What currently happens if you fly into the atmosphere?

I was curious as nobody seemed to have tried supercruisin' as close as they could into planets and suns, then riding impulse into the atmosphere. What happens?

I know atmospheric skimming isnt implemented yet but I'm curious because of my plans for a starship race.

My race idea involves racing a loop around a sun/planet. Fly too low and you smash into the sun surface/planet surface. Fly too high and you're not hugging the curving ground anymore - you'll have to fly further.

(naturally all racers must be flying the exact same ship, no weapons unless that actually works as a fun element of the race)

To participate you gotta dump a single canister of gold with someone acting as referee, who flies over to the finish line before the race begins. Winner takes the pot! This is something my group of bros were planning on doing with each other.
i only have the alpha 1.1 built; and theresa a planet itried.

at some point, it appears as if you're just not advancing anymore towards to planet.

as if you just cant approach it anymore.
At the moment, nothing since there is no atmosphere. Planets (and even stars I think) while textured 3D objects are not solid, you can fly through them if you want, at a certain point the texture just disappears.

This will undoubtedly change with time.
Still cant figure out how flying close to massive objects will be handled when you get masslocked as soon as you try to FSD closer..
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