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what a complete pain in the rear that was as i forgot my password for my forum account. two totally seperate login pages (xenforo and the store) and one forgotten password page that goes to the store forgotten password page so i request a new password and go to login and i get the "oops" message. "please login with your other account to associate blah blah blah". eh, I would have but i cant remember the bloody password. nowhere to go and request a new password for the forum account that uses the same email as my store account.

I sorted it myself by figuring out the xenforo link (not the store one) to the forgotten password page and got my forum account password reset.

it's at incase anyone else is having this stupid issue.

also the elite dangerous forum being black is awful, my eyes, they bleed and im not buying it being a xenforo issue/cant be done as stated by frontier. its frontier wanting to do this thinking its cool (it's not) and not letting us change the style. c'mon guys one forum theme throughout please with option to change to a lighter one.
I like the new forums so far but would add to the calls for a black text on white background option for the Elite Dangerous forum. The default white on black theme gives me eyestrain after only a few minutes of reading, unfortunately.

It would be great if those preferring black on white could switch the Elite forum over to use the default Frontier Developments theme, as I did with the old forum. The new FD theme is fine and very comfortable to read.
OK Seven going eight, out of ten.

I was a bit meh, to start with, but then it would not let me use my old log in and no password re-set option.

However; it looks very pretty and I am working things out slowly.
This is a restriction currently with the forum system.
Seems to be something you guys turned off, because you can change themes over on the "Forum Support & Feedback" section. Proof below. Just let all the game sub-forums have the same look n feel config to the support and feedback section and we'll be right.

The new forums are connected to your Frontier store account. If your store accounts email and your forum account email don't match you'll currently want to change your store email and then login again. We're working to improve the system :)
I'm not sure that's entirely accurate. I didn't intend to break anything, but I did NOT log in with my store details.

FWIW, I clicked on a thread and at the bottom it said 'you must login' and clicked that and used my old forum credentials. The login button at the top of the screen must be what wants the store credential -because it kept saying incorrect details.
I came in to see how the upgrade went. No more Forum ranks.(n)

A lot of wasted space. It also hurts my eyes.... Otherwise the interface is good.
Edit: Found the section to change to the ED scheme... Much better.

Please bring back ranks...It actually made the forums feel like part of the game... Now.... Its just a white board with people scribbles....
Cons -
1) The background colour for avatars on the navigation bar doesn't use the colour of the bar. It uses the background colour of the page. If you use an avatar with transparency it looks a bit off putting. Especially if using the Frontier Developments theme. White box on black nav bar.
2) The spacing is terrible. Need a more compact view without people having to use their own local CSS tweaks or browser add-ons.
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I doubt this will impact many people unless they try to browse the forums from a corporate system badly in need of updating, but why does it only have a link to Chrome? Why not list Firefox or any other browser that isn't Chromium based. Again, I don't mind but there's some people who are seriously anti-Google.
4) Did I mention the spacing is terrible? Especially on mobile devices

Pros -
At least you can select between 4 themes in preferences. No need to be blinded any more. However, you could create more themes, such as a compact version of each colour and maybe some for people with different vision impairments.
First impression on mobile: like it so far. Much slicker, faster and more functions than before.

Especially that you're able to see your watched threads on the mobile theme is a huge improvement (always annoyed me in the old forum).
Looks a lot better but..... When I change to the Elite Dangerous theme, I love how it's all dark and all but when you click on a forum thread, it's back to blaring white :cautious:
I came in to see how the upgrade went. No more Forum ranks.(n)
It seems it was a downgrade, the entire subforum I used to visit is gone. And most people I was discussing space video games with until Monday don't seem to be able to recover their forum account with those store shenanigans.

Couldn't you have separated these devastating changes from the forum software migration?
Public service announcement: If, for whatever reason, you cannot or do not want to log in via Frontier Store, here is a link to the XenForo login page, where you can use your old forum credentials:

Hey Brett C — you said linking the accounts would be optional; why are you making it so hard not to do so? I could not find the XenForo login page linked to anywhere — I had to guess the URL! (By the way, thanks to CMDR Ginge for giving me the idea.)
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