When and what is the tick?

Jane Turner

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Yes - ot was a little late - but seems to have gone.

What was unexpected was that some systems barely moved (0.1% - 0.4%) whilst others of the same population and input moved 5-8%
After the outcry of so many players about violent traffic swings in their "isolated regions" they supposedly worked alone, FD did heavily rework the "bucket" recently.

Based on what I saw, random 1-4 missions won't do frick to a system now aside of 0.5-1% movement. And +inf now only measure the distribution internally, but doesn't help the bucket. In short those players that complained over randoms coming through every 3-4 days now have to work extra hard the other 5 days of the week for 2 days of "defense". I personally don't care. Now even the border regions of low pop and traffic need a lot of work to move a lot. This only means our borderwatch has more freetime to focus on actual systems we want to clean of pirates with a bit more workload, but we partially don't even have to basic prep defenses anymore, even against 1-2 peoples focused effort. So what, we lose 1% per day. Big deal...
Has anyone ever mapped (or know of) the pattern of updates? I recently was being devious in one system and on tick time my nearby systems ticked randomly- one did not tick fully until a few hours later.
Influences have been updated in my Squadron Alligeance page but not in Galaxy/System maps, which is very strange, considering how it usually happens the opposite. :( This seems to be some other kind of problem, like the map that didn't refresh (by now).
Yep, same here. Squadron allegiance changed but obviously rounded, faction status in station seems updated (although I've seen that change before), but still nothing on any maps
Seeing the same here, Squadron page is showing an updated influence but not on the system stats or map pages.
That works, but for any large area it’s a time sink and I’ve seen one of mine change twice today already since 15:00 so I have difficulty trusting it to be right and for it to carry through to tomorrow.
Apparently the tick occured just before 16:00 game time - system map and right hand panel system menu havent updated but, as noted in posts above, squadron panel and station news appear to have done so - and it isnt old data re-occuring.
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