1. C

    Ships Engineering Blueprints- Multiple Owned Ships

    I own an Anaconda and a Python. If I start a pinned blueprint, will the upgrades travel across the ships I own? Or is it a separate grind per ship? Thanks everyone!
  2. G

    Remote workshop - no set plans (or something like that)

    Practicing my Spanish so it says (translated) "no plans set" and is red. In usual Elite Dangerous style there's no tooltip telling me what that means or how to fix it. Is there a trick to using the remote workshop? Why is it red and inaccessible?
  3. M

    General Requirements Sensor Fragments for Palin and Sedesi

    Hi, so I got to unlocking these two engineers and both of them require 25 Sensor Fragments to provide engineering services. According to sources I found, this material can be found at: Non-human signal sources (I think Threath level 5+) Destroying Thargoid Sensors (which are again found at...
  4. LeKeno

    Guide / Tutorial [For new players] free meta alloys to unlock Felicity (FSD Engineer at Farseer Inc, Deciat); Feedback welcomed!

    Hi, I have a stock of 100 Meta-Alloys in my Fleet Carrier for new players looking to get started with engineering their ships with Felicity. Felicity is the most useful engineer to unlock first because it will allow you to upgrade the range of your Frame Shift Drive, allowing you to jump...
  5. Resona

    Would it good if we can sell engineered gears/ships on FC?

    Current FC's shipyard and outfitting is not very well,players can only buy a large amount of gears/ships in their fc and sell them.And I believe people would rather go for a NPC station than going to a FC to buy their ship&gears so what if we can sell our engineered ship and gears at a price...
  6. M

    Ship Builds & Load Outs Federal Corvette Test driving different Corvette PvE hardpoint builds

    Went a bit silly with the engineers and tested out a few different PvE Corvette models I've seen posted on these boards. Burnt through a ton of materials. Aim was to settle something that can own any PvE space, but also open to other hunt& gather missions. Learnt a lot along the way, like how...
  7. Parakletos

    Newcomer / Intro Engineers don't offer Shield Generator mods

    Hi everyone, I've been playing ED for several weeks now and have built a pretty decent fleet for exploration. So far I've managed to figure out everything myself, but this one is leaving me clueless. I want to engineer the 4D shield generator of my exploration Anaconda (enhanced low power...
  8. P

    Pinned blueprints randomly disappearing

    I've selected all of the needed, and highest grade blueprints at the engineers, and pinned them, for remote engineering. Yet some of the pinned blueprints are gone. Simply the engineers display says no pinned blueprint at some of engineers. Yesterday, i've unlocked chloe sedesi, and pinned dirty...
  9. EinsteinAndAGun

    Need help finding ANY painite AT ALL

    I'm currently trying to unlock Selene Jean, and as you know, she requires a donation of 10 units of painite. "No big deal," I thought, so I equipped my Python with mining lasers, limpets, refinery, the lot, and searched for painite hotspots (using the known method of DSS-ing metallic or metal...
  10. Misty_Dark

    Fleet Carrier - Or is it Engineers 3.0?

    I was just chatting with some friends, and talking about Elite and what the future might bring.. and then I terrible thought hit me.... What if Fleet Carriers is how FDev introduces Engineering 3.0.... Fleet Engineers.... Unlock all the new Fleet Engineers Gain favours to unlock the new Fleet...
  11. flobadober

    What's point of progress bar on engineering level 5?

    I'm engineering some plasma accies at Bill's place. I was already at level 5 with Bill before I started on the plasma accies so just needed to get through the 1st 4 levels of Efficient Plasma Acc before I could get my level 5's. Anyway I notice that after I get the level 4's out of the way and...
  12. L

    engineer issues

    hey all im having issues getting tod the blaster unlocked i have bounty vouchers to turn in but the donate button is broke and wont let me donate them. any one else experience this issue lately?
  13. Wayward Goat

    Engineer screen bug?

    Im aware this issue has been posted about, but nothing has changed! No word from Frontier about this problem, it needs to be noticed. The engineer screen, such as using the engineers workshop/remote workshop has a serious game breaking issue. On the modifications screen where you apply...
  14. K


    Well, not a true fix but a bit of a workaround until its patched. If you go to the engineers base, you can freely upgrade all your modules UNLESS you cursor over an upgrade that you are missing mats for. Have not yet tested this remote. Does that make sense? Say I am upgrading G5 MC at todds...
  15. Lancer_206

    Chloe Sedesi not showing ?

