general forum.
This is what I found until now. If there is any solutions/suggestion please let me know thanks ;)
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Hi commanders.. For some reason every link from Google to these forums says permission error for me. I can't really find any useful info because of that. How can I avoid this?

I'm not sure where to report forum problems.

I want to change my Forum Avatar, but each time I upload a new one, the old one comes back.

I have tried deleting my old one. Then my avatar is just a D
But even after an hour, when I try to upload a new avatar, the old one still appears.

One difference in my avatar is that the old one is a multi frame GIF.
It displays on the forum with only the first frame.
When I try to upload a new one, other frames scroll by for a moment and then it sticks to the first frame again.

If the new forum doesn't support muli-frame GIF avatars, then can I please have mine changed to:

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