Ships What's your Fleet?

I have 20 ships and are all engineerd for there role.

Sidewinder: free taxi
Eagle: interceptor
Viper mk3: interceptor
Vulture: pve combat
Federal gunship: hull tank
Chieftain: xeno hunter
Python: miner
FDL: pvp combat
Mamba: bounty hunt, mercenary
Krait mk2: mats grinder
Phantom: explorer
AspX: explorer
Orca: passenger
Clipper: piracy
Cobra mk3: multirole
Courier: racing
T-10: xeno hunting
Anaconda: explorer
Cutter: cargo runner
Corvette: pvp combat
23 ships

Alliance Chieftain COLONIA WHITE RESCUER & TRANSPORTER, auxiliary gunship
Alliance Crusader RUBBER BALL RESCUER, auxiliary gunship for search&rescue operations
Anaconda MANDREL JACK MINER, long-distance drilling vessel
Anaconda BEANSTALK JACK EXPLORER, deep-space exploratory vessel
Anaconda SPADES JACK XTD(e[X]perimental [T]echnology [D]emonstrator), assault corvette
Asp Explorer CANVAS BACK EXPLORER, armoured exploratory ship
Beluga Liner CLOUD NINE CRUISER, armoured luxury ship for VVIP
Cobra Mk III KIND BROWNIE COURIER, high-speed freighter
Diamondback Explorer MINI CAB EXPLORER, long-distance personal shuttle
Federal Corvette LOAN SHARK MERCENARY, assault corvette
Federal Gunship TIN RHINO BOMBER, assault gunship for planetary operations
Imperial Cutter STRAIGHT EDGE XENO HUNTER, assault corvette
Imperial Eagle SPACE RUNNER RACER, super-speed in-system exploratory ship
Krait MkII NEW LEAF XENO HUNTER, heavy fighter
Krait Phantom BACK STABBER SABOTAGER & SMUGGLER, heavy fighter for black operations
Mamba DIRTY DOG ASSASSIN, high-speed heavy fighter (PVP)
Python NOSEY PARKER COURIER, armed freighter
Type-6 Transporter IRON STOMACH TRANSFORTER, long-distance corrosion resistant freighter
Type-10 Defender RUGGED PIGGY DEFENDER, heavy gunship for area defence operations
Type-9 Heavy LITTLE PIGGY TRADER, heavy-duty freighter
Viper Mk III REAPER PEPPER BOUNTY HUNTER, high-speed light fighter
Vulture BABY BOSS XENO HUNTER, light fighter
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I have 63 ship's spread about between all corners of the bubble, colonia and every fringe asteroid base with a shipyard. I'm never more that a few jumps from a docked ship that can fill the role of whatever friends are online and up for at the time.

The favorites are my player pirate python and xeno worshiping DBX made of spare parts and legacy engineered mods.

Been trying out various builds on various ships, so I’ve got a few spread out on the garage floor right now. But here’s the roster, sorted by ID rather than by most-used:

ZCV-01Failure to CommunicateViper Mk IIIFirst dedicated combat craft. Not engineered. Will come back to it someday. Mothballed for now.
ZCV-02Cease and DesistVultureFirst fully-engineered combat craft (currently PAs). Used to gather bonds for unlocks and to learn fixed weapon flying.
ZCV-03Separate SovereignAlliance ChieftainIntended to be the main CZ/HazRes combat ship. Outfitted with beams/MCs for now, but not yet engineered. Likely will keep several load outs handy.
ZCV-04(unnnamed)Federal DropshipPicked up hull in LYR space during the Golconda discount. Will eventually build out, but mothballed for now.
ZCV-05(unnamed)Federal Assault ShipSame.
ZCV-06(unnamed)Federal GunshipSame.
ZCV-07Summary JudgmentFederal CorvetteSame, but I’ve already picked the name. :)
ZEV-02Amicus CurioAsp ExplorerMostly engineered explorer w/ 60-ish LY range. Currently fitted for gathering Guardian stuff. Have used for several 5k-ish trips out of the bubble.
ZEV-03First ImpressionAnacondaFully engineered explorer w/ 74.5 LY range. Taken on fast triangle run to Colonia/Sgr A*. Currently fitted for speediest travel and fuel-ratting.
ZEV-04Light Most FavorableKrait PhantomFully engineered explorer with 64.5 LY range and all exploration tools. Current favorite for long-range exploration.
ZGV-01Venue TransferHaulerCurrently a cheap-to-ship 40 LY bubble taxi. Has been a cargo and/or exploration vessel at various points.
ZGV-02Void Where ProhibitedDiamondback ExplorerLong-time minivan ship, now supplanted. Fitted as a smuggler but rarely used for that purpose. Gets some use as a bubble taxi.
ZGV-05Forum Non ConveniensPythonColonia minivan ship. Needed a general mission-runner to unlock engineers out there, and the Python does everything reasonably well. Left there for possible use on my next visit.
ZGV-07Evolving StandardKrait Mk IICurrent main minivan/mission-runner. Fitted for light combat, material gathering, and general non-cargo missions of all sorts.
ZMV-02Ordinary RenditionPythonMostly engineered miner/trader. Fitted for both laser and core mining, plus medium cargo missions. Gets heavy use gathering materials as mission rewards for deliveries. Unarmed. Made most of my fortune with this ship.
ZMV-03Burden of ProductionImperial CutterArmed laser-miner and cargo vessel. Half-engineered, but it’s the important half. Runs 4 mining lasers/12 collectors, with the three biggest hardpoints carrying pirate-discouragement.
ZTV-01Opening StatementSidewinderMy original freewinder. Now a nostalgia magnet and trainer for full-time FA-off flight, which I’m going to learn one of these days, honest.

