Wheres the Tutorial?

I have zero interest in leaving the game to go wade through Youtube advertising to watch a video where I am doing nothing but observing.

Came excited, left vastly disappointed. This game goes onto the shelf of Steam games that I never play and I'll start saving towards something else.
'Woe is me', then gives up. [cry]

Take some responsibility in learning the basics, it's not hard. Get real about youtube, it's a fantastic place to learn new things. Start with the official tutorials from Planet Coaster, there's a playlist on their channel. I haven't seen ads on youtube in a long time, probably because my ad blocker extension is doing its job.

Press F1 in game. Take a look at the settings menu, try different camera settings. Start with Sandbox, click on things.... try things. Build the ugliest building of all time - better than shelving the game.
I might be missing something, I just bought this yesterday to have a look at it.

Wheres the tutorial? You know the usual thing that takes you through the basics, showing you the controls how to place stuff etc etc.
Sending me a link to a you-tube video does not cut it really.
I am on a laptop with 1 screen and its hardly fun switching between the two.
I know what you mean.

It seems strange that Frontier Developments other big Game Elite Dangerous has in game tutorials. Then relies on YouTube tutorials for the more advanced feature.
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