Ships What's your Fleet?

I'd say just look at my sig, but I can't actually fit them all in my Sig. I have:

Racing Ships
  • BRC-84 Joyeuse - Buckyball (Unlimited Class, full-engineering) spec Imperial Courier
    • Winner - Buckyball Run X Solo/Big X division
    • Winner - BuckyBubble Top Fuel division
    • Soon to make an A* Challenge Unlimited Class run which should establish a benchmark for the Imperial Courier.
    • When not racing, Joyeuse serves as a blockade runner and express courier.
  • BRC-X1 Firebrand - Buckyball (Standard Class, which is to say unengineered) Imperial Courier
    • Current holder of the Neutron Class record for the Imperial Courier in the A* Challenge at 8 hours, 57 minutes, 19 seconds.
  • BRC-82 Cortana - Buckyball (Unlimited Class, full-engineering) spec Imperial Eagle
    • Winner - BRC/Fuel Rats Mischief Mile - FR Crazies Division (with the assistance of CMDR Aitken's Fuelaconda!)
    • Current holder of the Unlimited Class record for the Imperial Eagle in the A* Challenge at 10 hours, 6 minutes, 19 seconds.
  • BRC-A* Haulin' A* - Buckyball (Standard class, unengineered) endurance racing spec Hauler
    • Current holder of the Classic Class record for the Hauler in the A* Challenge at 9 hours, 35 minutes, 22 seconds.
    • Ran in the Buckyball Run A* and has run the A* Challenge twice.
    • Also competed in Buckyball Runs 9 and X.
  • BRC-CV Audacity - hangar for my GU-97 racing fighter
    • The GU-97 competed in one of the Elite Racers Summer League a couple of years ago as part of the Buckyball Racing Club team.
    • Since Audacity is basically a merchie carrier, I named her after the original auxiliary carrier, HMS Audacity from World War II.
  • BRC-XX Flamberge - Elite Racers spec (non-engineered) Eagle
    • Competed in one of the Elite Racers Summer League events a couple of years ago as part of the BRC team
  • BRC-XC Excalibur - Combat spec Fer-de-Lance (fully engineered)
    • This is my primary combat ship. She's kitted for PvE bounty hunting, because that's mostly what I do.
    • Competed in Buckyball Run X.
  • TK-001 Caledfwlch - Combat spec Mamba (engineering in progress)
    • Just bought this one, still kitting her out. Planning to use her assassinating pirate lords.
  • TK-002 Durandal - Combat spec (lightweight/fast) Imperial Courier (fully engineered)
    • This is my "go have fun" dogfighting ship. Take her out to a HIRES and have a blast blazing around the asteroids and blowing up pirates. In terms of pure fun, this is my favorite ship, but there are some things she just isn't big enough to do and that's why I have the FdL.
  • TK-003 Laevateinn - Armed Trader spec Alliance Chieftain (mostly engineered, still needs some final tweaking)
    • When I want to haul some cargo and kill any pirates who get in my way, this is my go-to.
  • TK-2XL Almace - Armed Exploration spec Imperial Clipper
    • This is my ship for going out into the deep black, or occasionally for hauling a large cargo if sufficiently lucrative.
    • I like using her for this because she has decent jump range even when fully armed, and can carry a double SRV bay and all the essentials while still having a cargo bay.
    • Like any non-specialist-racing ship that I have, she is fully armed and capable of defending herself should she encounter hostiles.
  • WKSCAN Wakescanner - Specialist wake-scanning Viper Mk. III
    • Because I don't like tampering with the loadouts on my other ships just to go wake scanning
I have also owned an Asp that I only used for mining and sold as soon as I could (stupid Engineer unlocks) and I owned a T6 for exactly two cargo runs (both full of gold, stupid Engineer unlocks) and then immediately parted with. I don't remember what I named the Asp, but the T6 was named What a Piece of Junk!

I just also remembered having a Viper Mk. IV, which I ran once in Buckyball Run X and hated it so much I immediately sold it. It's name was Hyper Viper.

