1. S

    ELW DISCUSSION (physics/astrophysics)

    Ok I'm hoping people here can post screenshots of ONE of the ELWs they have discovered in order to have a dialogue regarding the efficacy of colonization regarding said planets. Given that i'm starting the thread here, I'd like to establish guidelines. 1. Respond to previous ELW analysis with...
  2. MajorM3ss

    Pre Warp Life / post warp life discovery

    Greetings everyone, I'll start by saying, I love this game/sim, and i look forward to all the content that has to follow in the Beyond series update, but I think FDev is missing a potential that would raise the steaks of the game , far beyond anything the competition might develop (NMS) being...
  3. FixMeNow

    Ringed ELW With Landable Moon

    So i found a Ringed ELW with a moon you can land on that has the possibilities for some good screenshot's. The moon has an orbital period of 66 day's (ELW 935). With the right Alignment of the star and moon it will be a pretty good sight! Also its pretty much on the Colonia highway so not too...
  4. marx

    List of Earth-like worlds, v2

    To continue Glyn-ie's excellent work on his list of Earth-like planets, I've made an online spreadsheet with its data and, with his permission, taken up carrying the list forward. I'm currently working on an extended version of the list, which you can find here...
  5. R

    150,000 G's

    Hi, I had a look at this video of super cruise, where you are pulling a turn and accelerating. It made me wonder, what the pilot is experiencing at that moment? What would happen to your head in a 90°, 3 seconds turn at a speed of 300km per second... If I am not mistaken, you are pulling ONE...
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