Newcomer / Intro What are you up to?

I'm preparing my Krait for an exploration trip.
I'm thinking about a month or so.

Then.. I don't really know. I kind of reached the max on everything, so I will either delve into the Guardian stuff, or more probably will clear the save and start over, again. :)
Trying to decide if I want to set up a second fleet in the Pleiades and what it would look like. Actually if I wasn't getting a bounty hunting bonus from ALD I'd consider moving my main base down there. But my Conda does 70ly so the commute back and forth wouldn't be too bad.
I'm wending my way through the Perseus arm to the Heart and Soul nebulae region, where I will have a bit of a sight-seeing bimble before possibly visiting some of the Formidine rift sites, then head over to one of the remote mining installations to get the paint-work touched up before heading back to Sirius via... Well... Other places :D I like the look of the bubble nebula, and I really want to visit NGC 7822 for a laugh.

I made one of my significant waypoints tonight; KM Cassiopeiae. An 'O' type star, I was delighted to reach it and find.... Nothing. Zip. Nada. Just the star, on it's lonesome :) There are a lot of other O and B types around here though, including the "Fireflies" system, so I am going off to look at a few of them before pressing on to Heart and Soul.
I cleared the save and I'm working on some FA OFF training (Thank you Moxen Wolf on youtube)

...and posting on here because you like the Rimmer salute

And rep to you, pilot! :D


Whenever I or someone says "pilot", I get this in my head:

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So, Sirius Corp are now allied. It seems, however, I now need to fly all the way back to Procyon (apparently) before I gat a Sirius permit. ◕_◕

Which is why I flog my explo data in Avik - they give me the permit, sits there in the mission board after the three rep change messages in the comms panel.

On topic - I clear save too often, sad innit?
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Having spent the previous week around Maia adding special effects and drive tuning ships with legacy mods I flew to Deciat to do the same for some of my FSDs I have now taxied back to the Pleiades and dragged my Krait out of dock at The Penitent (my usual base in the area) to try some rescue work, first time interacting with a mega ship since the changes. Making plans for topping up wake scans and other items for the engineers next assuming I don't get roped into the next CG as well.
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