Ironically, my exploration ship has never been to Sagittarius A*, but my Hauler, Imperial Eagle, two different Imperial Couriers, and my Fer-de-Lance (yes, really!) have.

You may note that most of my ships follow a particular naming theme, in that they are named after swords. It might be particularly notable that most of the Gutamaya ships are named after swords from the Matter of France, and the two Zorgon-Peterson fighting ships are named after swords from the Matter of Britain. The associations are intentional. They also fit in with my CMDR name, Timothy Knight. A few of my specialist ships deviate from this naming (Haulin' A*, which was created specifically for Buckyball Run A*; also Audacity and Wakescanner) but for the most part I stick to it.
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I'm still working on my fleet, but right now it consists of six ships (Coriolis links are targets, not current status):
All of my ships are set-up to be able to collect materials of some type, if not all. Each has a specific purpose, and are not meant to min/maxed. They're geared toards my own playstyle, what I need for my current goals, and will adapt and change as my skills and knowledge of the game improve.
I think I remembered the name of the mining Asp. I seem to recall it was Whyfor you make me mine, Frontier? or something like that. :p

I also forgot to add that yes, my avatar picture on the forums is in fact Haulin' A* in front of Sagittarius A*.
I have a small library of ships:

Sidewinder "Sookie the Cat"
  • Small runabout, used for ferrying ships around the bubble.
Sidewinder "Courier"
  • As above, because sometimes despite void opels, shipping ships for cheap is what I do.
Cobra Mk III "Voyager"
  • mid size runabout, travelling & exploring ship.
Type-6 "Avalonia"
  • Something I bought for a community goal a long time ago and it's stayed around.
Type-7 "Red Dwarf"
  • Something I bought for a community goal a long time ago. Converted to a mining ship.
Vulture "Pot Roast"
  • For assassinations. Has dual frags. Also does well at retrieving artwork, black boxes, etc.
Federal Assault Ship "Renaissance"
  • Either has 4x PA or an AX loadout. Can travel if I replace a hull reinforcement with a fuel scoop.
Federal Gunship "Canary"
  • 7 beam lasers, best used with a bass heavy track because it's just a light show.
Python "Logos"
  • General purpose BGS work ship. Does everything, kills whatever is in front of it, travels as needed.
Krait Mk II "Iceni"
  • General purpose BGS work ship, just fights better than the Python but doesn't carry as much.
Krait Phantom "Camembert"
  • Travelling ship. 57.7 Ly jump range and it can still beat any NPC ship in a 1-1 fight.
Imperial Courier "Dragonfall 5"
  • Something I bought for fun, and canyon running.
Dolphin "Cetacean Institute"
  • Another travelling ship, usually used for trips to Guardian territory.
Mamba "Erinyes"
  • I liked to look of this ship, have fitted it out for extended combat where it does well.
Chieftain "Pax Magellanic"
  • Cytoscrambler test bed. 3x small hardpoint mounts have got to be used for something.
All my ships bar the Type-7 and Type-6 can hold their own in PvE combat, and have so far been able to always run away from PvP engagements if they are severely outgunned. Most of my ships are capable of doing a little bit of everything (apart from a few) but that's the way I like to compromise. I have only just gotten rank for the Federal Corvette so I'll be figuring out what to do with that shortly. I don't like the look of the Anaconda and have no desire to win jump range contests, so that will probably stay out of my fleet. Same with the Imperial Cutter with the difference being that I have no desire to be able to transport 700t+ of biowaste in a single trip.
I'm a merchant, miner and explorer. Here’s the breakdown of the fleet:

Space Uber:
Sidewinder - Mainly used to go buy new ships. Lowest cost to have shipped home.

Space Yachts: (Pleasure flying and general touring)
Mamba - 25 ly jump, SRV.
Fer de Lance - 25 ly jump, SRV.

Trade Route Scouts:
iEagle - Get latest pricing at orbital stations.
AspS - Gather latest pricing on planetary stations and explore new trade routes.

