Your "For the MUG!" stories :)

So, I'm test driving my new Beluga Liner, newly engineered FSD (about 30 ly), fitted all with passenger cabins, pick up a bunch of near jump (1 to 2) missions to earn more materials.. this passenger wants to visit a conflict zone, fine.. brings him there.. then he demands to go For the Mug! .. ok off we go.. hmm... took a long time initially.. (then got a visit from relatives - saved the game).. half and hour later, get back to the game, continue journey.. something not right, just took too long.. check other passengers time remaining, opps.. abort, send off the rest - done. That was about an hour ago. Attend to the demanding passenger again. It's still running - about 16 mins to reach For the MUG, but his mission remaining time is just 17 mins...

I think I'm going to fail this last mission.
Here's my one and only story...

One day I said to myself... Shall I take that mission to Hutton orbital, you know, for the mug? But then I thought, nah, let's go see who's out and about in shinny instead.

Another time, a passenger also requested to be taken there, I told him to forget it, and the ton of Playstations he needed for some reason.

Hope you enjoyed it!
Commander #1 had never heard of Hutton Orbital when he snapped up a really pricey tourist mission to go there. Hoo boy! And then he found out why.

I commemorated Commander #2's trip there in a comic at the end of this thread recently.
I was new to the game, i saw a video of one "yamiks" and went there, said what the heck ill try it...
Since i was after getting me the anaconda, was my goal at the time, get to one as fast as i could, and i soon realized how far that was, but no problem, had the time and had stuff to do, so left the ship flying towards it and did what i had to do, when i returned it was almost there, 3 minutes later i got there, to see there was no "free anaconda"... Ke Ke Ke!

At least i have that done, going to hutton at least 1 time in this game. ;)

Wasnt a total waste doe, since i picked a mission to go there to earn a few bucks on the way, and once there i picked missions back, so i had enough to drown my sorrows at the bar when i got back.
Yay ! completed..
At 0 mission remaining time, passenger satisfaction decreased (still 3 mins journey ahead)
Then additional 4 mins added to mission time, this time he is miserable.. scan the beacon and jump out fast !
Finally made it, with the Super cruise Assist trick pulled in last 6 seconds of reaching the station and I can see the Beluga goes thru (outside - inside - outside) the station !! haha..

For the MUG description (I google it after waiting too long)..
Now I recalled :oops: first Sidewinder .. first day into the game many months ago.. I went to Hutton (do not know about the Mug yet)... it doesn't end well..
I made the Hutton run about 20 times when the board could be flipped and the data courier missions could be stacked. About 40-60mil credits per run average ? My first exploit. I would open up multicrew seats and call it "exploration". I think some people actually got mad at me over that.
I once stacked 60 million worth of data delivery mission and went to Hutton Orbital, thinking at least I should make the trip worth its time. BUT I FORGOT TO BUY A MUG.
My "For the mug" story is making 3 trips to Hutton in one day.

Bunch of missions, all paying around Cr100k (back when this was reasonable), and there's a cargo mission to Alpha Centauri which paid something like a million credits.
I nearly bit their hand off!
Jumped to Alpha Centauri, only 0.3LS to this "Hutton Orbital" place.
Blimey! Better slow down straight away!

Wait! What?

That's 0.3 Light YEARS????

Oh well, I'm an honorable pilot, a man of my word and all that.
If that's what I have to do, I'll do it.
80 minutes in SC, make my delivery and I'm a million credits richer - back when a million credits was a significant reward.

Get back to Sol and decide I want to explode something.
Take an assassination mission in some system or other.
Arrive, go and meet a contact.
Contact informs me that my target was sighted in... Alpha Centauri.
Hutton... again.

Back to Sol again.
Take another cargo mission, ensuring I avoid anything near Alpha Centauri like the plague.
Jump into destination system.
Mission Update: "There's been a change of plan Commander. We need you to deliver your cargo to Alpha Centauri"
No, no, no, no, no!!!!
It might not be Hutton, right?
They might want me to deliver it to Al-Din Prospect, right?
Nope. It's Hutton.

Flew to Al-Din and jettisoned the cargo above the landing-pad.
Got a fine for doing that.
Never paid it.
Never been back to Alpha Centauri.

Yes, my first time out there was due to a passenger mission. I also arrived late as I did some other stuff first (not realising the distance).

Once I'd taken the passengers to the nearest sun and ejected them, I returned to collect another group of passengers wanting to go to Hutton just to prove that I could make it in time...

Haven't felt the need to go out there again. :)
My first trip to Hutton was... Partly curiosity, partly space madness... In any case, no mission, but I did buy mugs and gin. Been back a number of times since.
I went out for mugs, to mug bomb the first stop of DW2, before getting the details of the trip. When I read how DW2 was being organized I immediately recognized it as an exercise in the clustering effs, and dumped the mugs in Bolg.
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