    Hey guys, bit of context. I've been playing for over 2 years on PS4. Not had many issues over that time especially with Engineers. I have been invited and meet all perquisites apart from the fragments (which I need to dock to do). So I decided this morning to head over and top up my sensor...
  16. S

    PC/VR Version - Didi Vatermann Workshop UI locking up

    I just unlocked Didi Vatermann's workshop and when I go into the workshop UI, I'm able to select my shield generator or one of my shield boosters. But once I do that, the UI locks up. I'm unable to select anything, not even the Back button. I have to exit to Desktop to get out of it. Does...
  17. M

    Ships Cannot Buy Grade 2 'Burst Laser - Efficient' Despite Meeting Requirements

    Hi Guys, Been trying to get back into ED now my new Rift S allows me to get over to the desk without having to rerun sensors. Did some core mining and now looking at engineering. I had access to the Dweller already and last week applied 'BURST LASER - EFFICIENT (GRADE 1)' to my x4 large...
  18. O

    Ships Mel Brandon will not invite me.

    I am fully allied with Colonia Council, but i have not received my invite for Mel, is there an issue or a bug with this?
  19. P

    Ships Can't get engineered past level 4 - tod McQuinn

    Hi all, I have 3 multi cannons that I'm trying to upgrade to level 5. I've gone through each level with each cannon up to level 4 (and each has an experimental effect on as well). But now when I dock up to McQuinn's base and try to upgrade to level 5 I'm getting this error/warning: "TO CRAFT...
  20. F

    Calling all rifters !!!!

    I have a brand new theory ! as far as we know the dark wheel (in game) is fake as told by flic the engineer and others and we have also been told you can not seek out the dark wheel but they will seek YOU! Using this info and knowledge of the bgs i suggest that if we completely wipe out...
  21. Valen Zendaris

    Community Event / Creation [DW2] Preparation Week

    Link: Logo by Qohen Leth (original concept by Hi-Ban) with assets borrowed from Frontier Developments PLC Animated by Placyde The launch of the expedition is rapidly approaching and we're sure that everyone's excited to take off into the void and let the journey commence on the...
  22. Timpraetor

    Engineers How do we get Elvira Martuuk to level 5 on FSD engineering?

    I've now upgraded the FSD on 8 ships to level 4 with Elvira Martuuk on Khun (not with pinned blueprints). How do we get her to pop the level five options? Is there a combination of things that we can do/provide her to get off of the level 4 plateau?
  23. W

    Emigrating to Colonia - Work in Progress

    Greetings, Commanders! My Name is waldgeist, and I am a commander from Austria, playing the game for about a year now. I am thinking about emigrating to Colonia (at least for a while), and I realised that this is a step which has to be well planned. I know that there is a bunch of threads and...
  24. B

    Saving Bug With Engineer

    Just now I have got a bug where I just opened and donated to a new engineer (Selen Jean) and now when I fly to her and land and try to upgrade something it doesn't save and reputation doesn't go up. Also when I restart the game I just spawn in space like 7000 ls from Engineers base. Please help!
  25. ulyssesric

    Engineers Short range multi-cannon ? How does this mod work exactly ?

    New console pilot here. I'm making Engineer plans for Python (PvE trader). I've settled with 2x Large Pulse Laser, 1x Large Multi-cannon and 2x Medium Multi-cannon. I'm planning to mod 1 M-size MC to High-Capacity + Corrosive, but can't decide which mod should I put on reset two MCs, since...
  26. G

    Engineers Can we make engineers sellign all of the parts they engineer?

    Just a small QoL thing that would make an engineering run shorter: Make engineers sell every item they are specialized in, please. Didi Vatermann for example sells no A Shield boosters, that's kinda annoying. Yeah, I know you can get some parts on a station in the same system but at this point...
  27. G

    Engineers Is "eficient weapon" too good in PvE?