The obvious gaps in IDs are from ships that have been repurposed and rechristened. For example, several of the hulls have been in the ZGV (general-purpose) series at one point or another, then later dedicated to particular uses. I have yet to sell any hulls off.

Most recently, the ships getting the heaviest use have been the Ordinary Rendition, making money to buy all these toys, and the Evolving Standard, for gathering materials in all sorts of ways to engineer them. After finishing the last couple of Federal ranks and grabbing a few hulls, I finally got the Burden of Production mostly ready and took it out for its maiden mining run last night. I’m already loving the efficiency; it’s going to take over the heavy earning role when I’m done. And I want to get the Light Most Favorable out for a real long-range romp through the deep black, soon.

After that, well, I haven’t even started the ZPV (passenger) series featuring Saud Kruger liners yet. Maybe after I fit out the Sovereign and all those shiny new Federal combat ships, and get my combat rank up... So many sandbox goals, so little time.

And yes, the names fit a theme — all of them (with one exception) are either legal phrases or puns on legal phrases, generally related somehow to the role or history of the ship.
Ships I actually use on a semi-regular basis:

KatharosCobra MkIIIMission runner with missiles for easy skimmer kills
TeppicDBXSilent running Torpedo/Rail assassin. I mean, you can do the 'kill politician' missions by just rocking up with a high-power combat ship, but I wanted something with more finesse.
Coffin HenryKeelbackPack Hound/MC Hybrid Tank with SLF. Latest in a long line of attempts to make a Keelback that is useful in combat.
TherklaDBSSuper-cold frag boat.
EccoDolphinLightly-engineered passenger liner
Trubel-MacherVultureGeneral combat ship for undermining and illegal missions that I don't mind getting covered in bounties
TenarAsp ExplorerLong range explorer
Beast of TraalAlliance ChallengerAX combat ship.
Gravity not GravitasFederal GunshipDumbfire/laser hybrid tank.
Import AntigravityPythonGeneral-purpose mission runner.
Knockoff PlutoType 9Bulk cargo hauler
NephthysFer-de-LanceGeneral combat. Has spent a very long time in CNBs hunting high-rank NPCs.
Got Buns, Hun?AnacondaHeavy Combat Ship/MC Host
Asp ExplorerDoraExploration.
Cobra MkIIINoodleLight multi-role.
Krait MkIIKrakenMedium multi-role. Better conflict zone survivability than Cobra MkIII.
PythonPajero SportMining and bulk cargo delivery.
SidewinderWormOriginal free ship. Only ship which is un-engineered, modules upgraded to D grade for weight saving.
Fleet is still pretty modest, and some still in the process of being engineered to where I'd like them, but getting the job(s) done:

SidewinderPigletOccasionally used to help gain engineer rep (G1 mods)
Cobra Mk IIIMinor MinerSmall batch void opal mining
Diamondback ExplorerStarlightBubble exploration & planetary material gathering
Krait Mk IINimrodMulti-role - missions, material gathering, bounty hunting
BelugaVoyagerPassenger missions (in the top 1% of all liners out there?)
Type-9 HeavyBig BerthaTraditional laser mining and trading
AnacondaEquinoxLong range exploration
I have 5 ships. recently i thought about selling some of them to push things on to get bigger ships. But seeing some of yall im kinda glad im holding on to them.

