What is the fastest and most maneuverable ship?

I don't like to be 'that guy' but those speed numbers are metres per second so 830m/s is actually around 1,850 mph and 620m/s is about 1,390 mph. not too shabby :)
Thanks for pointing that out. I guess the ship's windshield would be frozen at that speed. XD
Un-engineered top boost speeds.

Imperial Courier; 441m/s
Imperial Eagle; 462m/s
Cobra mark III; 464m/s
That's fine, but cobra can't use performance thrusters, so, not a contender for top speeds. But the Viper, oh that one can be even faster with enhanced performance thrusters.
Best combination of both, or best of each?

The vanilla Eagle has nearly the best rotationals while also having very good acceleration in all translational axes, making it the most maneuverable, overall. It's not particularly fast though.

The Imperial Eagle can reach the highest usable boost velocities in game, but has more modest rotational and vertical/lateral thruster performance.

The Viper III can reach the highest non-boost velocity in game, comes very close on boost velocity, is tied with the FDL for highest boost acceleration multipler, and has probably the strongest vertical/lateral acceleration. It's rotationals are modest though.

The Imperial Courier has a very good combination of nearly all aspects of speed and maneuverability. It can also retain more of it than most of the above when outfit for something other than raw speed as it's extremely low hull mass gives it some leeway.

The Imperial ships both need Imperial Navy ranks, but this is very easy to get for vessels this low on the scale.

What about the Imperial Fighter? I heard that was the most maneuverable
Arguably true, but it's also not it's own independent ship.
Fastest and most maneuverable ship in the game is the Viper MK III, but the build is also entirely unpractical for anything, because the base hull mass is too high. The OP did not ask about the fastest and most maneuverable usable ship though :LOL:
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It’s tempting to build something that goes 800+, equip weapons, and go terrorize people.

Sounds great on paper, but in practice it often results an a very confused Anaconda pilot after you splatter yourself all over their canopy.

I feel it’s better to be ‘fast enough’, instead of the fastest, and have a little armor to keep your ship together when things go wrong.

I’ve exploded my iEagle more times than I can count, until I started loading up on armor. 650-700 is plenty fast.

Even on the ‘race car’ one, I have shields and a tiny bit of reinforcement. It still does about 900, and can scrape a few things before detonating.
I have to agree. A speedy ship is just too weak. It takes a long time to destroy a big ship with lightweight weaponry. Even if you choose the proper tools, one elite anaconda is enough to waste all your ammo.
Despite that, it's always fun to get a speed freak ship into a HAZ-RES full of meteors and try to be the boost-daredevil without a scratch. Oh, the paint-job!
648 boost with enhanced performance thrusters. It's a weak egg-shell.
Can't make a shield focused Eagle without Guardian boosters and that requires serious power compromises. It's also too vulnerable to phasing.

I don't even put shields on my Eagles.
Best combo of both is an iCourier.

Some are getting close to 900 in combat fit.

BUT! It's only agile when superlight. If you add weight to the ship it starts to handle like a brass doorknob.
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