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Sadly not.
Best thing is heatsinks. Set up a binding specifically for them. Thing is, all the mats you need to synth them is actually floating in the station.

Reducing heat:
Thrusters, Clean Drives/Thermal spread.
Power Plant, (biggest class A) Low Emissions, Thermal Spread.
All this helps a bit, but the answer is really heatsinks.
The Hot advice noted for my next build, really want to try this rescue/salvage thing for game variety.
I tried out my cutter with its as is build at the current burning station.
Thought to use long range(2.3k) collectors while sitting out side the toaster rack, which is an appropriate term at this station.
No luck, they can not find their way in, so entered the station. Temp rising, debris every where, pods and other salvage.
Launched the collectors opened the cargo hatch. One escape pod retrieved. Fined by authorities', temp rising. turning to leave.
what the...stuck on a large section of station. Desperation rising, perspiration rising, temp rising. Just made the exit toaster.
Hull failure , prison and rebuy. That was my first rebuy in a good many months. Oh crap what a stupid move this was.:oops:

A question for all the rescue engineers? If I build any ship with, mirrored hulls, thermal resist heavy armor modules, and thermo block shield boosters.
Does that add to thermal characteristics for a salvage ship? when also using heat sinks and low emissions core internals. :unsure:
I don’t think anything other than cool running will help enough to make a huge effort at.
The important thing is to fit as many heatsinks as you can then leave before you have run out of them.
I make my way to near the axis of the interior directly above my assigned pad, debris permitting, then harvest escape pods until the timer is down to about two minutes when I land and load up as many passengers as I can, on the way out I might do another couple of minutes collectering but the heatsinks will be running low and the passengers getting even more annoying so usually I get out as fast as possible to dump them on the rescue ship.

Ship wise an Anaconda is good, 8 utility slots for heatsinks and lots of slots for cabins cargo and limpets, out in the Witch Head I have a T10 rescue ship again lots of heatsinks just a little shy on cabin space.
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Back in the bubble and parking the carrier near Ray Gateway (there's an infestation there though) - haven't been to my old home for ages.

It's time I tried out a new ship - no idea what for yet - so I may get one of those Alliance doodads looked at. I may try combat first then see if what else. Mining is probably off the menu for the time being as a) I've done too much of it and b) Pain2 sites have an infestation the likes of which God hasn't seen.
b) Pain2 sites have an infestation the likes of which God hasn't seen.
Do what I did: Find your own hotspot.
1) Find a good system to sell in (good price, high demand) on INARA.
2) Hop on over to EDDB, run a search for systems with metallic rings, using your selling system as reference.
3) Pick one nearby and jump to it, scan rings, find hotspot, start mining.

Yes i know it's not likely to be an OMGTRIPLEOVERLAY!!!1!! unless you're really lucky, but I've honestly not noticed a whole lot of difference in output. Lower, yes, perhaps, but only slightly. :)

And there you have it! Peace and quiet, no space Herpes infestation, and only a short trip to your selling system. :)
I've spent a few weeks doing some biological research in the nebulae around the Colonia region. It was fairly productive and I dropped off a lot of data for Canonn Deep Space at Arcanonn's Legacy.

I'm now heading back, slowly, to the bubble using a section of the Canonn Challenge route. It is going to be a leisurely trip and I haven't really placed strict time constraints on it. I'll get there when I get there. Although I do plan to be back in civilised space in plenty of time to ..."stretch my legs".
T-9 modifications successful!
512 salvage items in one hour.
Realised on docking at the carrier, I've still got an unused size 6 slot. Hmm, bigger shield or more cargo room? Difficult decision. Sensible choice would be bigger shield, because I like playing skittles with the junk in the station (hull was down to 66 :LOL:).

If I was going full min/max 'ruin the game for myself', the Cutter would be the best ship for salvage. But it's not a T-9, so no thanks.

Been using an Anaconda for the personnel evac, but it's actually got a bit boring, too easy (It's not even rigged for cool running).
Bringing my LEP account back from DW2 expedition at last - just in case they do something stupid with exploration rewards in their "rebalancing". Not taking an Anaconda out exploring again - all that wallowing-about in SC looking for bio signals in "The Conduit" was not fun.

Needs a bit of a touch-up to its Black Friday 1 paint job I think:

Oh, that second pic is particularly nice.
Maybe don't repair the paint... must've taken quite a while to acheive that look.
I assume you could probably do it in a few minutes if you let some harmless NPC attack you for a while before taking them out.

It's been a while since I let my paint job get that bad though. I just think I was in a lot of bounty combat while getting there.
I left Colonia today and headed towards the core. I am only about 200 lys out and I am already discovering uncharted systems, including two so far with earth like worlds.
With the exception of a few, every system so far has been undiscovered. There is a lot of exploring to be done out here. Mapping big systems takes time so it's gonna be a while before I reach the core.
Once there, I'll head to Sag A and see if I can get a carrier back to the bubble in time for New Year celebrations.
Ok that was a pain...

Sold data from the DW2 trip - 36 pages takes a long time to work through. 1.2BCr - and I sold loads outbound when we built Explorer's Anchorage.
Context is important, obviously. I spent about 10m of my meager 30m creds outfitting a Keelback.

Or I just burned through 10m creds that weekend. I didn't just use that money buying a new ship.
Ok that was a pain...

Sold data from the DW2 trip - 36 pages takes a long time to work through. 1.2BCr - and I sold loads outbound when we built Explorer's Anchorage.

You can see why they feel the need to do some rebalancing as you can earn that very quickly by mining compared to months of surveying and mapping.
I do wonder exactly how they'll "balance"exploration...
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