General / Off-Topic What song are you listening to right now :)


It has the exact speed on the bass that conforms to the complexes workout I'm doing.
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Coffee and Al, life is good....

Juliette Armanet (She is the winner of the "Victoires de la Musique 2018" (Victory of the album revelation of the year) in France)

I like the atmosphere of this video (without colors, the majesty of the piano, and not once time the singer looks at the camera) and of course the voice of the singer and the melody.


And in color for more warmth :)

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Right now!!



well adding just because, i am time traveling right now....sweet time in the past!!

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Cardiacs are one of the most unique bands ever. Inspired bands like Napalm Death, Brujeria, Faith No More and System of a Down and they ain't even metal. I guess prog-punk/rock/ska and just too many styles in their eclectic mishmash of songs.


Not considered their best album but by god is it my favourite and shows off their range.

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Listening to a mix from Deadrite Radio -end of days show, via Mix cloud.

The le of the track and artist is "Uknown", it is however a stonking bit of tecno. :O
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