General Purpose and Material Gatherers:
Cobra Mk.III - Wake scanner, surface scanner, SRV, collector limper controller.
Krait Phantom - Wake scanner, surface scanner, SRV, collector limper controller, 104 tons cargo.

Star Line Freighters:
Type-6 - Medium pad, 104 tons cargo, 24 ly laden jump. (essentially in mothballs)
Python - Medium pad, 246 tons cargo, 25 ly laden jump. (medium pad deliveries)
Anaconda - Large pad, 400 tons cargo, 31 ly laden jump. (long distance deliveries)
Type-9 Heavy - Large pad, 662 tons cargo, 19 ly laden jump. (bulk cargo deliveries)

Star Line Passenger Ships:
Dolphin - Small pad, 14 passengers, 30 ly jump.
Orca - Large pad, 28 passengers, 30 ly jump. (main passenger ship)
Beluga Liner - Large pad, 54 passengers, 27 ly jump.

Ring Mining Fleet (Fully equipped for all mining methods):
AspX - 64 tons cargo, 38 ly laden jump.
Alliance Challenger - 64 tons cargo, 26 ly laden jump.
Federal Dropship - 64 tons cargo, 21 ly laden jump.
Krait Mk.II - 128 tons cargo, 23 ly laden jump.

AspX - 51 ly jump.
Across my accounts I have 31 ships.

All accounts have:

Adder - scavenger/mat gatherer
Eagle - occasional combat. I love throwing the Eagle around, and trying to survive :)
DBS - Assassination/hunter
Dolphin - explorer
FDS - core mining
Type 9 - laser mining, occasional trade CG

As one-offs there's

FAS - Assassination work that's above the DBS' payscale ;)
FGS - Res hunting/CZ
Krait Mk II/Phantom - mission runners
Orca - passengers
Python - occasional trade/mission runs
Type 6 - smuggler
Type 7 - occasional CG work
Cobra IV - mission runner but mostly just a display piece lol
Off the top of my head,,fav 3 are Anaconda, python and Vette. Covers everything i like to do most. I have most of the others but just don't use them enough.
AspX (Event Horizon) - short range explorer and bubble taxi. Jump range is 65 ly. Took me across the Formadine Rift and back.
Orca - pax hauler. Boost speed is over 600 m/s.
Krait MkII (Milite Ferrum) - main Thargoid hunter.
Krait Phantom - combat ship, both PvE and Thargoids.
Python (Infineon) - Medium cargo and mining. If I had to play with only one ship this would be the one.
Anaconda (Endeavour) - Long range exploration ship. Jump range is 72 ly. Been to Sag A, Colonia and back.
Imperial Cutter (Regina Caelorum) - Heavily armed large trader and combat ship. If I want to laugh while NPCs try to kill me I use this ship :)
Here is my fleet:
Cutter is my primary ship. With around 505 m/s boost pretty fast and has everything on board you might ever need. Engineered and serves me well in most of everyday activities.
Clipper is Cutter's alternative and with over 520 m/s my second fastest ship. Good for moving small amount of cargo (64 tons) in a hurry while being able to defend itself against anything capable of catching it.
Courier is my favorite ship for running missions that not requiring more than 8 tons of cargo capacity and allows me to land at the outposts. Engineered for high speed and range. Boosts over 550 m/s, one of the best shields in the class and reasonable firepower. Best view from the cockpit is a plus. Very safe and pleasant ship to fly.
ASP - long range medium transport. Engineered to jump over 55 LY. With two SRVs on board and good cargo capacity while still being able to land anywhere. ASP is my ultimate rare materials go-getter.
Type 9. This ship was designed to move many things and this is what it does. FSD engineered for maximum jump range and with 742 tons of payload (or so) is ultimate moneymaker for when I need extra cash.
Cobra Mk III - My first ship ever that I bought after free sidewinder years ago right after 1.0 launch. Keep it with original "A" rated modules and never engineered. Kept Mercenary paint job on it from the old days and flying sometimes just for fun.
Cobra Mk IV - Sitting in the hangar and waiting for me to figure what to use it for.
Had few other ships including Type 6, Type 7, Viper, Python and some other but traded them in.
I have over 30 ships right now. Some are doubles with different roles, some are mothballed and just sitting there unused but here are some of the ships I remember off the top off my head, in no particular order:

