Zoo keeper wont feed animals

The zookeeper just walks into the exhibit, stands there and leaves. I’ve tried clicking and calling multiple times but the same thing happens! How do i fix this??


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Here's a quick overview of how animal feeding is supposed to work:
1) Keeper enters habitat and assess it and the number of animals in it
2) Keeper returns to Keeper Hut to prepare enough food for all the animals in the habitat
3) Keeper returns to Habitat and focuses on refilling enrichment feeders first. If the enrichment feeders can contain enough of the prepared food they won't fill the standard feeders (This is intentional and animals should not starve from this).

If animals are dying of starvation this can indicate that the Keeper cannot access their hut, that the Keeper is too tired to function or it could be they have been assigned to a work zone that does not feature a Hut and Staff Room. It could also be a bug.
Hi I've also gotten cases of zookeepers just randomly deciding to not feed animals, what I've discovered that works almost immediately is removing food enrichment items, for whatever reason they seem to be glitched and they just won't refill the enrichment items or any food/trays or even just leave food at the door. I hope they fix it soon, it made me want to give up on my zoo when I didn't know there was a fix because they'd randomly just leave an animal to starve :( oh also just be careful that you set up the right work zones and keepers are assigned to them and exhibits are in them, that also was a reason some of my animals died lol.
The solution for me was open water.
Every of my habitats has at least a small open pond. While the animals seems to have issues to find the water stations,
i never had a single animal die caused by dehydration this way (20 years, ca 120 animals) in franchise mode.
(Although the one or another tortoise needs so long to reach water that i got a warning from time to time, so if you got a large
habitat take care the pond is somewhat in the middle or make two of them).

Edit: And very important, often a life saver (just had a thristy tiger that seemed to stuck on a climbing spot): don't forget you can box and immediately move an animal around in its habitat.
When you see a warning about a thirsty/hungry animal box it and drop it right beside the water/food.
The keepers and/or feeders might have some issues, but i never had a stupid animal so far.
They go straight for their needs, i suppose with drinking->eating at the top on their priority list.
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Today, I had a non-feeding-issue as well.

The cause was not habitat related, though!
When I looked for the keeper I had called to feed the animals, I found him and a friend doing a moon-walk at the beginning of the staff path. The walking-animation was played, but the keepers stuck to their place. Even when I moved them manually, they kept walking without moving.

I fired them (which fortunately worked; they left with hanging heads) and hired two new ones. I also re-built the staff path, which didn’t look strange by any means.

The new keepers then feeded the animals as ordered without further issues.
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Just had an evil not-feeding issue myself.
Took me more than an hour to fix it.
Rebuild half the habitat, reorganized 3 working zones and shoved workers back and forth.
Still no freaking clue what caused it.

Keepers came, looked into the habitat, turned around and moved away.
The empty feeder was right in front of them, i moved it, i rebuild it, i did the same with all enrichments, no chance.
My 4 little crocs was starving in front of their eyes, but those mean suckers had no mercy.

It seems i managed it now by putting the little ones into the quarantine, mama and papa to the trading centre and then rebuild
the whole freaking habitat.

I would really like to have a force-keeper-to-fill-feeder button.
Be it with a cooldown or something like that.
It would have been utterly frustating to lose those baby crocs to such a .
I know its only pixels, but you know, i like my animals.
I never had a single one die so far due to a bug or some fault of mine.

You can fix a critical die-by-thrist by putting the animal into a box and then manually move it to or in an open water pond in the same habitat.
It would be really, really nice to have such a workaround for feeding issues too.
The animals are working perfectly fine and tend to their needs whenever they get a chance to.
Yep the problem for me was the food enrichment. The termite mound seems to be bugged for pangolins. I had bred 4 generations and my beloved pangolin died of starvation. Keepers would just walk in, see that there was no food and everyone was near death, and walk right back out never to return. Meanwhile my caretakers were running across the zoo like crazed hyenas to get my poor pangolins back and forth to quarantine so they could EAT!!!

I finally tried deleting the termite mound and no more issues.

Hoping others read this because the market for pangolins is SO sparse and overinflated. I'm worried other people are having the same issue as I was.
I would really like to have a force-keeper-to-fill-feeder button.
As I said in my previous post, I think it's the food enrichment. They don't feed them because they think "oh, there's food in the enrichment"

It would be SO nice to have an option to tell the keeper ALWAYS refill feeders when they're empty (even if there's food in the enrichment). Because yes they're trying to save money but I should be able to say I really don't care spend money on that food for god's sakes!!!
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