Precopious- Diamondback Explorer. - Explorer 40ly jumps.
Narses- Imperial Courier- General Bounty hunter.In general just a joy to fight in.
Theodora- ASPX- Mission runner, rare goods trader,
Belisarius- Alliance cheiften- Used for tasks Narses struggles with. generally tougher assassinations or merc missions.
Justinian- Imperial Clipper- Main trader/Power play deliveries

There is a theme in my naming. Im sure some of you can guess.

I dont have one and dont even know what i would do with it. but i do have a fondess for the adder. it was the first ship i genuinely enjoyed playing

I also mostly am hoilding onto the Diamondback for nostalgia. i know its really not that good of an explorer anymore. But i found my first amonia world in it. And it funded my first decent trading ship
I have a mighty fleet of 3 ships :D (including the free starting sidewinder).

Sidewinder - my first ship, didnt have the heart to sell it. So got it stored stored somewhere, just cant remember where...
Cobra mk3 - my first real ship, still currently using it, brilliant little tank. Using it for bounty hunting and happiky taking out bigger ships with it.
Vulture - Not using this yet, I'm currently fitting this out to replace the cobra for more bounty hunting and stuff (ran out of money lol).
In no particular order. All are unique and I love each one.

Crusader - PVE Fighter
Anaconda - Hauling 448t
Beluga - Luxury Explorer
DBX - 70ly Utility Jumper
Krait MKII - PVE Fighter + Future AntiXeno
Dolphin - Guardian Site Grinder
FAS - AX-MC Anti-Scout
Imp Clipper - Burst Laser Basker
Corvette - PVE Destroyer
Mamba - PVP Fragger
Python - Robigos + Medium Missions + T10 Off-loader 272t
Imp Eagle - Wake Scanning at 754m/s
Sidewinder - Daughters ship
Type 10 - Surface Miner with a Punch 256t
Viper MKIV - Sons ship
Vulture - PVE Fighter
FGS - Crew Babe Trainer
Hauler - Base Jumper
Imp Courier - Cruising in Style
Keelback - Core Miner w/SLF
Krait Phantom - Long Range Prospector


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Been playing a bit more recently after my long haitus. Currently:

Current fleet:
Krait Mk 2 - All rounder, used when I'm just bouncing round seeing what happens or running missions. Has a single SRV bay for spur of the moment surface mats gathering. I use this for HGE runs and light PvE too.
Chieftain - PvE combat, currently being engineered. Set up with 2 large PAs with the rest as rails - hilariously fun ship, everyone should own one.
Python (shares A rated/engineered Powerplant, Thrusters, Distributor and Shield with the Krait) - Miner or fairly heavily armed cargo hauler depending on what I fancy, just switch the modules depending on what i'm doing.
Diamondback Explorer - Bubble taxi and explorer/raw mats gatherer - has G5 long range FSD and set up for low weight but still has a dual SRV bay and a big jump range.

Shopping list:
Anaconda - will be mainly B initially rated as I can't afford to A rate it, will run as a trader and will gradually upgrade over time - I have the funds for this but busy engineering the Chieftain at the mo, may buy this next weekend
FdL - Not tried one of these yet, probably a few months off yet
Corvette - longer term goal, don't have the bunse or fed rank yet
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DBX - Outlander. My trusty explorer ship that took me to Sag A* via Colonia, and various Guardian structures.
Krait MkII - Black Anima. Miner/mat gatherer/armed trader. A reliable jack-of-all-trades.
Vulture - Judgement & Punishment. My first heavy fighter.
Imp Courier - Pisces. Data mission runner.
Cobra MkIII - Home Back. Early game light trader/asteroid miner (nostalgia for Frontier).
Sidewinder - Prologue. Starting vessel, kept because I'm soft-hearted.
Type-6 - Ultima Ratio. Early-game trader, shuttling between Cubeo stations.
FDL - Dark Adrenaline. My go-to bounty hunter/RES fighter.
Chieftain - Captain Clock. Ground attack/hack ship refitted for Thargoid scout hunting (untested).
Cutter - Veneficium. My pride, heavy armed trader, but might fit it for mining soon for Broo's quest.
Asp Exp - Amaranth. Secondary explorer/light core miner.
Dolphin - (unnamed). Modular Terminal magnet (passengers)
DBS - Comalies. My Cubeo/Shinrata taxi.

Also used a Python in Colonia for mining/bounty hunting. The name escapes me.
I own almost all of the various ships but these are the ones I use the most:

Asp Explorer 70+ LY range. Used for exploration. Completed DW2 in this ship.
Corvette Res zones, conflict zones, bounties, assasinations, basically for killing
DBX long range taxi
Python Asteroid mining
Cobra Mk III Wake scanning
Clipper Thargoid scanning
Cutter Hauling freight
Phantom hauling passengers

All ships are heavily engineered
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