Federal Corvette - Shield tank for CZ's and Haz Res.
Imperial Cutter - Cargo ship, 720 T of cargo space with good shielding and good offensive capabilities. Used mostly for CG's.
Type 10 Defender - Still a work in progress, used for CZ's mostly. Still trying to find a loadout I enjoy. Might switch it to an AXCZ ship.
Anaconda - Anti-xeno build
Beluga - Exploration build with all the extra's you could ever desire
Beluga - Combat build, hull tank with many a pack-hound mostly used for assassinations. It's just fun to kill things in a Beluga.
Beluga - damaged station rescue ship (as you can see, I like the Beluga), will swap out cabins for other passenger types though.
Krait MKII - Anti-xeno build
Krait Phantom - Multi-purpose mission runner
Python - Deep core miner
Vulture - Exploration build
Vulture - Combat ship, Shieldless hull tank, mostly used for assassinations
Mamba - Combat ship, will do almost anything with it. Just fun to fly.
Imperial Clipper - No real use at the moment but it is my fastest ship at 642 m/s boost
Alliance Chieftain - Combat ship for CZ's and Res sites
Asp Explorer - My personal taxi

All my ships are PvE oriented.
Anaconda - Don't Fear the Reaper - multicrew / flexible mission runner
Vulture - Sevin Dust - Thargoid scout hunting
Viper3 - Twist and Shout - fighting
T6 - The Red Herring - exploration passenger van
Sidewinder - Sidey - nothing really
Eagle - Sparrow - I fit it for scout hunting, but I'm probably going to refit it because it wasn't very good at it.
Adder - The Mad Adder - messing around... whatever
Imperial Courier - Aisling's Avenger - I fit it for that CG a while back and haven't sold it.
T9 - The Golden Bull - hauling
Hmm, let's see:

Hauler - currently stored. I think it will be decommissioned and replaced by a fully outfitted Type 7 for space transportation and eventual rescue missions.
Cobra Mk III - Currently outfitted for Deep Core Mining, will be transferred to Colonia when I arrive there on my way back from Beagle Point.
Two (yes, two) Asp Explorers - One is the multi-purpose ship for everything. Actually taken on my exploring trip up to Beagle Point.
The other one is my actual main mining ship down there in the "old" Bubble.
Anaconda - is planned to be fitted as a flying fortress for CZ and RES.

It is quite small, but I don't think that I need more ships than that ;)
DBX - High Jumper (Now occasionally used to go places within the bubble)
Krait Phantom - High wake (science ship but used as a day to day ship to go around)

Both have A-rated shields and chaff

Viper MKIII - Best Bud (my favorite ship pvp/pve)
Viper MKIII - Swatter (thargoid scout hunter)
Chieftain - Pariah (pvp/pve)
Krait MKII - Mama Duck (thargoid combat)
Vulture - 2Gunz (pve)
DBS - DBX Offspring (waiting engineering)
iClipper - Diamond (pve diamond pirate)
FDL - Meta (waiting engineering)

Anaconda - Honeybadger (dust collector)
Python - Large Python Collider (collecting dust at robigo waiting to be refitted into a miner and recalled to the bubble)
ASP Explorer - Exploder (miner - For Sale)
Adder - Pocket Rocket (waiting engineering)
iEagle - Bird (I don’t even know)
Sidewinder - Rental (reminder)
My fleet morphs frequently. I can't stop fiddling with ships and outfitting.

Krait Mk II

The Krait is now a kombatKrait but I'm going to convert it to a miningKrait. I've avoided mining for a couple of years but maybe I can make enough drilling and blasting to buy a FC. Idk (I need to watch more vids), I have not mined since right after they released limpets; before that I scooped everything. we'll see

GL HF Commanders
11 different ships outfitted for law enforcement pvp, they can be made no stronger, 1 bubble taxi dbx, 1 mission runner python and 3 module mules.

