background sim

  1. Lancer_206

    Dijkstra PLC Squadron is looking for more members

    Hello fellow CMDR's. Dijkstra PLC is currently looking for cmdrs to join their ranks. We have a faction ingame with a good amount of systems under our control which is supported by our squadron! DPLC specialises in the Background Simulation (BGS) and mentoring new or less experienced CMDR's...
  2. LootBoxHero

    [LFG] [PC] Flat Earth Ninjas is recruiting. You should join.

    We are looking for Commanders that would like to form a solid player group so we can then look at submitting to Frontier for minor faction status. This branch of Flat Earth Ninjas is newer compared to other games in which we are involved. We are looking for Commanders of all skills and...
  3. BongoBaggins

    [BGS] Receive an income from controlled systems

    At the moment, a player faction taking control of systems has no real effect in-game, with no real benefit to taking systems over, and no drawback to losing them. If active members of a player faction received a regular income from systems the faction controls, it would add real benefit/risk to...
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