    I have tried a great number of different builds now, I have all types of lasers in any size and ran long-range, focused (great to make smaller lasers deal 100% of their damage to large ships hulls), rapid fire and overcharged, all G5 and played on a whole lot of ships, from the imperial eagle to...
  28. C

    Engineers Re-add Engineer Bookmarks?

    Hey - I deleted my bookmark from Felicity Farseer, and I'm wondering if I can get it back? I know the map has a legend for all the engineers, and I know I can bookmark the location but the icon is different from all my other engineer bookmarks. Thanks!
  29. G-Dubya

    Finding resources

    o7 Commanders, I have been away for a few months and the updates have slightly confused me. Before to find resources used with the engineers, i would go to their shop and look at the Daily Herald and it told me the locations of resources in a 20 ly distance but i have noticed that this does not...
  30. Z

    Broo tarquin engineer and his stupid tea bribe

    To unlock this guy wants 50 fujin tea which you can only carry 5 at a time for a 150ly trip. there no other way to get this tea???:mad: I'm supposed to just sit in the station for 3 hours? Yay fun?????
  31. I

    canopy shutter: optional internal / modded life support variant

    Inspired by how the windows work in star wars. When your canopy breaks, a steal shutter automatically slams down, closing off the window, preventing oxygen from exiting the cockpit. The shutter would impair your vision, but maintain your HUD allowing you to still see the leads and triangle...
  32. G

    Geno's Gunlab: HPCB and Gatling cannon

    Hello everyone! Today I'd like to make some suggestions for new weapons ingame that would fit into some not-yet filled niches, create new or alternative playstyles and would be just fun to mess around with. I'd like to present two weapon concepts that I have been thinking about recently. Those...
  33. Riverside

    Wake Scanning for Data

    I play in a pretty varied way, I travel around, I trade, do missions & explore, I shoot at stuff until it pops then collect the stuff that falls out. So as far as the new materials & data collection is concerned I have collected a lot of everything, many of my bins are full, I miss the dilemma...
  34. n13L5

    Engineers Storage is bugged at Hera Tani...!

    In the Outfitting at Hera Tani, I'm unable to store or swap my power plant. Buying a 3A power plant from her, does not give the option of storing my existing power plant - even though I have 20 free storage slots (only 40 of 60 used) I can also not transfer / store the existing power supply...
  35. B


    So, I think we can all agree that material (mats) collection for engineers is (to put it mildly) sub-optimal, these are the changes that I would like to see implemented. Addition of manufacturing companies- For all the manufactured mats such as pharmaceutical isolators, hybrid capacitors and...
  36. imaner76

    Bill Turner unlocking "ISSUES"

    My grip is this. My time is my time. When it's robbed I get "a little annoyed" The game says do this, Hear about him, Check Grind out the Alliance, Check Mine 50 units of Bromellite, check Short sentences, hours and hours of work. Travel to him to deliver this. Permit only system, in a...
  37. A

    Horizons Make Materials Easier to Acquire Without Horizons

    Thanks to not all of the Elite community being rich enough to get the Horizons expansion on a dime, the game's MMO (not so much MSO) aspects such as Open Play have quickly and obviously become pay-to-play. Due to this, nearly everyone who does not have access to the ability to come into contact...
  38. M

    New upgrade System - "Your time is valueable"- is a pure grind and waste of everyones time

    If you watched the stream of today you saw that they showed off the new system.To make things short. Forcing us to roll a module 5 times to "complete" rank 1 to progess further to rank 2 is just a waste of time and material as it is waste of time finding all those material. The materials...
  39. T

    Engineers Elite Dangerous "What to Keep" Material / Data sheet.

    I couldn't find a list to help me decide if I wanted to keep a Material / Data, so I built one. It's pretty simple (even tho it took me a few hours), but now I can easily see if having 30 Iron on hand useful. OR if I have any use for "UNUSUAL ENCRYPTED FILES" (only if I'm going to engineer an...
  40. W

    Juri Ishmaak does not accept combat bonds?

    I'm trying to earn rep with Ishmaak. According to Inara, you can earn rep by handing in combat bonds. I have over 2 mil of combat bonds from another system, yet it seems he does not accept it. But according to another thread here, it seems that he does accept combat bonds from ANY system. Does...
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