Top 3:

1) Mamba, it's just a 1v1 beast, nothing more satisfying to fly aggressively.
2) DBX, it may be a bubble taxi, but with 2 force cannons, a pacifier, 15 minutes of interrupted silent running and 3k armor, she once made a ferdie pay for its insolence.
3) Challenger. It's 7 hardpoints and extreme tankiness make it a very satisfying ship to fly both offensively and defensively, it has exceptional space grip and is a real treat for the artiste that understands when to fa off, and when to fa on. Great ring fighter (asteroid rings).
Currently at 10 ship strong fleet, plans to add another 10.

Ships I own:
- Adder "Nerel". Bubble taxi. Previously used as a small time cargo delivery ship. Love her.

- Hauler "Oddity". True oddity, bought it as a makeshift taxi after emergency return from Colonia - needed something to get me to home base. Since I skipped it on my way back then...

- Cobra mk III "Sarahada". Colonia taxi. Early this year I finally got to Colonia and was in need of a taxi ship that may be left behind. Picked Cmk3. Coincidetally I made my way there while Frontier's challenge was in effect (25M LYs for 25th anniversary). This one got anniversary paintjob.

- Krait Phantom "Samboya". After new exploration mechanics went live I wanted to re-visit "my" system to perform full surface scans. Since new mechanics camer with new ship - it was perfect opportunity to get Phantom.

- Fer-de-Lance "Fleur-du-Mal". Still WIP on bounty hunter ship.

- Mamba "Hkei Mi E". Self given reward for reaking 1B Credits mark. I treat her like a space sport car. Pure bling bling.

- Krait mk III "Archdruid Yersaraai". My main ship. All rounder, general purpose and ship of choice.

- T-9 "Narayana". Bulk cargo freighter.

- Anaconda "Kongou". Used to be cargo freighter, will be refitted into long range, deep space exploration vessel.

- Federal Corvette "Kiryuin Ragyo". Got her as a part of my 2nd attempt to get The Big 3. So far used for freight jobs, probably will make her nasty warmachine. Name obliges.

Ships I plan to (re)acquire:
  • DBX. My first to go ship
  • iCourier
  • Vulture
  • ASP X
  • T-7
  • Cheftain (or one of sisters)
  • iClipper
  • Orca. Never had anything SaaudKruger
  • Python. Used to bve main ship, Krait took that role.
  • iCutter
When I'll collect above I'll have probably all ships I'm intersted in.
Quotting yourself is like liking your own posts so I hid it under spoiler.

So back then I had 10 ships with a plan to buy another 10. Currently I managed to make that plan come true and my fleet is now 20 ships strong. I bought almost all from the wish list, with the exception of Orca - her place took Federal Gunship.

And as mentioned before, I now own every ship I wanted to own. Unlike previously I have Big 3 (Big 4 if counting T-9) and still 850M in the bank so I'm not worrying too much about rebuys as I'm covered there. With Fleet Carriers announcement I'm eagerly await price info and slowly picking which 16 ships I'll take with carrier. Granted carrier will cost reasonable money and you can store multiple ships on your carrier.
Only counting the ships that I have spent the time to outfit:
Hauler - Taxi
Eagle - Small combat ship decked out with guardian shield boosters and fixed beams
Viper III - Small combat ship with shock cannons
Viper IV - Small multirole ship with limited combat capability (good for PvE, not for PvP)
Keelback - Salvage ship
Dolphin - Short-medium range exploration and passenger missions
AspX - Material gatherer
Krait Phantom - Long range explorer
Type-9 - Heavy freighter
Krait II - Combat ship, set up as a bi-weave shield tank (with SCBs and guardian shield boosters) complete with a size 6 fighter bay
Python - Multirole ship primarily used to run cargo missions
Anaconda - Multirole ship currently set up for mining, but has been set up for salvage and exploration at various points

Counting the ships that have not been 'outfitted' yet:
Viper III - Storage for guardian modules
Viper III - Racing ship that still needs work
Adder - No idea what to do with this one
DBS - No idea what to do with this one
Vulture - Combat ship that is waiting for engineering materials and powerplay modules
FDL - Combat ship that is waiting for engineering materials and modules not available in my home system
Type-10 - Debating between a turret boat, a torpedo boat, and a mining ship
Corvette - Combat ship that is waiting for engineering materials and modules not available in my home system
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Made a couple of additions and edits to my fleet.

