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To be unhelpful in the best tradition of the forums.

The text looks about the same size for me and while avatars might be slightly bigger, or at least easier to see what they are, at the size of my thumbnail they are in no way huge.
Compared to previous forum they are.
No clock/page loaded timestamp.
Bots active.(don't recall bumping into them on the old site)
I am being prodded to enable push notification.To what end?
No clock/page loaded timestamp.
Bots active.(don't recall bumping into them on the old site)
I am being prodded to enable push notification.To what end?
What bots? Is it the Xenforo fingerprinting / discourager bot,or something else? 'Cos this might help explain the cpu usage / battery usage I'm seeing with the new fora.
re bots: One called google,one yanax.There might be more.
Xenforo fingerprinting / discourager bot is that like an auto yafflehammer?o_O
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In testing this (Chrome's performance tracker didn't seem to show much for me) I find myself wondering if there's any way to cancel posting a reply. Refreshing the page doesn't and I see no 'cancel' button.
In the editor there's an icon of a floppy disk - for me the penultimate icon. Clicking it let's you "delete draft". You need to then refresh the page to see that any text has been cleared from the reply box.
I much prefer the old forum. The topic fonts were smaller, so I could skim though 50 topics per page, and now it takes forever to find stuff endlessly scrolling. The lack of rep means I cant tell if a comment is from a dedicated player or trusted to be accurate. On a 2K screen, it looks like the forum is designed for 720p, or worse, mobiles! I had to press CRTL and the Minus (-) key to zoom out to 80% just so it looks acceptable.

Other than that, I'm glad you kept the orange and black colour scheme, and the forum is at least similar looking, so not bad. I wish the home page was in the same colours, and not just white, this looks so 1996.

Screenshot_0080 test2.jpg

On the positive, looks like Attachments are working again, yipeee!
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On the plus side, I can still access the pages I'm looking for without being logged in, so if I don't mind not being able to post any more I can delete my account with no ill effects ;)
Loving the new look forum. I always prefer light text on a dark background; less strain on my aging eyes. Now if only it could do something about my aching bones.

I'm just a poor old man. My legs are grey. My ears are gnarled. My eyes are old and bent.
I don't know if this is the right place but

  • Each time I click on any new messages I always go to the end / last post ( I had to go back to page 1 and read from the start the topic )
  • Each time I click on mark read icon the forums dangerous, Features forum, bug forum and translation forum are not afected. I have to mark read each single forum, or I have to click on the mark forum read on the top but I am redirected ( at the end ) to the root forums and not where I was ( elite dangerous that is the forum I want to see )
  • Characters in the main list titles is too big or there is too much space allowed for each post ( as you wish)). In ED bug forum I have to scroll half page ( with full hd resolution ) before to see the new post ( scrolling down all pinned thread )
  • It is difficult distinguish old thread from the new ones just because the " bold "
  • Not easy find a conversation using just a new tag ( often missing ) in the bug section how in other sections
  • A lot of confusion in the ship / engineering forum. Not being interested in discussions about ships, I have to looking for tags related to engineers or read each title if the author has omitted the tag
  • Spanish forum of elite dangerous discussion has been relegated outside, in the international forum, how is off topic discussion thread. All foreign forums ( english or other languages ) should be in the relative forum ( elite / jurassic etc etc ). I have to use 2 windows to follow spanish elite dangerous forum and elite dangerous general forum.
This is what I found until now. If there is any solutions/suggestion please let me know thanks ;)
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Hi commanders.. For some reason every link from Google to these forums says permission error for me. I can't really find any useful info because of that. How can I avoid this?
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