Edited Ships:
CNR Malinois - Krait Mk II
- Remains configured as Armed Escort Explorer with a 51Ly jump range. Equipped with a full set of weapons, A fighter bay and, Prismatic shields she can protect unarmed explorers against NPC's and, at least, delay hostile commanders long enough for them to escape.

CNR Leonberger - Imperial Cutter
- Pretty much a total conversion here. From unarmed almost completely un-engineered bulk hauler. To a heavily armed and armored East Indiaman of the stars. She can jump 33.4Ly with a full load of 512 tonnes of cargo. Protecting her cargo are prismatic shields that give her over 11 Gigajoules for thermal and explosive with kinetic being just over 9 Gigajoules and, a base hull of over 2100hp. She can boost to over 480m/s so running is always an option but, with a full set of pulse and burst laser turrets plus ship launched fighters, running is not a thing she does often.

New Ships:
CNR Keeshond - Krait Phantom
- New solo explorer used instead of re-purposing the Malinois. 63Ly jump rang and can go 440Ly before having to scoop, her shields have been modded heavily for resistances and even with a base strength of just 203.8Mj she effectively has over a Gigajoule capacity for both thermal and explosive damage and, just over 830Mj for kinetic. Dual SRV's, dual AFMU's and, a hull repair controller round out the package.

CNR Shiba Inu - Viper Mk IV
- Pirate lord hunter and anti-greifing interdictor. She's the second most powerful ship in my fleet, capable of dishing out 168dps. 32Ly jump range makes her easy to move around and with a re--buy of just 516k a hostile commander would have to blow her up over Nine Billion times before I'd have to worry about credits.
I currently have 22 ships:

Imperial Cutter. - Multi-role ship mostly outfitted as armed trader mission board transport/assassination/bounty hunter. Probably the most versatile ship I own, but admittedly not the most agile one. Gets almost any job I could ask of it done though.

Federal Corvette. - Heavy combat ship/occasional armed trader. Eats Elite Anaconda NPCs for breakfast, and does so just a little faster than the Cutter. For when I want to bring out the really big guns for a bit. More nimble than the Cutter, but nowhere near as versatile. Its sheer volume of fire negates the need to go fast in a straight line, at least against PVE enemies.

Type-10 Defender. - Multi-role, has less available cargo space than the Cutter or Corvette, but outfitting it with 4 large cannons with force shells makes for a fun change of pace in combat. It's big, slow, and I love it's ridiculously huge cockpit.

Imperial Clipper. - This one made me most of my rank and profit when I was starting out. First large ship I owned, and third ship I bought. (The first two being the Cobra MKIII and the Imperial Courier). Doesn't get much use these days, but I love its super nimble handling in super cruise. - I keep meaning to outfit it as a miner or exploration ship, but I keep getting distracted by other things.

Fer-De-Lance. - Dedicated haz rez hunter, bounty hunter, and PVE combat ship. This ship is brutally efficient at killing npc ships. It's agile, fast, and fun to fly. Also good for scoring in the top 10% during "protect traders" CGs.

Krait MK II. - Versatile, fast, almost as deadly as the FDL, and it carries SLFs. It's quickly become one of my favourite ships in the game for almost any task.

Krait Phantom. - Better range than the MKII, just as fast, slightly less punch, but fun for the occasional trip into the black. Still a work in progress.

Python. - Never quite found a role for this one. Light multi-role, but I mostly keep it around for the nostalgia factor.

Mamba. - I bought this for the looks. I kept it for the looks. It's not as deadly as the FDL, nor as versatile as the Kraits, but something about it speaks to me anyway. Mostly I use this when I get tired of easy wins in the FDL and want a bit more of a personal challenge in the haz rez. Do I need it? No. Do I want it? Definitely.

Alliance Chieftain. - Another combat craft that I really enjoy flying. It's a little more squishy than the other medium ships that I have kitted out for bounty hunting, but it's a blast to fly. Sometimes literally. That canopy shatters so easily. But, hey if I wanted to live forever, I wouldn't be a combat pilot.

Cobra MK III. - The OG. 'Nuff said. I've owned this ship in every incarnation of the Elite franchise that I've played, including the C64 version of the original game. This little ship does everything. Not always as efficiently as its bigger brothers, but hey the rebuy is very low. Also, the nostalgia factor is strong in this one. Currently using mine as a light explorer.

Dolphin. - The space mini bus. I engineered mine for range, speed, and uh. I don't really have a role for it other than sometimes taking it out for a spin and doing silly stuff in deep space.

Federal Assault Ship. - Uh. I bought this after a Core Dynamics CG where the rank requirements were waivered. I don't like flying it, but hey it's great for module storage.

Federal Gunship. - Same deal as the FAS. I don't like the looks of the ship. I don't like flying it, but some day maybe I'll find a reason to. Meanwhile. It's great for module storage.

Vulture. - It's a fun little ship. I constantly feel undergunned in it due to it only having two large slots. I mean sure you can do a lot of damage with 2 large guns. But without heavy engineering, it just constantly seems to run on an empty capacitor. I do like how nimble it is though, but for combat, I prefer the FDL, Krait MKII, or even the smaller ships like the Imperial Courier or Eagle. I have a really cool paintjob for it though.

Viper MK III. - Another ship I've owned in some of the old games. Well, not the MK III, as in Frontier, all we had was the MK I, and in Frontier: First Encounters, we also had the MK2, but... It's a fun little combat ship, and I like it a lot. Not enough to pick it over one of my bigger ships if I want to go bounty hunting, but hey, it's nice to have options.

Viper MK IV. - Feels a lot like the Cobra in almost every aspect. Don't use it much, but I keep meaning to outfit one as a light explorer.

Eagle MK 2. - My second ship. Free from the kickstarter package I got. Still in original red livery. Did everything with it when I started the game. These days it mostly gathers dust, but it's fun to fly when I just want to go fast.

Imperial Eagle. - I sometimes take this one out for a spin when I need some wake scans for engineering. Another ship that goes really fast. Packs a surprising amount of firepower for its tiny size.

Sidewinder. - I have two of these. One is parked where I left it when I picked up my free Eagle. The other is a fully A-rated little ankle biter with everything engineered to the gills. I don't need it for anything, but it's fun to take out for some extremely light bounty hunting, or just for wake scanning. I named mine the Gnat of Doom.

Imperial Courier. - This one is fast, has great shields, and enough firepower to take down medium ships without much trouble. Its current iteration goes 524 M/S and boosts to 711 while still being useful for combat.

So, uh. I guess I'm a hoarder of ships. I don't need half of these, but I like having them. And I do like tinkering with their loadouts and engineering to make them feel just right. The ships I use the most these days are in no particular order, the Imperial Cutter, Federal Corvette, Krait MK II, FDL, and Cobra MK III.

The only ships I ever sold after owning and using them for a while were the Asp Explorer, and the Anaconda. Maybe some day I'll try them again, but for now I have other ships that fill their particular niches.
Just started from the beginning because I switched to a PC. I'm in the process of obtaining the cr's I need at Robigo. I've just recently obtained my first billion and am half way to my second. After which I'll hang around till I have 3. By then I'll have made Explorer Elite and Jameson Memorial at Shinrarta will be available. Once there, I will be purchasing the first, second, and third and fourth of five vessel's I refer to as the 5K's. #1-Krait MkII, #2-Konda, #3-Korvet and #4 the Kutter. The fifth is gonna be the last, and and more than likely require a few more hours back at Robigo. The Karrier.
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